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Deke: What will RG do about RG3?

Robert Griffin III
OK, you all can decide what you think is more serious, but if Roger Goodell is very steadfast about safety and protecting the integrity of the National Football League, he will conduct a full-scale investigation and come down hard on the Washington Redskins and their Coach.

Back on December 9 the Washington Redskins beat the Baltimore Ravens 31-28 to keep their win streak going as Washington won seven straight games to advance to the NFC playoffs.  Prized rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III was hurt in that game…and now the severity of his injury and how it was handled have come into question, with two of the most famous figures in the sport today on opposite ends of what is being reported.

During Sunday’s pre-game show before the two NFL Games, CBS played back a portion of the press conference in which Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan was asked about Griffin’s injury.  This is what Coach Mike said:
'Yeah, he can go back in. ''Robert, go back in.' "That was it," Shanahan said.  
Now, the rest of the story (or at least the other side) is being told, and the other side is totally different from what Coach Shanahan said.

Dr. James Andrews is one of the most famous and most respected physicians in the world and he has done numerous major surgeries on athletes like Charles Barkley, Drew Brees, and many others.

A graduate of Louisiana State University, Dr. Andrews serves as team doctor for teams such as the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Auburn Tigers, and the Washington Redskins.  In other words, when athletes want the best care in the world they go to Dr. James Andrews.

Dr. Andrews said that he and his staff never even got a chance to examine RG3.  Andrews went on to say that when Griffin went back on the field it scared the hell out of him.  Andrews was also quoted as saying to the NFL Today, "He's doing a lot better this week, but he's still recovering and I'm holding my breath because of it.”  Andrews also said, "He passed all the tests and all the functional things we do, but it's been a trying moment for me, to be honest with you."

Now my question is, what will Roger Goodell do?  Folks, this is serious business.  In a day and time when flags are thrown more cautiously than ever to protect the players, how could an organization and its highest ranking official allow RG3 to go back into the game without proper evaluation?

What if Griffin had been seriously injured?  And what about Coach Shanahan flat-out lying, and what will be said as the Redskins’ season came to an end with perhaps the Rookie of the Year on the sidelines injured again in his team’s 24-14 loss to Seattle Seahawks?
Ed Reed was fined $55,00 this season for what was called an illegal hit.  Sean Payton was suspended for a full season for not complying with the NFL about supposedly running and failing to stop a pay-for-performance program that has been since dubbed by the NFL as a “bounty” program.  So are those penalties and fines benchmarks that we should look at when the commissioner comes down on the Washington Redskins?  Or will we once again get some big-time dialogue from the most powerful man in sports today, as he may kindly try and make this a not-so-big of a deal.  
Folks, call me what you want, but this thing stinks, and it is fitting that a man that has done a pretty foul job as the head of the NFL will have to try and clean up another mess.  But this mess is not made up.  This one, we know, has happened right before our eyes! 

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01/07/2013 5:33PM
What will RG do about RG3?
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01/07/2013 9:54PM
Deke: What will RG do about RG!!!?
Nothing. The Redskins aren't the Saints, so he won't take them on to make another example.
01/08/2013 1:13AM
Book 'em Dano
Shanahan no coaching one year. RG3 suspended four games. The muddy field crew out indefinitely. Hot dog vendor fined twenty francs. Fans must turn in those fake pig noses. Washington DC forever known as the home of idiots. Oh wait, that one is already inplace.
01/09/2013 12:44AM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Goodell won't do anything. The only way he would do something is if it were the New Orleans Saints.
01/10/2013 7:48AM
What will RG do about RG
RG will turn his head and look the other way. saying no harm no foul unless if the SAINTS had anything to do with it
01/10/2013 11:07AM
It depends
What Goodell will do depends...............Will the Super Bowl be played in Washington in the near future???
01/26/2013 5:00AM
Goodell, yuk, yuk, yuk.
Roger is merely a figurehead Paul T. still runs the NFL. Anyone remember him over ruling a certain inept commissioner not long ago ?
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