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Deke: Saints loss is embarrassing

Steve Spagnuolo, Corey White
I don’t care that Sean Payton is not here.  I don’t care that Mickey Loomis is not here, nor Joe Vitt…and I don’t want to hear another word about “conventional” versus “unconventional” quarterbacks.  The truth is the Saints are a bad football team and there first three performances have been not up to par, to say the very least.

Yes I know that Sean, Mickey and Joe are difference-makers but come on people!  Vegas had the Saints favorites in 12 games this season.  The O-Line has been beat up like Spider Rico and the rest of the team looks dazed and confused.
No excuses needed.  I don’t want to hear about a “learning curve” for a defense or any other excuse.  If this team’s mantra was to “do your job” like their coach would have wanted them to, then they are failing miserably in making Sean Payton proud.

The more this team plays, it seems the worse they get. Someone please tell me how a team that was on the cusp of winning their second world title in three seasons can be this bad?  Are the Saints really 0-3 right now?  

Folks, mathematically the Saints are still alive, but reality says that the season over.  There will be more sad days like this one, and there will be more embarrassing outings by the Saints.  This team has no life, and they are about to be 0-5 if they don’t look in the mirror and do their damn jobs.

RG3 looked like a super hero and Jamaal Charles looked like Superman against the Saints.  Suck it up guys, and play with some pride.  The city you represent has always had your back, and right now you are not playing like the team this city and these fans have come to love over the years.  Hey fellas, life is tough.  No one feels sorry for you because you don’t have your coach.

The only thing that is sorry is the way you have played.  Shhh, listen do you hear that?  It’s the sound of laughter coming from the other 31 NFL cities as they are basking in your terrible play right now.  

All this “us against the world” crap is over with.  This is real, and the Saints are bad!  If there was ever time for a “peel the paint off the wall” speech by a player or coach, now is the time to stand up and give it.  Don’t save that speech for another day, because by that time the season will be long over and the loud laughing will be even louder.  

I’m not going to waste your time nor insult your intelligence with stats or other numbers.  Bottom line here is that if I or if you showed up to work and performed like this team has for the last three weeks, we all would be out of work right now.
And oh yes…the officials do suck!  

