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Deke: Two Coordinators = Great Expectations!

bigchief@wwl.com - 2.9.13  
Regardless of what Rob Ryan and Cam Cameron have done in the past, two fan bases composed of mostly the same people are most concerned about performance.  Yes, folks, Rob and Cam can become heroes, if the Tigers of the Capitol City and the Saints of the Big Easy go on to win championships.
The Saints and Tigers needed to make changes.  They did.  Now each team's success will rely heavily on new coordinators brought in as a key pieces to a puzzles that hopefully leads to championships.
After sitting behind the mic for the last several years watching an LSU offense yearning for precision command and direction, and after watching an agonizing outing by the Saints defense during what was supposed to be a special 2012 season, I think we all agree these changes are needed, and wanted!
The fact that Cam Cameron and Rob Ryan were dismissed from their last jobs and probably have a bit of a chip on their shoulders, feeling like they have something to prove something, is a good thing for Saints and LSU fans. 
In Cam’s case he needs to foster big success to wipe away his last two coaching outings.  Cameron led the Dolphins to their worse season in franchise history with an unacceptable 1-15 record.  Cam was fired then landed on his feet with what looked like the perfect job as OC of the Baltimore Ravens.
But after a disappointing loss to Washington late in the season, Cameron was fired and the rest we know is history as the Ravens won the Super Bowl.  Cameron’s most recent success came back from 2002-2006, when he was the offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers.
"I think the fans are excited about this," said the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert.  "The LSU passing offense has not been that good and Coach Cameron has been over some good players in the past including Drew Brees."  Drew Brees once told me he learned a lot when Cam was his OC and that he’s a very good coach.  Drew was the NFL “Comeback Player of the Year” in 2004 under Cam Cameron, as well as being named to the AFC Pro Bowl Roster. 
And on the “double R” side, Ryan also wants to get back on track after being let go as Defensive Coordinator n Big D!  Coach Ryan comes from a family that has a deep defensive background and his brash, hard nose style should fit in quite nicely with a defense that lacked aggression last season. 
Saints Fans should have a pretty good memory of what Coach Ryan is capable of.  Ryan led the Cleveland Browns defense into the Superdome in 2010, shutting down the Saints in a 30-17 win.  Cleveland picked off Drew Brees four times that day in one of the worst offensive outings in the Sean Payton era. 
Rob Ryan has been a part of Super Bowl winning teams and Coach Payton is excited about his new defensive guru,”In regards to Rob, we have experience in preparing and playing against his defenses and they’ve always been challenging in terms of the different looks and pressures that they feature. We’ve had the chance to visit with each other and talk about our visions for our team and I’m excited about moving forward as we prepare for the 2013 season.” 
Coach Ryan was over the New England linebackers when the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI and XXXVIII.  Rob Ryan also coached in the NFL at Oakland as the Raiders defensive coordinator from 2004-2008, then he was the Browns top defensive coach from 2009-2010 before spending the last two seasons with the Cowboys. 
The Saints also announced that Stan Kwan has been hired as assistant special teams coach. 
Do the recent performances of these two coaches, Rob Ryan and Cam Cameron, reflect the essence these men as coaches and leaders?   Are they not the sum of their work?  And, should we take comfort in who made the selection--Sean Payton and Les Miles?   And, more than that, should we take comfort knowing decisive action was taken...now...and change leads to change...for the Saints and LSU.
If these two coaches are the spark needed; the catalyst necessary to ignite championship seasons for the Black & Gold and the Purple & Gold…recent history is irrelevant.  It's all about the future. 

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02/09/2013 9:49AM
Deke: Two Coordinators = Great Expectations!
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02/09/2013 2:06PM
The browns game was a fluke...
Drew was hurt in that game, plus they had Scott .F who knew our team which was a plus for them.
02/10/2013 7:44AM
Bubba from Destrehan
Did you know that in the wild the chimpanzee will attack the human testicle?
02/10/2013 8:34AM
positive thinking
Isn't it always about next year?
02/10/2013 12:57PM
Rod in Sacramento
I like Sean's pick and respect it as well. I have been saying for a while that LSU needed a new Offensive coordinator. I think both will be major upgrades.
02/10/2013 5:51PM
Tazmanian Devil
I dnt like the pick of Rob Ryan because of his defenses in the past. Rob havent dawned a playoff defense since je been a DC. But if SP see otherwise i hve no problem. Anything is better than the 2012 defense. Lets see what Rob can do with the Saints D. Who knows, RR could be a blessing to the Black and Gold. Purple and Gold im not to sure about after loosing like 11 players to enter the NFL draft.
02/12/2013 9:44AM
I LIKE THE HIRE OF ROB RYAN ; reason why ryan will bring much needed toughness to the saints , no body in the N F L is AFRAID of the saints especially on defense , we have a wimp for a quarter back ,saints have no tough guy bravado ,ryan got swaggerlooks tough and mean hopefully he can inspire this to saints defense ,and hopefully to the offense as well ,.
02/18/2013 12:20AM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Destiny: That's what was our word for 2009 Superbowl. I believe Rob Ryan was destined to be our DC. Look at the facts Sean had to interview coaches late because of not being reinstated yet. Rob had to be fired by Dallas and hired(not) by St. Louis.Had he not been with Dallas and some other team, he probably would not have been fired. But he was Jerry Jones' scapegoat. Dallas's lost is our gain. Destiny means it is God's will and if so I believe something good for the Saints.
02/18/2013 10:14PM
SAINTS D-Fensive Coordinater
I think the Saints made the right decision to fire Steve Spag and Hire Rob Ryan, because Rob Ryan has the brains to do better than What Steve Spag did.
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