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Deke: The ''Perfect 10'' was just that!

"Thanks to the city of New Orleans for what is just a spectacular way to celebrate…I’ve never seen anything like it," said Steve Bisciotti, the current majority owner of the World Champion Baltimore Ravens. 
The theme of Super Bowl XLVII was “The Perfect 10,” and if all the week long activities were not perfect, it was pretty damn close!
“504 all day baby!” That’s what an excited Ed Reed said after his Baltimore Ravens won the biggest game in sports.  From the time folks arrived, to the celebration that is currently going on all over the Big Easy, the impression by those who could feel the energy of New Orleans from the television was that this Super Bowl was one of the best.
I know that questions, statements and comments will be made about the 34-minute delay that occurred after a power outage, but even that delay did not dampen anything that took place during this incredible week.
Did the 34 minute delay hurt the Ravens?  Did the 34 minute delay help the 49ers?  I don’t really know, but I know what transpired after that delay was one of the best second halves of football in the history of the 47 years of Super Sunday.
Who knows…maybe the 34 minutes did allow the 49ers to regroup and get together a plan to try and come back from a 22 point deficit.  And, maybe those 34 minutes gave the Ravens a few extra moments to rest as they looked a little tired at the end of the game!
But that delay had no bearing on the game.  The Ravens led when the lights went out, and when the final switch was flipped to cut off the lights for good after everyone left the Dome, the Ravens were the ones leaving the building with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
So to all who played a role and a part in helping New Orleans once again host a great event, hats off to you.  This truly was the perfect 10.  Now bring on #11.  And for those Who Dats looking ahead, the Saints are currently the 6th favorite according to the odds makers behind the Patriots, 49ers, Broncos, Packers, Texans and Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLVIII at 18 to 1. 

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02/04/2013 2:16AM
Deke: The ''Perfect 10'' was just that!
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02/04/2013 10:41AM
Perfect 10 ?
Great job on the whole. Perfect? Was the power outage desirable or planned? Not the time to "sugarcoat" the obvious problem.
02/04/2013 1:03PM
Pay Back Time
I thought the 49ers had something to do with the black out sence the ravans was kicking the 49ers buts all over the Super Domes floor, but I was told by someone in the croud that I was in watching the game, that on Face Book someone said they took a picture of Sean Payton with his hand on something saying PAY BACK TIME GOODELL. WHO DAT ALL THE WAY
02/04/2013 5:47PM
Get real.
if we expect payback time for nfl/gooddell, forget about it. with the 46th rank in metro bodies, we are lucky, yes lucky, to still have a team. emotion has no place in reality. take a late learned lesson from breezy, let it go, or not. not? we lose.cheers.
02/06/2013 9:22AM
Outage a Nonfactor
Ravens dominated the first half. With a 21-6 lead their halftime was probably calm then the kickoff return gave them even more reason to relax and lose focus. The Niners halftime locker room was probably very intense. Known for being a second half comeback team, halftime was probably more the reason for their second half rejuvenation than the power outage.
02/07/2013 10:16AM
Had the outage occured in let say someone else's stadium, what would our attitude been........... no big deal? ya think?
02/07/2013 1:13PM
power outage does not = 10
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