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Deke: The more Vitt talks the more Saints Fans should be fired up!

He speaks with a direct solid tone that gives an impression that everything is all right and that everything is going to be alright when it comes to the New Orleans Saints.  From the time he was put in place to lead the Saints back in April to now, the start of Saints Training Camp, Saints coach Joe Vitt is all business.

From the outside looking, in Joe Vitt sounds and looks like a guy that everyone who has every played the game, regardless of the level played, would want to suit up and lay it all on the line for.

Before we move forward, let’s take a step back and read what Coach Vitt said back in April 24th when it was announced he would be in charge while Coach Sean Payton is out this season.  The number one question I get is can Vitt handle taking over for Payton.  Here is what Vitt said.

“I’ve done this once before with the (St. Louis) Rams.  When I did it the first time with the Rams, I was only there for two years.  I’ll be in my seventh year here so I was one of the original guys that came in and I don’t think there’s anybody except Mickey that’s met with Sean more than I have that knows Sean’s core beliefs more than I do, and that have been around the players more than I have.  But understand this, I’m not taking Sean’s place.  I’m the substitute teacher here, and I’m not going to try to take his place.  Our program and our beliefs will stay in place.  You can ask a coach on a particular date and a particular time what he’s going to be doing and it’s all mapped out.  Like I said, I’m just here to service our team and our organization.”

Like he has done his entire career, Coach Vitt constantly expresses the value of team first and everything else second.  Vitt does not like to be called the “head coach” or the “acting head coach”…Instead he considers himself a part of the team.  But make no bones about it, Vitt is a big part of the Saints team, and the die-for-my-guy attitude players speak of and play with shows in their loyalty to Vitt even more so shows how close this organization has become.   

There is no question that things will be different without Sean Payton.  How much different is not yet known.  But from what we have seen and heard, things will be done and orchestrated exactly the same as if Coach Payton were here.

Coach Vitt maintains it’s all about the players.  And in his own words the players are the ones that drive this team now.  “It’s amazing. I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to have been here from day one where they took the program over after (Hurricane) Katrina and I would say and a lot of you guys have been to every practice and know this team very well…I would say, ’06, ’07 and ’08 this was a coach-driven football team. I think we’ve seen the transformation of our football team in the Super Bowl week in ’09 that it became a player-driven team.”

Vitt’s words should only inspire, fire up and be reassuring that the Saints team is not about one player or one coach…It is exactly what it is suppose to be, and that is a team.  “The leadership of our football team really held our players accountable. When you talk about the players that we have on our roster now and their leadership ability, we have a lot of players that on our roster that have won 41 games over the last three years. We have a lot of players on this team that have been to the playoffs three straight years. We have a lot of players on our team that have participated in a Super Bowl and won a World Championship, so the leadership and the accountability that they have to one another and their commitment to winning is going to be critical this year. I would say that this was a coach-driven team that has been transformed into a player-driven team. I think that’s exciting.”

It seems like each season, under the Sean Payton regime, the Saints have had some type of mantra or phase that they would adhere to.  In the past we’ve heard Earn it, Deal with It, and Finish Strong among other catchy phrases.

So far we have heard a couple of things that Joe Vitt has said that seem to be sticking on this year’s Saints Team.  “Win the day” and “Do your job” are both things that we have heard seemingly every day here at Saints Camp.  

And now with Coach Payton’s watching with a sharp eye over his Saints, “do your job” has an even stronger meaning to it!  “That was Mr. Benson’s idea. Do your job,” Vitt said. “Sean and Mickey built this program and we’re doing everything Sean would do and we are trying to do it without him right now. We are trying to make him proud of us, and that’s just a reminder.”
Coach Vitt is speaking of a brand new giant banner that hangs in the Saints Indoor Practice Facility.  The Banner is a picture of Coach Sean Payton and he is seemingly looking at everyone all the time at the same time!  

What you have to respect about Joe Vitt is his success in the league, his longevity, and of course his acknowledgement of trying to get better.  Even with all of the blah, blah, blah about the Saints this off season, Coach Vitt has constantly been able to maintain a strong alliance and support of his players and Vitt also respects and reminds us about the importance of making the game better.

“We are going to try to make every difference we can to walk hand in hand with the league to make this a safer game,” Vitt said in his opening press conference at the start of Saints Training Camp.

So as we inch closer to the first pre-season game against the Cardinals, so far one could say Joe Vitt is like E.F. Hutton, I mean when he talks, we listen.  Or you could say Coach Vitt is as solid as All-State.  And by that we are all in “Good Hands” as long as Joe Vitt is running the show.  

I might be wrong and if I am I’ll write and say that I am.  But I’m very confident and comfortable that Joe Vitt will make sure that the 2012-2013 New Orleans Saints “Do their jobs.”  And if they do that then this will be a special season indeed!  

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07/31/2012 9:08PM
Deke: The more Vitt talks the more Saints Fans should be fired up!
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08/01/2012 10:10AM
We're Gonna Be Just Fine!
As long as our secondary can stay healthy and productive, there's no reason why we shouldn't be Super Bowl bound in our own back yard this season! I admit I'm a bit concerned that the Saints didn't draft a cornerback sooner in the draft or pick up a notable veteran free agent, especially after losing Tracy Porter to Denver. I'm confident Greer, Robinson, and Patrick can 'DO THEIR JOB'., but I'm just concerned about a lack of depth thereof. Hope it's no cause for alarm, but here's to a great Saints season. WHO DAT?!
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