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Deke: This one hurts, and hurts bad

What was supposed to be the Saints’ first loss of the 2012 season turned out to be the Saints fourth loss.  But unlike the previous three losses, this one could have a lasting effect.  

Yes, the Black and Gold's 28-27 loss to Green Bay hurts…and it hurts bad. The Saints finally played a Super Bowl-caliber team, and they could have won…make that SHOULD have won the game.  The Saints won the turnover battle, they had more yards, and they made the big plays needed to win a game.  But, they didn’t.

The Saints did something in this game that they did not do in their first three:  The Saints beat themselves.  The Saints were flagged 10 times for 72 yards, including a holding call on TE David Thomas that wiped out a field goal which would have given the Saints a two-point lead late in the contest.

I mean, the Saints actually looked like the team that everyone in the world thought they would be.  New Orleans protected their QB better this week, the offense was in a rhythm, and the defense came up with two key turnovers in the game.

All that certainly looked better and sounds good…but we are talking about one of the elite franchises in the NFL.  We are not talking about a team that is in rebuilding mode, we are talking about the New Orleans Saints.  A team that has won 41 games and a world title in three seasons.

This one hurts more than the other three combined.  It hurts more due to the caliber of team, the fact that the game was on the road, and because the Saints had their backs against the wall.  But like I've said in the past, no one will feel sorry for the Black and Gold.

The odds that were stacked against the Saints a week ago are even higher now.  The division we are in is led by a team that is a perfect 4-0, while the preseason favorite is now 0-4.

The Saints should feel better about themselves after the way they played, but how can you feel better about yourself when you are winless?  Yes, the Saints could go on a run.  The Saints could prove that this performance against the Packers is a sign of things to come, and that their four-game slide is just a funk.

But folks, even if the Saints win and win a lot, things are no longer in their hands.  Yes, the Black and Gold will need a lot of help the rest of the way.  The good news is that the Saints trail Tampa and Carolina by just a game in the NFC.  The bad news is we are four games behind the Falcons.
I guess we have to take things one game at a time. But reality is that the Saints can win all they want and they still need a lot of help.

