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Deke: All or nothing when it comes to the N-word

The National Football League has long tried to clean up its image on and off the field.  Now the NFL is targeting the use of the N-word.  The league is hoping to pass a new rule that would call for a 15 yard penalty to be thrown against anyone using the N-word.

Some say trying to police the use of this word is going to be hard, especially since the word is used so much by African American players.  Others argue the policy is necessary and policing it is a responsibility, not a choice.

“I don’t think that a 15 yard penalty is enough,” said CBS NFL writer Clark Judge.  Judge was adamant that the NFL’s integrity is on the line, when dealing with the use of the N-word. 

FULL AUDIO: Bobby and Deke discuss the NFL’s intention to penalize players for using the N-word

Personally, my take…it’s all or nothing, when it comes to this topic.  I understand that some who say and use this word don’t mean it in a negative way.  Many people in the African American community use it as a term of endearment; others rap about it.  But, how can a word with a history of hate ever be viewed as anything but negative? 

To me, it looks as if the NFL is trying to delete the use of the word altogether.  Zero tolerance is the way to go.  The N-word has no place in society and the only way to police it is to not use it at all.

Sure, some people will continue to use this word.  But, the only thing the NFL can control is what’s said, what’s tolerated in its league.  Regardless of a person’s skin color, background or heritage, no one should be allowed to use a word that’s caused so much harm and pain to so many. 

Will the N-word be used again?  Sure it will.  But at least the NFL is doing their part in making sure that it will not be used in its workplace…in its family.  What matters most is not how the word is used, but how the word is taken.

I do believe some players, who use this N-word don't mean it in a negative way, but that's no excuse.  A word like this does far more harm than good.  I don’t care what Jay-Z, Kanye West or Chris Rock, who preach that using the N-word takes its power away, say. The N-word demeans.

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02/27/2014 12:28PM
Deke: All or nothing when it comes to the N-word
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02/27/2014 5:42PM
What about the R word?
Redskins is just as offensive as the N word....and yet there is a NFL Team called the Redskins. Why does no one take offense at the use of that word? When will the Indigenous People of this land get the respect they deserve?
02/27/2014 9:11PM
what about cracker
black football players can still call white players crackers. Reverse discrimination.
02/28/2014 1:18AM
Just "Jive", no harm...
It'sjust part of their everyday rapp. It's not always about hatred amongst each other; for what I know and understand a _______ is a another black man and a B_______ is a black woman amongst each other.
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