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Drew Brees: "Stay the course"

So the season hasn't gotten off to the kind of start the Saints envisioned in 2012.  0 and 2 can leave the best of teams searching for answers as to why or what has happened.  As I visited with quarterback Drew Brees Sunday after the Saints' second straight loss, the All-Pro quarterback said he isn't ready to panic.  

Following the  35 to 27 defeat to the Carolina Panthers, he told me, "Stay the course.  It's all about our preparation.  Don't allow outside things to distract you.  It's a setback, but it's not something that will keep us from accomplishing our goals."  
Brees is off to a bit of a rocky start himself, at least by his standards.  He's completing 54% of his passes so far this season with 4 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.  Brees is a 66% career passer, with 285 TD's to his 150 interceptions.
Brees says their past can help the current team weather this storm. "We've faced plenty of adversity since we've been here, it's just a matter of doing it again," Brees explained.  

Throughout my visit with Brees he was his typical, confident and optimistic self.  He told me at one point, "We don't like losing, but we also have a long season ahead of us." 
So we still haven't found the answer to the question:  Why are the Saints struggling? 

"Everybody is going to search for answers as to why the Saints are 0 and 2.  There are a lot of things that happened throughout the course of a game, if we can just make some of those plays, it really changes the outcome.  Unfortunately we haven't been making those plays, we need to start making those plays," Brees insisted. 
The good news for the Saints is they get back at it this week against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are searching for answers themselves after starting 0 and 2. 
"We're going to have to execute well.  We're going to have to do all the things that we preach that is winning football,"  Brees said as he talked about what will have to happen for the Saints to notch their first win of the season. 
The Saints and Chiefs hook up Sunday in the Superdome at noon on WWL Saints Radio.

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09/17/2012 3:03PM
Drew Brees, Monday Morning Quarterback
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09/17/2012 3:23PM
We need more than Jimmy Graham down the field.
It can not be all about Jimmy Graham on offense. With Colston not quite at 100 percent and with Henderson out and let us not forget Robert Meachem is gone, the Saints need another big target WR to help out Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. I would suggest atrade for Larry Fitzgerald, but seriously, why not sign Plaxico Burress.
09/17/2012 3:25PM
Fixing the defense.
The solution to our poor defense is to keep our offense on long sustained drives. We need WR help and better half time adjustments on offense. And before, anyone, cites the poor defense, that is a given. Make the offense hum, first.
09/17/2012 4:11PM
Come on defense.
Saints D! You got to make the stops on 3rd down and step up your pass rush. Go Saints, always!
09/17/2012 5:13PM
Ok now what....
I have been and always will be a black and gold souled saints fan. It hurts to see them struggle this much especially when we ALL know they re capable of so much more. EVERYbody is underperforming right now tho brees included but what we truly need to dois holla that much louder in the dome Sunday when we take on dem chiefs and show em we re still behind em 0 win lose or draw
09/17/2012 7:28PM
The Bottom Line
The O line has got to do a better job of protecting Drew, and he has to make better decisions when he is pressured. But the bottom line is.... Your defense cannot give up over 900 yds in 2 games and expect to win. I don't care how good your offenseis.
09/17/2012 7:39PM
Protect Drew
Got to get it going for protecting Drew.....we cannot afford for any of our Boyz to get hurt....but especially Drew!!!
09/17/2012 9:31PM
Luv them Saints
I will be coming to the Saints and Niners game in Nov. and all I have to say is we gotta get it right get it tight!! My boyfriend is a Niners fan and we went to San Fran last year for that game and it broke my heart to the core because we could have won that game. So we really have to get it together by the time this game rolls around. They will NOT come in our home and run over top of us!! Let's get it together fellas
09/17/2012 9:37PM
they should pick up TO Terrel Owens, that would help us stretch the field , he would be our deep threat, this will open it up for other recievers to get open, we don't want to over use sproles, he had 13 or 15 receptions last game, plus he's returning kicks and running the ball. Pick up TO!
09/17/2012 9:45PM
Free Sean Payton
09/17/2012 9:47PM
Free Sean Payton!
09/18/2012 12:39AM
Gregg Williams
Gregg Williams affidavit was signed on September 14, 2012. Why did it take so long for him to make an official statement? Is that the only evidence the NFL can come up with? Sounds like producing evidence after the trial, conviction, and sentencing. There is more honesty in a kangaroo court. I wonder how many players will want to play for Gregg Williams in the future? It would have been better to retire from the NFL with your pride. Enjoy being reinstated, Gregg.
09/18/2012 9:19AM
I am a Saints fan for life, so I beleive they r still a contender but until the defense gets it together the offense is going to have to pick it up. I say we sit Joe morgan who has hands of stone, line Sproles more in the slot and give Ivory a spot and chance to bruise some people..The running game can get us alot better on defense by eating the clock.. I am know coach but i dont think it takes a whole lot to figure this one out.. WHO DAT!!!!
09/18/2012 12:58PM
Give them time.....
Lets give Spags some time to make this new defense work. Nobody likes to lose, but we are only in week two here!
09/18/2012 1:05PM
Spags needs to turn things around fast or he won't be around long
This is the easiest part of the schedule, and we have dropped 2 games we were favored to win. Winning will become much harder starting with the Green Bay game.
09/18/2012 1:10PM
Spags needs to turn things around fast, or he won't be around long
This is the easiest part of the schedule, it will get much harder to win games starting with at Green Bay.
09/18/2012 5:17PM
Modine Gunch
Take a look at Atlanta last night Wild defense Keep your spirit The fans will be with you no Matter what Who Dat
09/18/2012 6:20PM
I'm not sure
People are still saying we are only in week 2......How long are we gonna give excuses to a team that obviously is not at the top of their game. Lets get it together!!!!! December will be here b4 u know it!!!!
09/18/2012 11:14PM
Pick up TO
Dude you have to be on serious crack..............right along side TO and Chad johnson
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