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Deke: 4 very important factors in 2015 Saints training camp

I know - every year is the so called "most important year" for particular teams, coaches and players. We hear it all the time. But to those who follow the Black and Gold, the 2015 Saints training camp could very well be the most important - and in several different ways.

1) Do the Saints still have it?

First of all, what is "it?" Some coach said "it" a while back and it stuck. To me, the Saints having "it" means they are an elite team. New Orleans is a team that is offensively built from one of the brightest minds in the game today, but even the brightest of minds have bad games, bad seasons and bad years. And make no bones about it, 2014 was a bad year for Sean Payton. Now Payton has made several changes to his coaching staff and brought in the kind of players that he feels like will help him get back on track. And Sean himself said that the things that were not done correctly in last seasons 7-9 year have been identified and adjustments have been made. If the Saints do still have "it," then Sean Payton will have the Saints back in the postseason and among the top 12 teams in the NFL. If he does not, then "it" may mean more changes. And anything in the form of change won't be off the table if "it" is a bad 2015 in the Big Easy!

2) Drew's decline?

Anytime Drew Brees does not throw for over 350 yards and three TD's people crawl out from the woodwork and claim good ole #9 is declining. Drew Brees is as valuable today to the Saints as he was the day he helped the team win their first Super Bowl. At this time, putting a timeframe on how much longer Drew can play is flat out dumb. Honestly, Drew can play in this league as long as he feels like it and as long as his body holds up. Ask yourself this question - are there 32 starting QB's in the NFL better than Brett Favre or Kurt Warner right now? That answer is clearly no. But can those guys' bodies hold up? The Saints have re-tooled their beef stock on the O-Line to protect their golden armed QB even more moving forward. Put it this way - as long as #9 is playing in a Saints uniform the Saints have a chance to win. And the longer that above sentence applies, the better it is for the Who Dat Nation.

3) Between the Lines

The Saints interior lines were not very good last season. Sure, the Saints ran the football at times, but the inconsistency of not being able to pound the ball at key moments is what hurt the Saints. The Saints have brought in a top flight center and gotten younger, faster and stronger in other spots. The Saints are better right now up front then they have been in a while. On the defense, it's once again a frustrating situation in this team's inability to find a good, interior D-Lineman. How awesome would it be to have a Frank Warren or Jim Wilks right now? The Saints defense will be better if the interior D-Line is better. And the Saints defense will be just as bad, if not worse, if they don't get better play from the middle of the D-Line. Look people, it's simple, you can't put a band aid over a gunshot wound. What I'm saying is that in the end your weaknesses will show up and other teams will expose those weaknesses. Bring in all the cover corners you want and sign a dozen safeties. But until you get a push up the gut and put heat on the opposing QB you're only asking for trouble!

4) Running to another title

New Orleans looks to be seemingly in very good shape when it comes to rushing the football. The Saints signed two of the leagues best RB's to contracts this off season. Ingram and Spiller are two guys that each bring a little something special and different to the Saints offense. New Orleans has to give these guys the ball more often than not. I'm no offensive guru but I'l tell you that no matter how good of a QB you've got, if rushing the football is not your main goal on offense, then you're going to come up short. This off season the Saints higher ups have shown a strong commitment to running the football. Now will that same commitment be consistent in every game this season? As long as #9 is under center then we are ok. But more #9 handing the ball off instead of throwing it downfield is going to mean more wins and more games to be played - postseason games, that is. Numbers don't lie and when the season is over, the teams that run the football the best are the ones that are still around in January and February.
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Deke: Payton looks to reset Saints' tone at Greenbrier

During the entire off-season, and particularly right around the time of the 2015 Draft, the Saints talked about being a smarter, more disciplined team in preparation for the upcoming season. New Orleans said goodbye to many familiar faces, brought in some key veteran additions, and added a draft class that looks to be one that carries a lot of young playmakers that hopefully will turn into strong locker room leaders.

This is all just a hunch - but I get the feeling that Coach Payton knows that the early part of training camp is very important in moving forward to his team's success in 2015.

A year ago at this time, the Saints were basking in the media hype about the Black and Gold. Just about everyone (including myself) thought that the Saints were going to be the main challenger to derail the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl train.

Things quickly went from being all good to being terrible as the Saints came out looking like anything but a contender. Blowing leads in Atlanta and Cleveland to start the season was just an indication of things to come. In fact, the Saints 0-2 start was only the early onset of what may have been the most dissapointing season in Saints history.

