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Deke: LeBron goes home - I am down with the King!

Websites crashed, Twitter blew up (and is still blowing up) and the once 150-1 odds for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2015 NBA championship shrank down to 3-1.  Yes, very few people in the world can ever and will ever matter as much as LeBron James.

Four years ago he was bashed, beat down and called everything in the book and then some, but somehow none of that matters anymore.  After days and weeks of speculation the greatest basketball player on the planet told the world he’s “coming home.”

In the history of sports very few athletes have been able to swing the pendulum like Mr. James has and does.  And now with his return to his home state of Ohio, LeBron James shows the world sometimes in life we do things that are not pleasing to others…that may rile the masse…but we learn, mature then make them right.

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Some will chime in and call James the same thing they did four years ago…a traitor.  The only difference--now Miami is the city being dissed as Cleveland once was.  Some will reserve judgment and see how James fairs in C-Town during his second stint.  Then there are those, who like me, who believe you can make mistakes, acknowledge those mistakes, then finally correct them.  

James is the best player in the world, a much more mature man and most importantly a great father.  Yes, I’m thick skinned and I know I’ll get called a “kisser,” but I’m down with the King and have no problem saying it. 

Folks, it’s okay to make mistakes, mess up and do things that are not cool to others.  But how you respond, react then adjust is what counts most.  LeBron James did nothing illegal when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.  What he did was unpopular and made people down right hate him.  But again, how many times in life have you made a “decision” that was not popular…then raised over three million dollars for those less fortunate?  

Right now James really does wield the power of a king… numbers don’t lie.  Check this out.  When LeBron James informed Sports Illustrated he was returning to Cleveland, the Cavaliers instantly became the (3-1) favorite to the 2015 NBA Title.  Folks, this is a Cavilers team that missed the playoffs in each of the last four seasons.  And now with one man’s decision, they are the favorite to win it all.  Who else carries that kind of weight?

When James last played for the Cavs, ticket prices averaged $195 dollars.  When James left, prices plummeted to $51 dollars.  Reckon he has value?  And I don’t even have to mention how much the Cavs franchise stands to gain this week alone on jersey sales.  

The city that has been dogged and hailed as a bad luck sports town, now has two of the most polarizing sports figures in the world.  The Browns have Johnny Football and the Cavs now see the return of the King.  Man, it must be buzzing in C-Town right now, huh?  

How exciting to be witness to another chapter in the ever so drama filled Lebron James book of life.  I’ll leave you all with this…Miami did nothing wrong here.  Miami was not home.  Northeast Ohio is home for LeBron James.  And now the King is going to the place where there is no other place like, home!  

I’m down… are you?

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07/11/2014 1:26PM
Deke: LeBron goes home - I am down with the King!
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