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Deke: That was an embarrassment

When Saints Coach Joe Vitt approached the microphone to begin his post-game press conference, he simply said, “That was an embarrassment out there today.”  Vitt was talking about his teams’ play in a 52-27 blowout loss to the New York Giants.
The Saints had dominated the Giants in their previous three meetings, winning by an average of 23 points per game.  But the Giants played one of their best games of the season, basically putting an end to the Saints season, and keeping a lead in the NFC East over Dallas and Washington. 
Well, all of the different scenarios many of you have been playing out in your heads are all for and have been for naught.  The Giants’ 52-27 blowout win over the New Orleans Saints officially ended the Saints 2012 season.
Yes, there are those out there who will put a pencil to things and say, “well if the Saints finish 8-8 and everyone else losses then…” People, please!  It’s over!  What baffled me is how many thought that the Saints could win four straight games after winning just five of their first 12. 
Minnesota won, so did Seattle and St. Louis, but none of that matters now, does it?  The Saints lost, and now they only question is how many more games will they lose this season.  New Orleans is now 5-8 overall, and if they don’t play any better, they are destined to be well below .500 this season.  And no, I’m not counting out 5-11 either!
With 1:51 left in the third quarter of the game, the Giants had more kick return yards than total offense.  New York had a record-setting day, returning six kicks for 287 yards, with an average of 47.8 yards per kick.
The loss to the Giants was the worst defeat the Saints have suffered since opening the 2007 season with a 41-10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.  The 25 point loss is the second-worst loss in the Sean Payton era, tying the 25 points loss of the Black and Gold 39-14 setback to the Bears in the 2007 NFC Title Game.
“This was a pounding today,” Vitt went on to say.  New York set several franchise records in their win over the Saints, including the 287 yards in kick returns.  New York Running Back David Wilson became the first NFL player to rush for 100 yards and gain 200 yards (227) on kickoff returns.
New Orleans is in a funk that none of us have seen in the Sean Payton era, and unfortunately Coach Payton is not here to help try and correct the way his team is playing.  Yes folks, the play of the Black and Gold the last three weeks is something that we are not used to, at least in the last seven seasons!
Now there are just three games left in the season for the Black and Gold.  The Saints play host to the Bucanneers this week, then hit the road to face Dallas before closing out the season at home against Carolina.  Right now the Saints are 5-8 overall, and the Who Dat Nation is in a place where they have not been in a long time.  Will the Saints respond and play hard in their remaining three games, or will the funk that the team is in continue until the first of the year?

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12/09/2012 10:03PM
Deke: That was an embarrassment
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12/09/2012 10:27PM
Time to rest starters and evaluate future players.
Time to rest starters and evaluate future players. Drew should be benched the rest of the season to prevent injury. Let Chase Daniel start the rest of the season. Give him real game experience for the future or trade purposes. Play sparingly some of our other star players. All the dead wood needs to be cut. We need film on the young players for Sean Payton to evaluate. If Roger Goodell complains about competitive balance for the Saints remaining games, we need to tell him, the Saints organization is far beyond that little bit of fun.
12/09/2012 10:35PM
The entire season has been an embarrassment
The Aint's are back, get out your bags.
12/09/2012 10:40PM
Time to cut at least 1/3 of the players
This team not only lacks talent, they lack motivation and they lack the fire it takes to be a winner. Brees looks lost and his surrounding cast looks to be playing at half speed. The coaching is abysmal. Ingram and the other RBs cannot flourish in a system that gives them 1 carry and out. How about doing what they do in college and let the RBs carry the ball ten times and then switch. The way the coaches do it now, they never have a chance to warm up and find a running groove. And what is wrong with Graham with all his drops lately? The whole teams needs a kick in the rear and a wake up call but unfortunately our HC isn't around to make it happen. Embarrassing to say the least.
12/09/2012 10:45PM
Someone please teach the DBs to CATCH the freeking ball!
Have Drew go through pass catching drills with them. Have him drill the ball to them until they learn how to stop dropping easy INTs. We gave Manning back three of his interceptions tonight because the DBs can't catch.
12/09/2012 11:13PM
Maybe next year it'll be about the team
Quarterback has NO timing with receivers. Every game we have fast receivers beating the defense and open to endzone but they have to wait for the ball to get there, badly thrown short passes, league record interceptions, at least one interception almost every game. Forget all the personal records and selfish gains, next offseason practice with the rest of the team who are dedicated enough to be on the field, the only record that matters is the TEAM'S win/loss record.
12/10/2012 6:15AM
Mighty saints have struck out for the final time!
12/10/2012 7:56AM
Phoned It In . . .
Looks like the offense just phoned it in. Running backs swapping out? Yeah, if they're not getting it done, but for a back to get hot and blow away an opponent they need to be in for a series. All of our backs have different strengths, but they can all run up the middle. Until they get into the game . . . and really feel a part of the game . . . this swapping every play or two is just hurting the fans. Yeah, everyone gets to see their favorite (unless it's Chris Ivory for the first 8 games) a few times, but none of the backs runs enough to be tired at the end of the game. I understand "situational football" but when you see Ingram starting to get a few yards don't send in Pierre. If Ingram is successful, POUND THE **** OUT OF THEIR D-LINE untl HE's ready to come out because he needs a breather! Same with backs and D-linemen. We don't continually swap O-line players. Why? Continuity. Think about it. If everyone is a specialist, then we are constantly tipping our hand to the opposition.
12/10/2012 8:39AM
Ha ha
I love it!!! Aint no 'two dat' going to happen for the Saints in a LONG time. Now they have spent so much money on Drew they will have a hard time signing a big play maker on defense. They need a few actually!! Break out the bags Saints fans!!!!
