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Deke: Every pick must count for Saints to keep pace in NFC

If you’re counting the top teams in the National Football Conference from a year ago you have to consider San Francisco, Atlanta and Seattle atop of that pack.  And when you factor in the previous NFL draft and what each of these three teams currently have in the form of picks, then you would have to say the Saints desperately need every draft pick to work out!
Last year Atlanta had six draft picks, San Fran had seven, and Seattle had 10 picks.  And this year Atlanta currently has seven picks, Seattle with seven and San Francisco has a whopping 11 picks in the 2013 NFL Draft.
So what does this all mean?  It means that the New Orleans Saints will have several fewer  players drafted than the current best teams in the NFC.  Unless things change after the 2013 NFL Draft, the Saints will have picked three fewer players that Atlanta, seven less than Seattle and eight less than the 49ers.
“It gives those teams more opportunities to get players that can make a team and eventually make an impact,” said the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert.  Each of those three Super Bowl-caliber Teams also all made significant moves this off season.
And for those counting on the other playoff teams and powers in the NFC well there numbers go as this.  The New York Giants had seven draft picks in 2012 and currently have eight on the books for this season.  Green Bay will have made a total of 16 selections over 12 and 13 drafts with eight each year and the up and coming Washington Redskins have a total of 16 picks making nine last year and seven in the 13 NFL Draft.
Now obviously, those picks have to pan out, but off the top those teams listed above are getting several more looks at draft picks than the Saints are getting.  If coaches believe, and the overwhelming majority of them do, that you build a team through the draft, then the Saints certainly need to make sure that they get the most and make the most out of their draft selections which are much lower in number than the current powers that be in the NFC. 

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04/12/2013 10:06AM
Deke: Every pick must count for Saints to keep pace in NFC
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04/16/2013 4:16PM
Dead on Deke
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