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Deke: Hard to argue with the Saints choices!

Let's be real. If you're a long time, diehard forever-type Who Dat, you know about some of the boo-boo's that have been made in the history of the Saints franchise when it comes to the NFL Draft.

For many years, Saints fans would find themselves saying after drafts things like "Why did they do that? What the hell are they thinking? Who is that guy?"  But it's been a long time since the Who Dat Nation has been perplexed or dumbfounded. In the "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" state of the National Football League, the New Orleans Saints have made the NFL Draft their top priority and the proof is in the pudding... and Saints fan satisfaction.

There are a handful of teams that the rest of the NFL is trying to model themselves after.  New Orleans is now one of those model franchises. Many, many teams in the NFL wanna be the Saints!

Despite having the least amount of NFL Draft picks over the last five years, New Orleans has been an elite team.  The Saints won 11 or more regular season games in four of the last five seasons.

The Saints entire front office does their homework. They've landed top-tier undrafted free agents and quality tryout players.

Just a year ago seven - count 'em - seven undrafted players were a part of the Saints season.  Did you know RB Khiry Robinson made the NFL the hard way? The most difficult route to making the NFL is that of a tryout player.

A tryout player is not an undrafted free agent.  A tryout player gets an invite to participate in rookie mini-camp.  Then, after the rookie mini-camp is completed, teams offer contracts to players who make an impression. Robinson not only made an impression a year ago as a tryout player, he later made the Saints roster!  That's earning a living the hard way.

I'm sure Mickey Loomis, Sean Payton and the rest of the Saints brass have their secret formula for bringing in the best talent. But to me, the main reason the Saints are an elite team is because they are fair, and they keep their word to incoming players.  We've all heard coaches on every level in every sport say "we are going with the best players."  

But in New Orleans they practice what they preach.  The Saints' willingness to take the best player, regardless of how he may have landed in New Orleans, is why the Saints are a legit contender on a yearly basis.

The record books show Loomis and Payton have put undrafted players on their roster many times over drafted players.  Why?  Because they go with the best.  In life, all we can really ask for is a fair shot.  The Saints give players a fair shot.

New Orleans, Louisiana has become a destination for players who want to achieve the NFL dream.  Players who are considered camp bodies, long shots and even those who seemingly could never make it in this league have come to New Orleans and earned a spot with the Saints.

So when training camp rolls around, veteran players as well as newcomers know when they come to the Crescent City, bring your best; outperform the rest; and you could wear the Black & Gold. To be the best; you have to beat the best. And the Saints are a club that takes the best players, no matter their origin. with them into battle.

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05/12/2014 2:36PM
Deke: Hard to argue with the Saints' choices!
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05/12/2014 7:57PM
they could have picked Manzel or Michael sams
05/12/2014 8:34PM
It's cheaper to sign and keep undrafted rookies. But I'm glad they have the good sense to pursue and draft a few top flight, highly rated rookies once in a while.
05/13/2014 9:51AM
Controversy: Evidentally, they weren't up to par!!!
05/14/2014 12:09PM
Literacy you just got to love it
Ok all you football pundits out there The article was a well written article. Deke covered all the bases and he was and is right. The problem is some people read with their emotions on their shoulders. The article says something and people just miss it or just don't read it right. This team goes where no other team goes and looks under the rocks, in the ocean, and in the sky if they have too. If there is a player out there they'll find him no matter where he is at. They would go to Alaska State University if there is such a thing and get a guy and thaw him out and give him a try. Remember the seventh round about nine years ago. Does the name Marcus Colston ring a bell Roy
05/16/2014 5:55PM
Deke got a crush on Bobby
dang deke you been hanging with Scoot. You are always creeping your hand around Bobby's shoulder on the sofa. Please get therapy
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