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Posted: Friday, 07 October 2016 12:54PM

Did the SEC drop the ball with the Florida/LSU game?

A lot of LSU fans feel the SEC completely dropped the ball for allowing the LSU/Florida game not to happen this weekend, as other games in the Sunshine State were easily moved while Hurricane Matthew approached. 
Stewart Mandel, college football writer for Fox Sports, says he doesn't see why this marquee SEC matchup couldn't have been moved. 
"Now we're in a predicament where there is no good solution for rescheduling it later in the year," said Mandel. "In fact LSU's AD is saying it's not going to be rescheduled."
Mandel says this is particularly troubling because LSU is no stranger to being the displaced team. After Hurricane Katrina the Tigers moved a game to Tempe to play Arizona State, and after Hurricane Rita moved a game to Monday night.
He says then of course there was last year when Tiger Stadium played host to a flooded South Carolina home team.
"So it's not like people in the conference don't have experience with these situations," said Mandel. "I think at least moves in this direction should have started earlier in the week."
There is a feeling among the Tiger Nation that Florida is chicken and they just didn't want to play the game because they're banged up and didn't want to risk losing outside of The Swamp.
Mandel says while Florida was being stubborn about the matter, he doesn't think it was their hope that the game wouldn't happen at all.
"90,000 people missing out on the Gators playing an important conference game, combined with the economic impact a game like that brings to the region," said Mandel. "I can't imagine (Florida Coach) Jim McElwain calling up and saying they'd rather take a bye this week."

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