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Posted: Monday, 21 July 2014 8:36AM

Don't put off reading this article on procrastination

What drives us to put off the things that can actually matter a great deal to us?  

Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder have found that some people are more predisposed than others when it comes to being procrastinators.   

Anna Wellman, a psychotherapist in New Orleans, agrees.  

"People with particular emotional difficulties do it, especially people with attention deficit disorder have a really difficult time juggling everything  they need to in their lives and getting things in order to do a project or task,"  Wellman said.  

Wellman says stress also plays a part.  

"Anxiety I think is really the main component and that's anxiety, perhaps about the quality of what they will produce in a project or whether it will be good enough and just generally self worth,"  she noted.

But what can we do to rid ourselves of being procrastinators?

"Just the simple act of being in the present moment," added Wellman.  "You can't worry about the future and you're not thinking about past failures or any of that, and if you're in the moment doing one thing, staying present and just doing the next right thing is the best way to cope with it," Wellman believes.

One expert explained that the perfect storm of procrastination occurs when an unpleasant task meets a person who's high in impulsiveness and low in self-dicipline.  

(image credit Rachel Fisher via flickr.com)

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