12/10/2012 9:43AM
Ha ha
Sounds like someone is secretly a Saints fan. Paying so much attention to them and what not. Don't worry there are secret fans everywhere you look. You aret alone.
12/10/2012 10:09AM
One Word Brees
I personally like Drew as a person. As a quarterback,not so much. Look around Saints fans, Drew is on National television showss(plenty) He has more commercials out, on television,radio,the web. He also has opened 2 Jimmy John restuarants and also operates The Drew Brees Dream Foundation,which does fabulous work. I have been a Saints fan since the late 60's. Come on fans,wake up and call it what it is. Drew Brees has thrown 9 interceptions in the 3 games. There is only so much time in the day, and Brees is shorting football, to spend the money off the Saints paycheck.
12/10/2012 10:59AM
Cue the Chorus of Fair Weather Saints Fans...
Everyone seems to be missing the fact that Sean Payton not being on the sidelines this season has attributed to the lack of success this season. No matter what your gripe is with our Saints, not having one of the top 3 NFL coaches on the sidelines every game has hurt this team. Roger Goodell was hell bent on making sure the Saints didn't become the first team to play the Super Bowl in their own back yard, and looks like he succeeded. These last three losses have been tough, but it's time to look to next season. We need some playmakers on defense, and I'm still scratching my head as to why we didn't sign a good corner in free agency to try and minimize the loss of Tracy Porter (I know $$$ might have been an issue, but we sure did sign several LB's). Drew has definitely looked off at times this season, and I personally think he's trying to do much with Payton being out. Drew's trying to hold his team together and win games, so a lot is on his shoulders this season. I'll be a Saints fan until the day I die, and will never wear paper bags no matter how bad it gets. I'm not ashamed to be a Saints fan, and I know that brighter days are ahead. It just won't happen this season. It's time to look towards the draft and see how we can improve, as the defense has been horrendous this year. I know people bashed Gregg Williams his last season in N.O., but Spags isn't working miracles in his first season either.
12/10/2012 1:32PM
Brees needsto focus on football
Brees has too much outside involvement and not focused. Too many commercials, foundations, restaurants, twitter, lemonade, too much outside of football. You dont see that from the top quarterbacks. You did not see that in 2009. Blame some of it on Payton not being here. But blame much of it on Brees. He has been late with throws. Short on throws.Overall just not a good quarterback this year. Paid way too much money for him. He needs to give some of it back in the future so we can sign some more players. Saints are in trouble. Not good enough, but not bad enough to get real help. Youth and speed are what we need.
12/10/2012 1:39PM
Ingram is not the man
Please quit running Ingram, look how good the Saints ran the ball when Ivory and Thomas were getting the load. If you do this then Brees will not have to throw as much.
12/10/2012 2:01PM
Defense not the problem
It's crazy how we blamed our defense earlier in the season and now it seems to be the offense with in-sync issues. I do beleive it's a coaching problem we have in the Saints Camp. Congrats to the NFL....You definetly proved that without your Head Coach YOU CANNOT WIN GAMES
12/10/2012 2:24PM
Our conners can't cover!!!!
Our comer backs couldn't cover my 10 yr old let alone a NFL reciver!!! It was hard to watch as those guys got burnt over and over again. And can someone please give us Jimmy G. Back cause he sure hassnt been showing up lately...
12/10/2012 3:39PM
No team speed
We look like junior college speed out there. We have no pass rush, no ability to consistently intercept, no idea of who needs to run the ball. Other than that,...........
12/10/2012 3:39PM
How about laying blame where it's due.. Everyone's darling child Drew "the interception machine" Brees. Most overrated player in the NFL.
12/10/2012 6:33PM
trying too hard????
How is missing open receivers "trying too hard"??? As far as forcing the ball where it can't go that's a ROOKIE trait, not something a veteran high paid QB should be doing. Brees too involved with selling tshirts and being in the spotlight. And if teams can't win w/o their coach explain the Colts, ... rookie QB, coach out battling cancer, new players, etc, yet winning record.
12/10/2012 6:43PM
Must be a no-criticism clause
The defense got ripped by fans and the media, the running game got slammed too, the O line got lots of criticism, the coaches were treated like dogs when the team lost, yet, the quarterback with the league worst interceptions, low QB ratings, bad throws and bad decisions, instead gets alllll sorts of excuses for his poor performance. Does his $100 million contract also guarantee him amnesty from deserved blame? Sweet deal, must have one h*ll of an agent.
12/10/2012 6:44PM
Must be a no-criticism clause
The defense got ripped by fans and the media, the running game got slammed too, the O line got lots of criticism, the coaches were treated like dogs when the team lost, yet, the quarterback with the league worst interceptions, low QB ratings, bad throws and bad decisions, instead gets alllll sorts of excuses for his poor performance. Does his $100 million contract also guarantee him amnesty from deserved blame? Sweet deal, must have one heck of an agent.
12/11/2012 12:39PM
run the score!
If I was coach payton, i would run up the score on every team! thought we lost a draft pick due to this "vacated" scandal. I hope tom benson does the right thing and rehire coach payton. and ingram needs to do!!!! chris ivory obviously is a much better back then ingram. plus we need help on the right side of the o-line and a pass rush for crying out loud!
12/11/2012 4:27PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Definition of All Anti-Saints fans: One who sit on a extremely weak seat in an out-house and with a big smile on his or her face anxiously awaits the results!!!
12/11/2012 4:31PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
All the blame has to go to Rodger Goodell. What team can win with all the stuff the Saints had to go through. And yet any knowledgeable Football fan knows all the NFL teams did the same stuff the Saints. The Saints were just the scape-goats.
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