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Brees: ''We've not played our best football.''

Saints quarterback Drew Brees dropped by for our weekly "QB to QB" chat, and said he knows the Black and Gold have a lot of work to do if they want to stay unbeaten after this weekend.
"I think there’s a ton of room for improvement," Drew told us.  "We're obviously very happy that we're 2-0, and we've beaten very good football teams that are divisional opponents.  So that gives us a significant leg up in the division right now.  But, the fact of the matter is, we've not played our best football, by any stretch."
Brees said there are areas that are getting attention on both sides of the ball.
"Now, we've won some close games, we've made the plays when we've needed to...which is great...but, throughout the course of the game, there's plenty of room for improvement in areas in all three phases that we know we need to clean out.  The competition is only going to get tougher, just like we're looking to make improvements, other teams are as well.  Everyone around you is only going to get better, so you better keep pace, or outpace, your opponents if you want to continue to win and continue to have success."
Drew also spoke the ability of the Arizona defense to pressure with their front guys.
"Any time you can get pressure with your front four, you create opportunities for the guys in the back, because they just don't have to cover as long.  And, you've got extra guys back there, and all of a sudden the ball comes out early, or you've got to anticipate a throw...you're kind of guessing where you're throwing it, as opposed to be really sure, because you're turning loose earlier than you thought.  All of a sudden, that creates opportunities in the defensive backfield and creates turnovers and such.  At some point, every receiver is going to get open, so the longer you can protect, the more you have opportunities down the field.  The more pressure you can get on the quarterback, the more you're creating opportunities defensively."
Click HERE to listen to our full "QB to QB" conversation with Drew Brees...

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09/19/2013 6:22PM
Brees: ''We've not played our best football.''
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09/20/2013 11:33AM
I agree
But our Offensive Line must improve or poor Brees is going to get hurt. I heard Hokie say he is getting too old for this excitement. Well, I feel the same because my heat sank everytime Drew sacked and pressured. We need to get better fast and I hope it is this week. WHO DAT!!!
09/20/2013 2:08PM
lets hope not
09/20/2013 4:38PM
Wow we oh wow
Off topic: I must have been watching another football game because I know the NFL had to know that the helmet to drew's shoulder pads was fined as a helmet to helmet hit. Excuse my ignorance to the qb protection rules but this is complete asininity.
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