Now, as we are two weeks away from the start of training camp, the Saints find themselves somewhat as a mystery-like team. Many of the major pre-season publications still find space on the Saints bandwagon, as the Black and Gold are the favorite - by many - to win the NFC South. But each of those publications also uses caution about the Saints simply because of what the team did a year ago; and of course, because of the Black and Gold defense.

I think that Saints Coach Sean Payton wants to hit the reset button when it comes to his team. Off-season moves like trading away TE Jimmy Graham sent messages loud and clear without the Super Bowl winning coach ever opening his mouth.

Now, Payton will use his voice and his whistle to conduct his 10th training camp as head man in the Big Easy. I personally think this year's training camp will be one that sees coach push the envelope when it comes to having as practices be as tough as possible, with more of a sense of urgency and a faster tempo. They say if you ever go to work relaxed then something is wrong. Sure, we all strive for job security but it's that hair standing up on the back of your neck feeling, the look over your shoulder to see that someone behind you is pushing you to perform at your best each day feeling - all of that was lacking at camp last year.

The Saints can't relax. The Saints need that feeling that someone is after their job. And the Saints need that sense of urgency that time is ticking and this team has to get it right this season - or else!

Players have been moved, coaches have been replaced and the Saints are now set to open camp in two weeks. A year ago the Saints were the talk of the preseason and now the Saints are a team that doesn't draw much more than a whisper around the NFL.

Maybe some of those lower media expectations are a good thing, but really, the Saints' own expectations are as high as ever. And a year from now, either I'll be telling you that 2014 was a bump in the road or 2014 was a pothole that needs a new crew to fix! Time will tell.
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Former LSU great Herb Tyler: Tiger QBs have to get better

He has skins on the wall and he's been there and done that! Former LSU QB Herb Tyler joined Sports Talk Tuesday to talk about LSU football. "It was my true freshman year, and I knew I wanted to play quarterback," Tyler said.

Coming out of O. Perry Walker High School, Tyler was promised a shot at QB by Coach Gerry Dinardo, but things did not start out that way. "I got jersey #41 and I told Coach Dinardo - this is not a QB number!" All Tyler did was learn from week to week and later in the season he took over the starting job for the next three and half years. "We were a part of bringing LSU football back. Once Kevin Faulk committed, we all kind of wanted to be a part of something special - and we were."

Tyler talked about the Tigers current QBs and gave his take on the LSU signal callers. "I don't see sureness in Anthony Jennings. It looks like he's waiting for something to materialize instead of trying to make something happen," he said. Tyler also spoke on back-up QB Brandon Harris. "I've not seen enough of Brandon Harris to give a solid opinion. I know Brandon has a lot of talent. But I'd like to see more of him. I was never a perfect QB. I knew the playbook and trust in my ability to run and throw the football."

Herb said that LSU has a ton of talent on offense, but he would like to see more of Cam Cameron in control of the Bayou Bengals. "Coach Miles has to let his offensive coordinator (Cam Cameron) do his thing. When it gets to crunch time we've been a little too predictable," Tyler said.

Herb finished with a 26-5 record as the Tigers starting QB, which ranks among the best in Tigers history. Tyler would pass for 5,876 yards and 40 touchdowns and rushed for 778 yards and 23 touchdowns during his time at LSU. Tyler led the Tigers to bowl wins over Michigan State and Clemson. And LSU took down #1 Florida in 1997 with Herb rushing for two TD's in the Tigers 28-21 win over the #1 ranked Gators.

You can listen to my entire interview with former LSU Tiger Herb Tyler by clicking below.

FULL AUDIO: Deke talks to Former LSU Tiger QB Herb Tyler
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Deke: TCU cashes in on Tiger mistakes

In sports, teams can handle losing.  If a team plays their best and still comes up short, then it's less difficult to handle that loss - but that was not the case in the LSU Tigers 10-3 loss to the TCU Horned Frogs at the 2015 College World Series!

After coasting along in the first two innings, the Tigers began to unravel in the third.  With Jared Foster on second base, the Tigers had a runner in scoring position.  Foster had what looked to be a clean path to home plate after a base hit.  But credit TCU as they tossed out Foster at the plate and kept the Tigers off the board.