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09/30/2012 8:39PM
Deke: This one hurts, and hurts bad
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09/30/2012 8:49PM
next season already
its over, ready for next season to start with our regular coaches. who dat!!
09/30/2012 9:12PM
new saints
Let's hope 2013 brings us a new president and new saints with old coach
09/30/2012 9:13PM
Need a New Kicker
Deke, How many time has Hartley let us down. Take away 2009 and he has been terrible. I can think of three games right now and that is Atlanta a few years ago, KC last week and GB today and I think a Tampa Game a couple of years ago. All he has to dois kick and he misses. I have no faith in him, what do you think
09/30/2012 9:16PM
Still believe
I still have faith in this season and our President!
09/30/2012 9:20PM
Spagnuolo needs to be fired now
Instead of making a defense that uses the players he has,Spagnuolo is using a system that needs players with skills he doesn't have - i.e. pass rushers. The Aint's without a doubt have the worst defense in the NFL, and the stats to prove it.
09/30/2012 9:37PM
The wound will not close up this season
The front four and linebackers are non existent. They have no talent. And it is the demise of our team. We have scored enough points in each game to win every one. It would be nice to for the other team into more than 1 or 2 punts a game.
09/30/2012 10:23PM
The AINTS are back, and we will still support them are hope for something to cheer about.
10/01/2012 1:54AM
close game
We may actually turn the tide next week.
10/01/2012 4:22AM
Who are those men in Saints uniforms?
The game was given to us and we still lost it. Goodell stuck a fork in us before the season started as Jimmy Johnson said in pregame. Now we know why coaches get the big bucks.
10/01/2012 5:45AM
The wagon.
Look at all the folks jumping off. Led by Deke himself. What a shame.
10/01/2012 6:09AM
"Jumping Off"?
More like "Getting Real." This season is OVER, folks. 0-4. THAT is our record - and that is who we are. Yes - it is traceable DIRECTLY to Goodell - and I DO believe he should be sued under the Interstate Commerce laws. But the reality is thatthis team is going NOWHERE. No playoffs, certainly no Superbowl. Play for the #1 Draft pick and sue Goodell for more than he ever dreamed of the entire league being worth.
10/01/2012 7:15AM
One team in the last 20 years......
Has made the playoffs after starting 0-4. We play that team Sunday, let's make it two teams!! WHO DAT! #goingdownwiththeship
10/01/2012 7:30AM
no draft picks
Didn't goodell take away our draft picks for next season?
10/01/2012 7:36AM
Thanks for proving my point!!
My head isnt in the clouds, and I know our record and our play right now sucks. However , it takes more than an 0-4, 0-5,0-6 start for some to wipe their feet on this team. As it is known, Goodell himself has done this before any Saints fan has. Every time they take the field, I am exited to watch them play and there are still a bunch of amazing things that can happen THIS SEASON. Especially when you key in the fact that with a 3rd string coach at the helm so far- any achievement we make this year is extraordinary. Who dat! Still.
10/01/2012 8:14AM
Real Fans
Real Fans don't call their team the Aints. Real fans don't talk about or wear a Bag on their head .... I hate people that jump ship when the chips are down.... The real Fans stick with the team no matter what. We still have 12 games to play... Maybe you fairweather fans should move to Atlanta. They are 4-0.
10/01/2012 9:28AM
WHO DAT TIL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/01/2012 9:34AM
Reality Check
I agree with above comment...Spags needs to realize the personnel he has, and adjust his game plan to the strengths of them. Several times yesterday he brought DB's on blitzes with good results. Your front four are horrible: Smith has been horriblesince being drafted, Ellis is a bust, Bunkley just takes up space, Cam...jury still out. Adjust your plan, COACH!!Saints are done, will still watch, but hopefully can sell all of my tickets starting with next week
10/01/2012 9:53AM
Next year
Might as well get ready for next year!We are not going to the playoffs or host the super bowl!Despite being winless,it's over!Yes I'm a Saints fan,but it's official!It stinks,but it's true!We used to winning,not losing.But that's what the Saints are doing!We will never win a game!
10/01/2012 10:34AM
Reality check
No one in the league, teams nor fans feel sorry for the Saints anymore..they are not the underdog's anymore. Midnight has struck and the carriage is now a pumpkin again. Furthermore, the Saints have NOTHING that other teams are afraid of. Teams know that they can score and defend at will against the Saints. During yesterday's game, Patrick Robinson held several times and wasn't called for the penalty. The GB fans didn't even boo because they knew that on the next play, GB would get a first down. Also, Patrick Robinson's interception was a fluke. Hell, even a blind squirrel can find a nut. At the end of the season, they should tally up his interceptions vs. the touchdowns he gives up and fine him accordingly. And he was the #1 draft pick?? COME ON MAN!
10/01/2012 10:43AM
Reality check on defense
with this defensive concept it will take two to three years to find the front 4 to play it. Therefore, we have to slow the games down with a balanced attacked or short throws to limit the other teams possessions. Our defense can't stop anyone right now with this defensive phylosphy. Expect several 8 and 8 years or until we get a DC that knows how to use the talent they have to be successful.
10/01/2012 10:47AM
Saints De-fense-less
The Saints Defense is horrible, and has been under Loomis and Payton's tenure. We had turnovers in Williams first year, but we have terrible personnel. ALL personnel have been drafted by Loomis and Payton. Why are we paying Ellis and Smith big bucks..Harper should be a linebacker because he is horrible in coverage. We got rid of Porter, because of Robinson and Patrick, both of which suck. Terrible defense, and they need to clean house next year..Why start Herring over Ruud? Herring should have been gone two years ago. Pitiful and Pathetic
