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Deke: Football is a business, Saints clearly have a plan

OK, I've been out of the loop.  And I'm not just saying this to get by from being on vacation! But sometimes when you look at things from a distance, you get a different take.

I, like many of you, have combed the web sites, read some of the feedback, and wondered what the Saints are doing.  With that said, shouldn't history tell us something about the future?

Under the current administration, the Saints have had to make major changes before.   Before I move forward I'll ask you to look around the NFL and you will find only a handful of teams that have been contending teams for a long period of time.  And you won't find one of those contending teams that did not have to make major changes.

Hey man, I was a fan before I was anything else.  And to sit here and say that I, too, don't have feelings and am truly grateful to players like Roman, Will, Jonathan, Lance and Darren would be foolish.

Those guys were great and they were a part of the greatest run in the history of the Saints franchise.  And it's hard to see the Saints without those players. But in order to keep being a contending team the Saints obviously feel like they have to make some moves.

And they are making some strong ones.  This is a business and nothing is done with a knee jerk reaction.  But team's change from year to year.  Tom Brady is the last real piece of the Patriots Franchise that once dominated the entire NFL.  

Whoever thought that Peyton Manning would end up somewhere else besides with the Colts?  Hell, I was shocked as Hell the day I found out that the 49ers parted ways with the great Joe Montana.  But those things have and still do happen.

Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton are two smart people.  And from the moves they have made I feel like have a plan in place.  And by the way that some of the players are reacting to them being let go also tells me that this franchise is taking care of there business in a professional way.

In fact the only negative tweet or info put out I have seen is from Tight End Jimmy Graham.  Graham tweeted that he was" shocked and disappointed in what has taken place this off season with his team."

I would advise Jimmy to keep quiet.  Truth is, these moves that are being made are to make sure the Saints have enough money to offer him a big contract.  So I'll give Mr. Graham a pass on that obviously immature comment.  Come on, Jimmy, make sense when you tweet!  

And since I'm giving my two sense... there are very few players in the NFL past, present and future that are worth two first round picks.  And in my own opinion Jimmy Graham is not!  

Bottom line, regardless of what is read, said, written or broadcasted, this is a business.  And the Saints don't want to be one of those contending teams that keeps a player a year longer than the value and production indicates.

In a feel good candy land type world New Orleans would still have all of the same players that walked off the field four years ago in Miami when they beat the Colts 31-17 to win the Super Bowl.

But my people, this is real life.  And real difficult and tough decisions have to be made.  New Orleans has a plan.  And if you go by the past, their previous plans have panned out far more than they have not.  Since the 2006 season New Orleans has been to the playoffs five times.  That level of sucess is more than worthy to me to give the Saints Brass credit that they know what they are doing.  So I'll take the wait and see approach on how these current moves pan out before I rush to judgment.  

So to all the players that have been let go and are moving on to other places I wish each of them nothing but the best.  Those players were champions and those players will always be welcomed and dearly loved in the Big Easy.

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03/09/2014 11:37AM
Deke: Football is a business, Saints clearly have a plan
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03/09/2014 2:52PM
Thank you Deke. It's so refreshing to hear someone speak with a clear mind on this subject. With the "brass" that the saints organization has, there is no reason for us to worry.
03/09/2014 4:41PM
Never thought of Jimmy Graham as a diva but this offseason is proving to the contrary...get what we can for him two 2nd rounders sounds about right
03/09/2014 6:55PM
It's Not Just Business to Us
While the point you make is a valid one, to many of us who keep the business going, it's NOT just business. The Saints are our team, the players become part of our extended family. Cutting players like Roman, Darren, Will and the rest is like sending our granddad to the nursing home because he spilled his drink at Christmas dinner. We will always love those guys who brought home the Lombardi. While we understand, to a degree that nothing lasts forever, no one can reasonably expect that we would take the news we've been receiving with a grin and a shrug. No change comes easy...we will just have to feel this disappointment until we don't any more. Business, my behind. It feels like something altogether different.
03/09/2014 8:39PM
grammar editor
might want to have someone look at these before they post.
03/09/2014 10:38PM
yeah but...
I can see what you are saying but it still hurts. All of these guys have been a big part of our lives. We or most of us react from pain and the sting lessens as we get closer to the season. Word to these guys...we love yall and will miss yall so much...you will always have a place in our hearts...and Lance...I am so going to miss singing More More More :'(
03/10/2014 2:32AM
Get rid of
Graham the marshmallow trade breeze and get Johnny manzell
03/10/2014 7:13AM
Re: grammar editor
Who cares about grammar.... Find something better to do!! ANYWAYS.. WHO DAT!!
03/10/2014 10:35AM
The Saints are MORE than just our local team, they are part and parcel of the fabric and pride of New Orleans. When you use our team as pawns for the sake of the almighty dollar, your have prostituted our "family"...We don't really CARE if you EVER win the Superbowl again, or not. We are in it for the love of the team, the spirit, and the love of the game. You mess with our football "family" and we are gonna be pissed, and we are gonna let you know. Winning is NOT everything! Fair play, sportsmanship and LOYALTY is. Get over yourselves and get back to being the BEST you can be!!
03/10/2014 1:49PM
re: Bad Decision
If you truly think 'winning is NOT everything' then I suggest you go follow Major League Soccer where you can NOT win and still advance. That is NOT how the NFL is structured and I'm pretty sure NO TRUE SAINTS FAN wants this team to go back to being the 'lovable losers.'
03/10/2014 4:17PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
This is what your good teams do to stay good. Sean has said that New England is a model for the Saints. Well that is what the Patriots do. The Saints brass know what they. What do some want? To go back to Jim Mora days. Your team to get too old and never win a Superbowl. No, I trust the Saints brass and like I said they know what they are doing. God Bless.
03/10/2014 4:19PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
correction: The Saints brass know what they are doing.
03/10/2014 7:16PM
Good trade decision
Trade drew breeze and jimmy graham as a package deal to New York jet
03/10/2014 9:42PM
Jimmy give up some money
Jimmy-if Ur shocked & disappointed about the cuts, why not play for Minimum so the Saints can keep these players
03/10/2014 11:46PM
grammar editor.....part too! I can't type that without laughing....
I don't know about you, Deke, but I prefer to put in my 'two cents'. On the other hand, you may prefer to give away your remaining 'two sense'. Please let someone proof your thoughts before you put them on page. This was not your only mistake but it was GLARING! I love your input on the Saints and their (not there) roster, but for God's sake, don't embarrass us!
03/10/2014 11:54PM
Re: Re: Grammar Editor
Who cares about grammar?..... Smart people! I yell Who Dat all the way but correct grammar can still be incorporated into our daily life. You are the reason our kids are being dumbed down. Of course, you are not the sole reason, but you are surely a contributor.
03/11/2014 6:52AM
Let the GM do his job and as a fan; I will say thank you to all the released, Saints.
I hate to see any of our team contributors that have give so much to the team and the fans, cut or traded. The GM has to make these tough decisions to keep us competitive for years to come. The going rate for a franchise QB that is not on a rookie contract is what Brees is paid. Graham is the top TE in the league and needs to be paid as such. I wish them luck and hope they all get picked up and become contributors on other teams. Thank you all for all that you have done for our city and team.
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