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Deke: Stupid Twitter rumors are not ''news''

People, I am new to the "social media" game.  But I have to tell you, the way that the unfounded rumor about Les Miles spread this weekend, it makes me sad to have to be a part of the Twitter-verse. 
Apparently, it all goes back to a couple of Tweets from one Sam McGaw, a student reporter for Western Kentucky University.  On Friday McGraw reportedly tweeted, "There are rumors that LSU head football coach Les Miles will step down on Monday afterallegedly having an affair with a student."  It took off after that, landing on online "fan" boards in Baton Rouge and Tuscaloosa. 
A student reporter?  From Western Kentucky?  Folks, he MUST have an incredible source in BTR to get this "scoop!"   All I know is, what does a reporter from the Hill Toppers know about the SEC?  This exploded as chat room message garbage.  And, yes, the Les Miles haters in Louisiana helped the rumor along.  
As for any official comment, LSU has not (and likely will not) responded to the rumors.  And, rightly so. Come on, people...this man has a family.  
Look: when REAL news and sports events start working, there are leaks and leads and such.  You start hearing from sources about whether a story is true or not, and you get a hint of whether there may be a kernal of truth.
In this case...Nothing. Nada.  Not one single credible news/sports outlet is treating this as anyting but a rumor that got whipped up on the internet. 
So, let's take this as a learing lesson, people.  Don't believe everything  you read on the internet.  It was true ten years ago, and it is even truer today. This is a below-the-belt weekend of slander that no one deserves.  It's a stupid rumor that quickly spread out of control.  It should also make you think twice before passing these types of things along. 

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03/03/2013 8:24PM
Deke: Stupid Twitter rumors are not ''news''
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03/04/2013 12:59PM
We can only hope and wish that this is true. Hell it doesn't really matter to me I just want him to step down for ANY reason.
03/04/2013 1:24PM
Good job deke
The student should step down as a reporter after spreading a rumor like that.
03/04/2013 3:12PM
Right on Deke!!!!!
Until it comes out in the BR Advocate or on ESPN that it's a fact, I will believe nothing about this rumor. The hilltopper can use the internet must be the Dean of the school, because the rest are still using crayons.
03/04/2013 7:49PM
Maybe he should step down on his ability to coach a game. Not be a coach, but to coach under the pressure of the "big" game.
03/05/2013 2:38PM
tiger bait
Les had an affair with Nick Saban's daughter. the details of his pay raise and extended contract will be released in the next few days.
03/06/2013 3:24PM
Les Miles
I'm a season ticket holder, but Les and Nick need to thank many mothers/fathers for good stock. Without talent/and litle luck, they wouldn't be as sucessfull. Neither one was only an average coach, before LSU and Bama. Respect both coachesfor their intergrity. When I heard the rumor, yeck I thought his wife had gone back to school for further studies.
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