10/01/2012 11:46AM
Get rid of Ingram NOW
Mark Ingram is the latest in a long line of poor 1st round picks. I can rarely remember him gaining more than 3 yards a carry. Pretty pathetic!! Put Chris Ivory in - the guy has heart and talent. Why is he on our roster if he's in street clotheson the sideline? What about Tavaris Cadet for some rushes?? Kromer, Vitt, Carmichael.....whoever is the quasi coach, please get with the program and recognize that Ingram is simply awful and replace him NOW.Thank you.
10/01/2012 11:53AM
Any one want my Season Tickets
No, I'm not jumping ship and Yes, I still bleed black and gold but right now I'm just bleeding!! Brees is great but too predictable (I can tell what he's going to do from my living room sofa, don't you think defenses can to), rushing game is non-existent (please get rid of Ingram and give Ivory and Cadet a chance), defense creates holes big enough for Mack Trucks to run thru, Hartley is inconsistent and comes up short when we need him most. Interim/Interim coaches obviously aren't working. This is beyond frustrating to experience what Goodell has inflicted upon us and how we continue to self destruct.
10/01/2012 12:08PM
Yeah, I'm still thinking playoffs. They said no team had ever lost their last three games of the season and made the super bowl. Guess who did? Only one team has lost the 1st 4 games and made the playoffs so now the Saints will be #2.
10/01/2012 12:08PM
Season tickets
Give me your tickets, I'd be proud to go. You could be a couch fan, and have all the right answers and I could be there enjoying the city and Saints football.
10/01/2012 12:14PM
It's funny how the bagheads come right back out after a bad season. Aints ??? Really?? We are the only team in this league playing without a head coach or a competent replacement. Ever.
10/01/2012 12:31PM
next year
is it too early to talk about the draft
10/01/2012 1:54PM
No faith in that guy at all.
10/01/2012 2:08PM
drew brees
he wont last thru this season.
10/01/2012 2:17PM
Dat Bag Man!
It's Tom Bensons fault for opening a Umbrella inside dat Dome and dance'n. Dat's Bad Luck.
10/01/2012 4:50PM
its still early WHO DAT !!!!!
10/02/2012 1:21AM
Mike Florio's take on Gregg Williams attending a Rams game. Take that Fake Fans.
“Posted by Mike Florio on October 1, 2012, 3:26 PM EDT The league’s decision to allow former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to attend Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and the Rams has spawned a string of conflicts accounts and explanations. Adam Schefter of ESPN explained earlier today that Williams is permitted to attend any game he wants. Williams, as Schefter explained it, has been banned not suspended. As a result, Williams currently isn’t employed by any team. So he can go watch any team play. The league tells PFT that Williams needs to request permission on a game-by-game basis. The mere fact that Williams must say “mother may I” suggests that he’s not free and clear to attend games on the basis that he has been banned. Moreover, banned is worse than suspended. So if the guys how have been suspended can’t attend, why can the guy who has been banned attend? Most importantly, he hasn’t been banned. He has been suspended. As the Rams explained it earlier today via email to PFT: “He was hired by the Rams as defensive coordinator, then the NFL suspended him indefinitely.” So he’s still employed by the Rams. And given that he has received the worst of the various suspensions, the fact that he has been permitted to attend a game makes the league’s decision even more curious. Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma agrees: “What a coincidence gregg williams is all of a sudden allowed to attend rams games starting today…sidedeal??? Yessir.” Vilma is referring to the September 14 sworn statement from Williams, which implicates Vilma as offering $10,000 to whoever knocked former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC title game. And Vilma implies that the league allowed Williams to attend the game because Williams cooperated with the league. Either way, suspended Saints coach Sean Payton should be demanding the ability to attend Sunday night’s game between the Chargers and the Saints — and if the league says no, he should be demanding an explanation.”
10/02/2012 11:38AM
yeah it hurts, but...
This is not your typical 0-4 team. This team has resolve and has made some significant progress and did everything it needed to win, but win. Defense lacking as they do, held the Pac to just one touch down in the second half and forced 2 turnovers. Offense had something like 500 yards and got us back in the game. I was on the edge of my seat. You can blame Hartley if you want, but I could point my finger at Sproles, for dropping a would be 1st down pass, Thomas for holding, or a number of other players at various points in the game. The point is that this is a d@mn good football team that (although is taking more time than we'd like) is working out the kinks and "with a little help" as Deke put it still has a legitimate shot at the Big Dance. WHO DAT!
10/03/2012 1:59AM
One game @ a time
I admit i thought the Packers were gonna torch our secondary {which they kinda did} and it was gonna be the worst loss of the season, but turns out it was the most inspiring loss{if that makes sense}. I saw a little bit of the old Saints out there Sunday. i think they can still make this a great season. Black and Gold...
10/03/2012 2:05AM
Deke is Dumb
We dont have to win the Division u idiot. Actually i prefer we dont because 1st-i love being underdogs and 2nd-we need to finally win a playoff game on the road, im tired of hearing that we cant beat teams on the road so lets try to stay positive. and agree with the guy above me the Saints can still do this. WHO DAT til i die baby!!!!!!
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