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Posted: Thursday, 21 August 2014 6:39AM

Edwards qualifies, Graves says ex-con brings circus feel to race

Eight candidates have qualified so far for the soon to be vacated 6th Congressional District seat. 

This race is highlighted by Democratic former governor Edwin Edwards and Republicans Dan Claitor, Paul Dietzel, and Garret Graves. 

Edwards says he was first in Congress back in 1965 and he's anxious to go back.
"I hope in some small way I can make a contribution.  I do console myself by telling myself and my friends, 'I can't make it any worse than it is, but I'll try to make it better,'" Edwards said.
He acknowledges that the sixth district is a conservative area.  But Edwards feels this election will not be about political parties, but about principles and performance.  This is his first campaigns since his release from federal prison, where he served his sentence for corruption convictions.
"I'm experienced and certainly dedicated to the public good."
Republican Garret Graves says Edwards brings a certain circus-like mentality to the race.
"I think that it is more so a distraction than it is substantive," Graves insisted.  "But we're going to do everything we can to make this race a substantive race."
The candidate field in this race is expected to be very crowded.  Graves says with a field like this, candidates will have to distinguish themselves.
"By talking about their ideas, their experience, and their solutions rather than being stuck on the mud slinging and the personal attacks."

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