Then the Tigers fell apart. Pitcher Jared Poche was rolling right along and then made back to back terrible throws to first base and TCU would take advantage.

TCU took a 2-0 lead in the fourth inning and never looked back.  LSU made four costly errors in one of their worst losses in 17 trips to the CWS.  Down 2-1, the Tigers would cut the Horned Frogs lead to 2-1 in the bottom half of the fourth inning.  But TCU would come right back and score four more runs in the fifth to blow the game open expanding their lead to 6-1.  

The first four runs TCU scored in the game were by players that were either put on base or advanced on a LSU error.  TCU starting Preston Morrison allowed just four Tigers to reach base in seven innings of work and the Horned Frogs looked mighty impressive in game one at TD Ameritrade Park.

Meanwhile, Jared Poche just did not have a good day.  Poche pitched a shade over four innings with just three strikeouts while surrendering six runs with three earned.

Now the LSU Tigers face elimination on Tuesday against Either Cal State or Vanderbilt. Hear that game Tuesday afternoon on the BIG 870 WWL AM. Pregame 1:30, first pitch 2:00!
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Bobby & Hokie on Saints OTA: "Delvin Breaux is the real deal!"

With less than a week until their 2015 mini-camp, the New Orleans Saints had another organized team activity that the media was allowed to watch.  WWL resident pros Bobby Hebert and Hokie Gajan both love what they are seeing in the play of new defensive back Delvin Breaux. “He’s doing everything right out there so far. He’s in the right place, he’s around the football and he’s making plays,” Hokie said. “Delvin Breaux is playing with a lot of confidence.  I think Saints fans will really like what they see in Breaux,” agreed the Cajun Cannon. 

Saints Coach Sean Payton gave his thoughts on the play of Breaux at today’s practice.  “He is doing well.  He has picked things up, (including) the mental element of it. He has handled (it) pretty well.  He’s in real good shape, you can see that now. We’re just continuing to work on the fundamentals but he’s handled things, the installation, all of that really well.  That is encouraging.  He made some plays today,” Payton said.

READ MORE: Sean Payton addresses media after OTA
The Cajun Cannon’s take

Bobby intensely watched today’s OTA and took notes as only the former signal caller can.  Bobby is quite impressed with the physical presence of top draft pick Andrus Peat.  “Andrus Peat is a giant of a man.  I don’t think he Peat would be drafted that high if the Saints did not think he was a very good player,” he told me.

Bobby liked when QB Drew Brees connected with WR Brandin Cooks on a 25 yard hook up. Bobby said that defensive back Delvin Breaux had nice coverage on Cooks, but the second year WR made a nice play on the football.
“Delvin Breaux is doing all the right things.  He is all over the wide receivers in coverage, he flies to the football and he’s just making plays.  I like what I see in Delvin Breaux,” said Hebert.  Bobby’s notes also gave good marks to TE Ben Watson and WR’s Brandon Coleman and Seantavius Jones.  

Bobby said that Watson has been a big part of the passing game in the three OTA’s that he has witnessed.  “Ben is a veteran player that you can tell Drew trusts. Watson blocks well and he catches the football.  Ben is having a good off season.”

Saints back-up QB Luke McCown threw a nice pass to RB C.J. Spiller on a wheel route.  “Spiller got behind coverage and Luke made a nice throw with good touch on the football. Spiller would have picked up 60 plus yards.”

Bobby thinks that next week’s mini-camp will be very similar to the OTA’s that he has seen.  “OTA’s and mini-camp are kind of the same.  The pace may be a little faster and they may work on some situational things.  But training camp is when things really heat up.”

PHOTO GALLERY: Saints wrap up OTA's

Hokie’s Call
The man’s whose eyes have seen more than most when it comes to the Black and Gold told me that new Saints DB Delvin Breaux is off to about as good of a start as a player can be having right now. “He’s the best one out there.  That guy is around the football.  He’s breaking up passes, he’s right in the receivers hip pocket and that young man is showing out right now.”  Hokie thinks that Breaux has a great shot to be an impact player for the Saints this season.

Hokie also gave a good nod to TE Ben Watson.  “You can tell that they have Ben Watson in their plans more than last season.  Obviously that is somewhat due to Jimmy Graham being with Seattle now, but Ben Watson is a very good player that has made big plays at each of the three practices I’ve seen.”

