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Posted: Friday, 25 July 2014 8:00AM

Different personality traits for early birds and night owls

What kind of person are you, an early bird or a night owl?  

Study done at the University of Barcelona, Spain, found the differences are that morning people tend to be more persistent, more resistant to fatigue, frustration and difficulties, which often translates into lower levels of anxiety.

The study also suggested evening people or night owls tend to be more creative, extravagant, impulsive, but more likely to suffer from insomnia and ADHD.

New Orleans Clinical Neurophysiology and Sleep Specialist Dr. Srinivas Ganji,  said you cannot change one into the other.

"There are two different clocks in the brain," said Dr. Ganji.  "One cannot become the other one."

Dr. Ganji says early risers usually awake before the crack of dawn but go to sleep very early.    

"The total amount of time they spend in the bed is eight hours," Dr. Ganji said.  "They get up and drink coffee, look at the paper.  They are healthy.  The only problem is they cannot sync themselves with the rest of the family."

Night owls may have it tougher when it comes to their overall well-being and functioning in a predominantly 9 to 5 world.  

As we get older, Dr. Ganji says we do tend to go to bed earlier and awake earlier.  

"A good number of times, seniors tend to go to bed earlier than usual and their sleep becomes very dense in the first six or seven hours of sleep,"  said Dr. Ganji.  "Then they wake up, they feel fresh and don't feel worn out or dragged out."

(image credit emdot via flickr.com)

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