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Deke: The Saints do have a free agency plan, don't they?

Since Tuesday's show began at 4:00 p.m., just an hour after the start of NFL free agency, the majority of calls, e-mails and texts Bobby and I have received have been or worrying, complaining from upset fans that are not happy with the current moves or lack thereof from the New Orleans Saints.

Should we be upset, worried or keep complaining?  What have the Saints done or not done that is the cause of some worrying?  I'll try and sort things out to make some sense if that's possible.

Our starting left tackle on offense is now with the Bears, our back-up QB is off to KC and a good role-player is in our division with a different address with the Bucs of Tampa Bay.
Now the truth.  Our starting left tackle did blossom into a pro-bowl player and was a good fit.  Our back-up QB was seemingly ready but fortunately we did not need him, and the role-playing linebacker was good for our defense.
But our former starting left tackle did benefit greatly from our offensive scheme and the play of our QB Drew Brees.  And Bushrod was coming off a not-so-good season.

Our back-up QB is just that, a back-up...and now he will probably continue to be a back-up in a different city with a different team with a different salary.  And our former role playing LB was a part of one of the greatest plays in black and Gold history, but he never was healthy enough to develop into the player we thought he could be.
Don't you think the Saints have a plan?  Use caution and think back and recall some of the things you've  heard Sean and Mickey say over the last seven years.

A caller named DJ made very good points and a lot of sense when he calmly pointed out a couple of things.  DJ told me and Bobby and our wonderful listeners that the Saints have been a planning and preparing organization for nearly ten years now.  Look at the last few drafts and throw in free agent pick ups and you will find that the Saints have been planning an preparing for days like this.  Those "what if this guy leaves" or "what if we need to do this" kind of days that are currently happening right now.

Criticism is fair and just, but only when it is warranted.  We are barely three days into the 2013 free agent period, so there is plenty of time and a lot of days left for the Saints to make moves.

Coach Sean Payton has long been a system/process type of coach, meaning that his philosophy is that he and his staff have players on hand to step up and become starters.  That system that is very much still in place is and has worked well.

So my people, let's take a deep breath and realize that it's a long season, and that includes a long free agent period.  The draft is still over a month away and this club's ability to lure and land some of the best unknowns (Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Marques Colston, etc.) is proof enough for us to understand and realize that the Saints do have a plan and they are working their plan as we speak.
If and when that plan does not work, then it will be time to criticize.  But right now, let's sit back and see what happens.  Thanks DJ, you were calmness than was needed on Tuesday's show that made a lot of sense by just having a clear understanding of what has been done here since 2006.  

In Who Dat we trust!

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03/15/2013 1:08PM
Deke: The Saints do have a free agency plan, don't they?
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03/15/2013 1:39PM
Amen, Deke
I am pretty sure that Sean Payton and Mickey know more about what to do with the Saints than the average fan........Fans are fans and they like to express their opinions, that won't change! We just got a good CB and there will be more to come....Opening day the Saints WILL be ready.......whodat!! Well said, Deke!
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