Hokie said that it’s tough to give a grade or get a feel on how the offensive linemen are looking because of the lack of contact.  “It won’t be until training camp until we can see how these guys do.  Right now you look to see where their feet are, if they are having their hands in the right place on blocks and if they know the plays.”

Gajan says that the addition of RB C.J. Spiller will be a big plus for the Saints offense.  “He’s got a skill set that we’ve not seen around here in a while.  He rushes the football well and he can create things when he’s out in space.  Spiller is a guy that can make plays.”

Hokie said that he will be looking to see if the players that have stood out so far can continue to be moving in the right direction.  “Consistency is something that all players and coaches strive for.  Can you be consistent in making plays when called upon?”  
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LSU's Mainieri: "I'm proud to be taking this team to Omaha!"

It was another Super Regional on the LSU campus and it was another lap around Alex Box Stadium Field after the Tigers took two straight games from the Louisiana Lafayette Ragin Cajuns.

“Our kids showed an awful lot of poise this weekend.  A very good team came in here that fought us tooth and nail, and I thought we played great defense all weekend, and our pitching was tremendous,” said LSU Coach Paul Mainieri. “I’m just so happy and proud to be taking this team to Omaha for a chance at a national championship.” Mainieri and his Tigers will open CWS play Sunday afternoon at 2pm.  The Tigers will take on either the TCU Horned Frogs or the Texas A&M Aggies.

In game one of the Super Regional LSU’s Chris Sciambra hit the game winning Home Run to help left the Tigers over the Cajuns 4-3.  And then on Sunday night the Tigers erupted in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings to the tune of six runs to win 6-3 and clinch a berth in the 2015 CWS. 

“It’s hard to hit a baseball.  A lot of times these young men are in pressure situations and it makes it even tougher to hit the baseball.  We’ve been able to make the timely hits, and in games in which our bats are not as good as we would like, we’ve been getting great pitching,” Mainieri said.

For the second straight weekend LSU’s starting pitching was lights out.  In game one of this past weekend’s series, freshman All-American Alex Lange tossed another gem for the Bayou Bengals.  And then on Sunday Lutcher’s Jared Poche led the Tigers to a 6-3 win over ULL.

Coach Mainieri talked about the Tigers week of preparation before the team heads out to Omaha later in the week.  You can listen to Bobby and Deke’s entire interview with LSU Coach Paul Mainieri just click below. 

And be sure and follow the LSU Tigers at the College World Series right here on Tiger Radio WWL 870AM/FM 105.3!

FULL AUDIO: LSU Head Coach Paul Mainieri talks to Deke about CWS
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Deke: College World Series on the line for LSU and ULL this weekend

A year ago each team was hosting a Super Regional with the hopes of landing a spot in the 2014 College World Series.  Neither team would make it to Omaha - but that will all change in a few days.

This year we know for sure that one of these two Louisiana schools is going to be among the final eight teams and make it to the 2015 CWS.  The #2 seeded LSU Tigers will play host to in-state foe University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Ragin Cajuns.

The Cajuns are playing their best baseball of the season, coming off three big wins where they got some huge plays late in games. “It has been incredible to see the players come up big in key situations,” said ULL Coach Tony Robichaux. ULL has won four straight games with strong play in all phases.  The Cajuns won the Sunbelt Conference Tournament Title with a Grand Slam and then waltzed through the Houston Regional with a perfect 3-0 mark.

“We were able to get some clutch hits late in those games and these players know to play hard until the final out,” Robichaux continued. The Cajuns scored five runs in the ninth inning to down Rice 7-6 in their first regional game.  Then the Cajuns beat host Houston followed by another win over Rice to capture the Houston Regional Title.

And for those scrambling to get a closer look to the action live from historic Alex Box Stadium, well, it will cost you!  One of my co-workers and good friends Scott Colomb told me that this weekend's Super Regional Tickets are some of the hardest to come by in the history of LSU Baseball.  Known ticket purchasing site StubHub had outfield bleacher seats down the left field line going for as much as $394 a ticket for Saturday night's opening game. And if you want to know the cheapest ticket for sale on Stubhub, well, get ready to shell out over $320 bucks per seat.  

These two Louisiana powers met earlier this season at the 2015 Wally Pontiff Classic at Zephyr Field, where LSU took the Cajuns down 8-6.  LSU's Alex Bregman had one of his best games of the season going 3-for-3 with a Home Run, Triple and a Double in the Tigers two-run victory. But that was over two months ago, and it's safe and fair to say that both teams are better now as they play for the grand trip to the CWS.  

