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Deke: Time to believe in the Saints D

It’s the end of the Saints versus Bears Game. I walk to the bar at Deanies to order my customary Shirley Temple before the locker room show begins.  “Hey Deke,” I hear from a Who Dat.  “You think our defense is for real?”  I respond, “Well they have been for five straight weeks now.”

And then it hit me.  The Saints defense is for real.  Folks if you win five straight games, get to be one of three teams that are 5-0, and you’ve played good defense during that entire stretch, you are good.  And getting to be real good, too!

It seems like to me while fans are waiting for the Saints rushing attack to kick into high gear, while some are also waiting for the Saints defense of old to rear its ugly head.  That ain’t happening, my people!  I could be wrong but this defense is the real deal.

The Saints defense has taken on the demeanor of their coach.  And that coach, Rob Ryan, is focused and determined to make sure that the very same position that he was fired from in another city, and the very same players he coaches that were raked over the NFL Media coals last year, is all an aberration and not what either really are.

Rob Ryan has as solid a resume and track record as any defensive coordinator in the NFL.  Ryan needs not to prove anything to anyone.  But sometimes, the need we get as humans to re-prove or redeem ourselves becomes greater when things have not gone the way would have liked them to.

The same holds true for the Saints defensive players.  There are some new faces in the defensive crowd this season for the Black and Gold, but for the most part most of the guys that had to hear how bad they were a year ago are the very same ones hearing how much better they are less than a year later.

Through the first five games of the season the Saints defense is allowing a total of 330.4 yards to their opponents per game.  Vs. the Saints, teams have gained on average 221.8 yards per game passing and another 108.6 yards rushing.  Of the 56 offensive possessions the Saints defense has faced, New Orleans has surrendered just 8 touchdowns and three field goals.  The Saints have forced 28 punts, two missed field goals and the Black and Gold D has created 11 turnovers.  And did I mention the Saints have sacked opposing quarterbacks 15 times?

So is the Saints defense for real?  Hell yes they are!  This unit has made large strides in getting better each week, they make the necessary adjustments…and to me, it looks like the Saints defense is having fun.

Yes winning is fun!  And right now the Saints are winning and the Saints defense is a huge reason why the Black and Gold are undefeated.  WDN (Who Dat Nation) it’s time to believe! 

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10/07/2013 10:39AM
Deke: Time to believe in the Saints D
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10/07/2013 1:17PM
I agree with you 100%! WHODAT!
10/07/2013 3:38PM
True Dat
I believe this defensive group could be the best defensive group since the "Dome Patrol." Personally, I don't like comparing any other Saint's defenses with the dome patrol. I didn't even compare the 09 Saints defense to them, but this new defense is probably better than the 09 team. So yeah I definitely believe they are for real. Two Dat
10/08/2013 8:33AM
Same faces on D?
Ellis,,Harper ,P Robinson,Shanlee, Smith,Vilma ,over half of last years worst defense gone ,and hope they stay away from this years sucess! Deke,this is not same team ....many key back ups are changed as well...
10/10/2013 1:00PM
Time to believe it's time to get rid of Ingram
Ryan could use whoever we get for him, and make the D even better.
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