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Posted: Friday, 13 June 2014 6:26AM

Double dose of superstition today

It's a rare combination.  Today is Friday the 13th, and it's also a full moon.  

This is something that comes along every few decades on average.  

Will the weird mojo be working today?

We posed the question to people downtown.  

Are you expecting anything weird to happen today?

"No, I don't believe in any of that stuff," one man said.  

"Well Friday the 13th I'm not worried about so much, I mean it's just another day; but full moons, a whole bunch of different things happen on a full moon," another gentleman added.  

"I'm going to hold myself hostage inside," one lady said.  

"I'll do my regular little routine, just watch my back," another noted.

The last time this phenomenon happened was in October of 2000 and it's not scheduled to happen again until the year 2049.

Photo credit Rachel Kramer via flickr

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