LSU's pitching has been as good as it has in a long time. Alex Lange, the National Freshman of the year and Jared Poche are coming off back to back outings that have the most loyal Tigers Fan calling perhaps the best back to back efforts ever in LSU post season history.

Lange and Poche helped guide the Tigers to back to back shutout wins over UNC Wilmington in last weekend's Baton Rouge Regional.  "Our pitching was outstanding.  You can't win if you can't score and our pitchers did a great job of shutting down UNC Wilmington," LSU head coach Paul Mainieri said.  

Mainieri gave praise to the Cajuns and thinks this weekend's Super Regional will be one that fans can really get into.  "I have a great deal of respect for Louisiana-Lafayette, Coach Robichaux and the Cajuns players and program.  They are playing great baseball right now and we are going to have to play well this weekend," said LSU Coach Paul Mainieri.  

Mainieri will send the nation's best freshman to the mound in game one as Alex Lange will start for the Bayou Bengals. The Cajuns enter the Baton Rouge Super Regional with a 42-21 overall record and ULL is currently on an eight game win streak.  The Tigers are 51-10 overall and are on a three game win streak.  

Game one of the series is Saturday at 7PM with WWL's Coverage starting at 3PM.  Be sure and follow the Tigers all season long on the home of LSU Sports WWL Radio!  
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Saints OTA: "Some receivers have a great shot to make the team"

The New Orleans Saints held practice today at their facility on Airline Drive.  Today's Organized Team Activity (OTA) was the second which the media was allowed to attend.

"There was not anything earth-shattering that took place... I'm not saying that anything was not good, just that it was kind of a regular practice out there," said Saints Color Analyst Hokie Gajan.

The Saints will have another OTA (June 10) which the media can view before their biggest off-season workout session takes place when the club holds their annual mini-camp June 16-18.

Saints wide receiver Seantavius Jones made a real nice catch this morning where he slanted in and then snatched the ball out of midair and dashed away from the defense in the process. "The opportunity for players like Jones is there.  Now it's about who's going to take advantage of those chances and make plays in games," said the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert.

Hokie's Call

"I tried to foucs on a couple of guys today.  I watched center Max Unger for a while. Max is real athletic and moves well out there.  You can see why he's one of the best centers in the league. He handles himself with more confidence and her seems to be figuring things out," Hokie said.

Stephone Anthony looked good again today.  "He's just around the football most of the time.  I think he is going to be an impact player for the Saints this season."

Hokie said the Saints worked on third down situations in team sessions with the emphasis on short yard situations.  "Seantavius Jones made a real nice catch.  He snatched the ball out of the air and the coaches seem like they have high hopes for Jones this season."

The Cajun Cannon

The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert put the jinx on me (Deke) and himself this morning.  With the team practicing on the far fields, the media was able to sit in the stands. Enjoying an overcast moment, the Cannon then said "It's nice out here today. We got a break it's not that hot."  And wouldn't you know, soon after the sun came out and began to bake us.  Damn Janky!

Now back to practice - the Cannon was taking his notes as usual.  Bobby said that three wide receivers stood out to him today.  #17 Josh Morgan, #16 Brandon Coleman and #15 Seantavius Jones.

"I think Coleman had the best day of that group, but all three made plays during practice."  Bobby's book noted Coleman hauling in over 80 yards in receptions today.

Safety Kenny Vaccaro made a nice play on a deep pass from QB Drew Brees and tipped the ball away from TE Ben Watson.  "It was a nice play but you have to come down with the ball in those situations," Bobby said. Vaccaro later got beat on a route by WR Brandon Coleman, who broke through the seam of the defense for about a 30 yard gain.  

Bobby noted that second year player CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste had a good outing after he broke up a deep pass intended for WR Kyle Prater. "This was his best day in a Saints uniform. Jean-Baptiste made a nice play on the ball and did so against a WR that was much bigger than him," Hebert said.

Rookie LB Stephone Anthony once again drew praise from the Cannon.  "He has to make an impact for the Saints defense right away, and I think he will."  

Overall, "there weren't as many highlights as we saw last week.  I thought the best play took place when Drew Brees threw a fade to WR Seantavius Jones for about a 20 yard gain."

