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Deke: No Drew yet! How do you feel?

Okay, OTA’s begin this week and as of this afternoon (Monday May 21st) there’s still no contract for Drew Brees!  Last week you heard from Drew, Saints owner Tom Benson and Saints GM Mickey Loomis.  Drew sounded frustrated, Mr. Benson said don’t worry Drew will be here; Mickey kept everything close to the vest and like always in contract talks, would not give any details.

I think we all would agree that with Drew in the building we all feel safer when it comes to the 2012 Black & Gold season.  Does Coach Payton not being here put more of an importance on Drew being with the team now? 

Do you think the deal will get done before the Saints biggest off-season event, which is their annual Mini-Camp June 5th, 6th, and 7th?  Or, are you not worried at all and feel like as long as Drew is here before the season begins we are good to go?  Talk about it today with me and Bobby Hebert at 4 on WWL AM and FM and WWL.com!

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05/21/2012 3:25PM
Deke: No Drew yet! How do you feel?
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05/21/2012 4:48PM
Howdy, Deke
Deke....Have always enjoyed listening to u and Bobby on the radio.......I think the deal with DB will get done. Is it frustrating, yes......but I didn't believe it would be quick unless one side just caved. Although having Brees by mini-camp would be best I don't think him missing that would be a huge deal, but as we move into mid June this thing needs to be done. Looking back to Jan and the painful loss to SF, I was hoping we would be talking about the upcoming season and the SB being in NO.........I still long for that! Thanks, Deke keep up the good work!
05/22/2012 12:26PM
Let's have a Drew Brees day
If y'all can get who knows how many to wear dresses, how many do you think we could get for a DBD?
05/22/2012 2:02PM
Missing Drew!
I think Drew not being signed at this stage of the game is an insult to Drew and to the fans. I am hopeful that the deal will be done ASAP, but agree with everyone else that it should not have taken this long. With Sean Payton out, we need Drew more than ever. Mr. Benson, let's get this deal done NOW.
05/22/2012 2:58PM
Micky's Miscalculation
I think Loomis thought that Brees being the team player that he is was not going to want to miss any of the OTA's and would give in to some extent. Why else would there not be any communication going on? Either you want to get the deal worked outor you're trying to wait to see if you can gain some leverage. Give Brees the respect (and $$$) that he deserves Loomis. You got by cheap the last 6 years anyway.
05/22/2012 3:13PM
It Should Have Never Gotten This Far
Drew Brees should have never have had to wait this long to get his just reward for helping to turn the Saints franchise around. For years we've lacked a franchise quarterback, and Drew is without a doubt the best we've ever had, no disrespect to Archie Manning or Bobby Hebert. It seems that money's always an issue, but you can't tell me that Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or any of the other top QBs would have had to go through this. Saints fans have been through the ringer so to speak, and the longer this contract process is drawn out, the longer that bad taste in our mouths remains. No matter what, I'll be a Saints fan until I die, but this is downright insulting to Drew and the Who Dat Nation to put our best player through what he's going through right now. Get the deal done, immediately!
05/23/2012 9:02AM
Crazy thought, but would make sense
Is there be a possibility that Drew Brees frustration of not having a new contract be an act so that he can continue to communicate with Sean Payton, because once he signs the new NFL contract he will not be able to communicate with Payton? If this happens to be true this would be the the perfect plot to counter Godell's ridiculous suspensions.
05/23/2012 1:18PM
Other teams targeting Drew
Drew will not sign the franchise tag, he wants a long term deal especially since other teams who may feel that their QB's were targeted may now be targeting Drew. Drew will not gamble with getting injured.
05/25/2012 8:48AM
Why did this get this far, for drew?
How are we even talking about this. Give drew what he wants. And let's move on. I'm in Houston, Texas right now, and I have to defend the saints all the time. I'm a WHO DAT !
05/25/2012 8:53AM
Save drew brees PLEASE!!
Please give drew what he deserves.
05/26/2012 12:39AM
Saints Pep Rally
Saints Pep Rally. Saints Pep Rally. As a fan base, and for those fans that are local, we need to act soon. A statement has to be made directly to Mr. Benson. New Orleans and its fans put on the biggest post Super Bowl celebration that the NFL has ever seen. The Super Bowl party continued during the entire off season. It is time to show Mr. Benson that same kind of spirit, once again. At this point, talk is cheap. Action is now required. I am asking on many forums, for the local Saints fans to prepare for a Saints Pep Rally. About 50,000 fans should send the message. On a given Friday, at 6 pm central time, right as the NFL network is about to air NFL’s Total Access, and before the July 16 deadline to sign Drew to a long term contract has come and gone, the 50,000 strong Saints Pep Rally should take place at the Saints training facility. The theme will be simple. PAY DREW BREES! SIGN DREW NOW! Saints fans, we can not put Drew in a position to accept a one year contract, because of the love he has for our city and fan base. We need to back him, now. I want him happy and focused on the upcoming season. I want him to know, that we appreciate what he has done for the region, and simply put, we have his back. To all Saints fans, feel free to post this idea in any forum you desire and begin organizing with your friends to pick a Friday date, soon.
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