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Deke Bellavia: Saints running on empty

We have officially hit the half way point of the 2013 NFL regular season.  The New Orleans Saints are clearly in the thick of things in the NFC...6-2 and in first place of their NFC South division.

But how good are the 6-2 Saints?  You are what your record says according to most in the NFL.  So, the Saints are first in the South and still in the hunt for every top prize in the game today.  But, if the Black & Gold don't get better at rushing the football that pretty 6-2 record can get ugly in a hurry!

In eight games this season the Saints rushed the ball 191 times for 638 yards.  That is an average of 24 rushing attempts per contest with 80 yards per game.  But those two averages actually look a little bit better than the numbers inside the numbers...so to speak.

In eight games the Saints rushed for 100 yards or more just two times.  The Saints had a season high of 131 yards against the Patriots, and New Orleans earned 104 yards on the ground in their win over the Cardinals.

In their other six games the Saints failed to rush for at least 80 yards.  The Saints rushed for 78 yards against Atlanta, 75 versus the Bucs, 68 yards against the Dolphins, 64 against the Bears , 75 versus the Bills and a dismal season low of 41 yards against the NY Jets.

Teams are making New Orleans one dimensional without having to try.  You see, the opposing teams look at the numbers just like our coaches look at their numbers.  And our record reflects the facts...the Saints can't rush the football.  Teams don't have to game plan to make the Saints one dimensional; they know the Saints have difficulty running the football.

Is it doom and gloom for the Saints?  I would say there is still time to get better.  But time is ticking faster and faster as the Black & Gold enter the second half of the season.

So, to fix something you have to know what's broken.  What is the problem with the Saints rushing attack?  Is it the offensive line?  Is it the running backs?  Or, could it be the Saints game plans are not patient enough when it comes to running the football?  Well, not to take an easy way out from answering that question, but coaches and players have all said the running game woes are a combination of all of those issues.

So, as the Saints begin to get ready for their 9th game, we know based on the current rushing numbers, the Saints will struggle in more games, if they can't run the ball more effectively.  Time to change dat.

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11/04/2013 7:00AM
Deke Bellavia: Saints running on empty
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11/04/2013 7:37AM
Grubbs and De La Puente are laughable....Toon should be on practice squad. Ingram has never evenbroken an arm tackle...get this guy out of here... And Vilma???? Come-on man....retire already.
11/04/2013 7:52AM
Game Plan
The extended handoff theory was out the window yesterday. Drew held the ball, Looking deep way too often. The rush he was facing was made for the intermediate / short passing game we thrive in. Pierre T was impressive but Ingram needs to flip burgers @ Bud's Broiler!
11/04/2013 8:00AM
The offensive line sucks
They can't keep the teams off Brees & they can't make holes for the running backs! Big problem
11/04/2013 8:09AM
who dats down
Man, I don't see us in the playoffs. We started hot but we've cooled off quickly. This is not a good football team. And with Frisco, Dallas, and the falcons coming we could be way under 500 in the weeks to come
11/04/2013 9:19AM
11/04/2013 9:43AM
New Jersey Saint
I have loved this team my whole life. Used to sit in Section T, under the scoreboard at Tulane Stadium. O line is HORRIBLE. Here is where Big time QB's may second guess themselves and say. "If I would have just taken a little bit less money what could I have had kept on the O line????? FOOD FOR THOUGHT. WHO DAT!!!
11/04/2013 9:54AM
Not serious enough
I think Chris Ivory proved yesterday just how little the Saints feel about developing a running game. Other teams don't make the Saints one-dimensional, Payton does that all by himself. Yesterday, the best running back we had was dressed in green and the best running back we have was inactive. Yeah, we're really serious about developing a running game....ha!
11/04/2013 10:37AM
paying the price
is sad to see that o line ,once they were great,they had the right players,of course then some body got sheap,i guess is time to pay the price
11/04/2013 10:40AM
Run the ball
This is on the coach! He does give the ball enough to P.T. he's our backbone use him!
11/04/2013 11:12AM
The worse offensive line since Archie was running for his life.
11/04/2013 11:48AM
Send Ingram packing
End of story!
11/04/2013 12:10PM
O-line is average at pass blocking but in the bottom of the league and run blocking. Nick Toon can hit the road, No speed at receiver, and they can't put the ball into the endzone, they have to keep settling for feild goals, that's why the games are so close. We can't run the ball and teams know it. We MIGHT make it to an NFC championship, but that will be the farthest we go. Too many weaknesses at crutial positions.
11/04/2013 12:25PM
Drew's fault
Hope your happy with that money Drew. You did it to yourself.
11/04/2013 1:01PM
11/04/2013 1:55PM
here we go again
The Drew Brees too much money people are out again.......Yes O Line needs work (even the run game and yes even Ingram is better with blocking) RE: Drew. without him NO Super Bowl win and NO chance at all........I bet a lot of these same people thought we had no chance going into super bowl when we lost last 3 of that season.......have faith in the coaches people......we will fix this...bigbaddave
11/04/2013 2:40PM
itis true coaches fix problems,but for that they need talent and time..sorry not this year.........
11/04/2013 3:39PM
Bandwagon fans
all come out when we lose!
11/04/2013 3:56PM
Only two losses
So stop crying people! We are 6-2 when the world thought we would be 2-6 like the Falcons at this point!
11/04/2013 4:51PM
Hey Time
I say we have enough talent....time, yes, we have 8 more games....coaching and timing is the key....so you think Tampa has as much talent as Seattle?? Well, they just scared the dog out of Seattle at their field! BBD
11/04/2013 7:23PM
ignorant people
All the saints fans that are crazy enough to think they will make it to the playoffs. Wow!! never have I seen such foolish thoughts before. The saints are terrible. Sickening. I promise they will not get 10 wins and they will not win the nfc south. That will belong to Carolina. They will beat the saints both games again this year. Everything on saints sucks from coaching to o-line to running game to etc. you name it they suck at it.
11/05/2013 3:25PM
We Will Win
We are a good team and they will fix the problems Who dat have faith
11/05/2013 6:28PM
Attn: writer of ignorant people
You are either a Carolina fan or some other team....if you call yourself a Saints fan....do us all a favor and find another team....in fact if I was another team I wouldn't want ya anyway geez! BBD
11/06/2013 7:37PM
Letz Geaux Saints!!! Coaching is the key. We have enough talent .
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