Bobby will give his full take on today's OTA on Sports Talk beginning at 4PM this afternoon.  

A little fun

Towards the end of practice Coach Payton had the team gather on the far field to have what looked to be a punt fielding contest.  Certain members of the Saints offense battled players from the Black and Gold defense to see who could catch punts.

The defense wound up winning the battle and the offense had to do push-ups for losing the fun, team-bonding activity.  Punter Thomas Morstead did the punting and things got even more fun when it was turn for the linemen to field punts.

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LSU's Mainieri on SportsTalk: "Pitching wins championships"

Coach Paul Mainieri knows that this time of year, the teams that are clicking on all cylinders are the ones that get to Omaha, and the teams that are pitching the best are in that number. LSU got great pitching this past weekend in the Regional wins.  “If you’re not hitting well at the plate, you better be pitching well. And this past weekend our pitching was great. It’s hard to lose when the other team does not score any runs,” said LSU Coach Paul Mainieri. 

The Tigers took care of business in last week’s Baton Rouge Regional with three big wins over Lehigh and UNC Wilmington.  LSU got two huge outings from their starting pitchers as Alex Lange and Jared Poche were incredible.  The two pitchers helped the Tigers pick up back-to-back shutout wins to advance to this weekend’s Super Regional. 

The #2 ranked LSU Fighting Tigers are the nation’s highest seeded team remaining in the NCAA Baseball Playoffs.  And now the Bayou Bengals are two wins away from advancing to the 2015 College World Series.

Dealing with bad weather was a big theme in last weekend’s regional play at Alex Box.  “I’m sure it’s very difficult for the players,” Mainieri said when talking about having to overcome weather delays and postponed games this past weekend.  “We coach our guys to know that during a season, there are going to be obstacles and adversity that you are going to have to overcome, and this team has all season long.”

LSU has seen a lot of types of games this season and Coach Mainieri says he feels confident in whatever type game his team may be in.  “I think our team has shown that we can win those slug-fest type games and we can win the low scoring type games.”  

Up next a familiar foe in the UL-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns.  “I have a lot of respect for Coach Robichaux his staff and his team.  They play great baseball, and it was a great accomplishment for ULL to win their regional.  The stakes are high and two great teams are playing for a chance to go to the College World Series.”

You can listen to Bobby and Deke’s full interview with Coach Paul Mainieri by clicking below. 

FULL AUDIO: Bobby and Deke talk to LSU Baseball head coach Paul Mainieri
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Bobby and Deke on Pelicans hiring Alvin Gentry

Bobby's Take:

"That shows you that General Manager Dell Demps is in control," said the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert. "Gentry is a part of the most successful team in recent NBA history in Golden State, which is ironic when you look at the season.  He's an offensive guy.  Just look at the Warriors, and Suns, and their points - they scored 110 points a game!"

Bobby continued to praise Gentry: "He understands the chain of command, the other candidates might have wanted too much power. There is no power struggle with this hire. Dell Demps has a lot of input. Gentry's been a great assistant."

Deke's take:

I like the hire.  I would not be surprised at all if Gentry was the man all along, and the Pelicans did not want to show their hand in hiring Alvin without talking to other candidates.  Alvin Gentry has been in New Orleans as a lead assistant under Tim Floyd and he as hot as he has been in the NBA - perhaps ever - as a coach. 

Coach Gentry is well respected around the league. He has been coaching at this level for over 25 years and now the New Orleans Pelicans will be getting a coach that (odds makers favorite to win the Finals) is coming off an NBA Championship as the lead assistant coach.

I know that the fans will probably question the hire because of Coach Gentry’s record as a head coach in the NBA.  But when he was equipped with his best talent of his tenure, which was in Phoenix with players like Steve Nash and Amarie Stoudamire, Coach Gentry led the Suns to the Western Conference Finals in which his club faced the eventual champion Lakers in a heated seven game series.

If Dell Demps wanted to give the Pelicans more of an offensive flavor, then he found the right man.  Coach Gentry has always had good offensive teams and if you look to the teams he was with prior to him going there, the offensive production was better under Gentry.

Ultimately Coach Alvin Gentry’s success will hinge on titles.  Gentry has to win at least one title, but I would say two at the very least to consider this hire a good move, and if offense is his thing, than Alvin comes to a team that has some solid pieces in place when it comes to the offensive end of the floor.
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