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09/23/2012 4:08PM
Deke: Saints loss is embarrassing
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09/23/2012 4:21PM
Tell It Like It Is
Amen Deke. We are all totally embarassed by these miserables performances. It doesn"t matter if you do have a Hall of Fame quarterback still playing up to form, breaking records almost every outing. Winning football is won on both sides of the football. No NFL team can win without a decent defense. Right now, the Saints have an "imaginary" NFL level defence. I do try to "believe"...but, from what I see it is going to be a loooonnnngggg season.
09/23/2012 4:21PM
I can't believe anyone on this team was even thinking about being able to play the Super Bowl here in New Orleans. Hell, Spags has us so far away from mediocre that we need to replace him after only 3 games. GIVE SPAGS THE BOOT so we can plan for next year. Brees was on the sidelines, no spark visible. How could he be optimistic? OUR DEFENSE WAS ON THE FIELD, THE NO HOPE APPLE DUMPLING GANG OF THE NFL!!!
09/23/2012 4:25PM
Is It Time?
Looks like its time for the "BAGS FOR SPAGS". Only wear them when the Defense is on the field. While the refs were much too involved in the game when they shouldn't be, and not involved enough when they should be --- the blame FIRMLY goes on the shoulders of Spags' defensive strategy.
09/23/2012 4:30PM
what are we doing?
Mark Ingram needs to be cut, please for the love of GOD, play Chris Ivory. I would rather him fumble every once in a while than to watch Mark go for 2 yards per carry. I know the defense has been horrible for 3 straight years. The offense just carried the team. Well guess what, your game plan is not new anymore, everyone knows what you are doing and this season is OVER. I will still watch like I have for over 40 years and like the majority of those 40 years I will cry,
09/23/2012 4:32PM
That was not nice
WOW a bit harsh I think Mr Bellavia!
09/23/2012 4:37PM
The Saints "Succup"
Watch Drew Bree's feet movement (jittery) and him licking hands constantly. This is when you know he's very nervous and comes off being scared. Look back and you'll see that's all games when losing like this he does this. You're not going to the playoffs and definitely not super bowl just try to improve from here. Playing like this is their 1st time at bat ever. Still have my support but this team needs to study tape better and want it deep down more than the other guy.If they don't believe in themselves how is that to transfer to the fans to keep believing. Not another person better say it's because Coach Sean Payton isn't here. Get over it and if so just do your job Coaches and Players and you'll Win!! Take it one game at a time. Go SAINTS!!
09/23/2012 4:38PM
Apathy starts at the top
I know that the coach is a backup to the backup, but the guy looks like he would rather be out chasing butterflies! At this point, I'm ready to let him do just that!
09/23/2012 4:49PM
Really -
Deke- howmany yards has Ingram had this year - last year? At this point, we probably need a new coaching staff and a few D players
09/23/2012 5:06PM
Sad and embrassing!
I agree Deke. This is very embrassing to all Who Dats! There is no defense and what defense is out there looks like a deer in headlights. Spags looks confused and the attitude of the boss will rub off on the players. We'll be lucky to go 8 n 8.
09/23/2012 5:11PM
Gutted ourselves.
I don't agree with what you said, Big Chief. I watched that game and the D played their guts out. Even near the end when they'd been on the field so long they should have been tired. The problem is, we signed the 100 million dollar man and then gutted his offensive line. Brees is running for his life on most plays. The offensive play calling is atrocious, too. Where is Carl Nicks? Oh yeah, we cut him. The refs in this game were like 6 extra guys playing for the Chiefs. How could you possibly negate a defensive TD and yet give the Saints the ball? Either the guy was down or there was a fumble and defensive TD. And the safety? How could they not see that Drew had the ball over the goal line before he was down? The replacement zebras need to go back to officiating the Lingerie League. They SUCK! And they cost us the game.
09/23/2012 5:14PM
not all defense falt
ofence is to predictable ingram in run the ball soroles in pass the ball and not enough pt the only back you can trust
09/23/2012 5:28PM
mr. renegade
when up by 18 and lose by 3 in ot you deserve to lose never liked spags and I don't think we'll be 8-8 maybe 4-12
09/23/2012 5:33PM
mr. renegade
get ris of spags ,ingram,1/2 the o-line and d-line get better players who are hungry and want to play goodell is having a ball right now
09/23/2012 5:44PM
quarter back/ play chase
players should win an loose as a team. i say play chase to give drew a breather an chase some playing time.
09/23/2012 5:59PM
How much to these guys' get paid --- and you call this professional Football? The product these overpaid "professional" players simply stinks --- they ought to refund everyone the cost of their tickets!!
09/23/2012 6:51PM
defense lost this game today. no way around it. drew brees and the offense with their mistakes and the horrible play calling and the horible officiating didnt help us any but boy they shouldnt be a factor in this loss. Kromer and those coaches need to tell the truth to each other and those players my god should be really slapping the hell out of each other for this. 0-3. never would have guessed it. unimaginable. we wont win with this defense. its time to fire spags and start releasing defensive dead weight. IM A 34 year Who Dat fanatic. I love my saints. i will ride or die with thim win or lose. but i will tell the truth because the truth sets us free. DEFENSE SUCKS and need to be replaced from the defensive coordinator on down the chain. Kromer you need to get with your o-line. Drew cant run around Like this for 13 weeks. Offense wins games DEFENSE wins CHAMPIONSHIPS. NO SUPER BOWL FOR THE BLACK AND GOLD THIS YEAR!!!!!!!
09/23/2012 7:07PM
Fire Coach Spag
The Defense is a reflection of the coach. They are flat play with no emotion or urgencecy.
09/23/2012 10:39PM
Where's Buddy D?
Bring out the bags. The Aints are back!
09/23/2012 11:45PM
09/24/2012 6:55AM
The OL will get Brees hurt this year
The offensive line will get Drew Brees hurt this year if they don't play better. Sure they looked good at times but that was mostly because the Chiefs weren't that good. And you can't win a game giving up over 500 yards offense to the other team. And, Deke, the people who disagree with your comments or delusional.
09/24/2012 7:19AM
Front 7
The Saints have the worst front 7 in football. They have had the worst front 7 in football for years. Lofton and Hawthorne have done nothing to help out. Gashed and gashed, over and over. Get off a block and make a freaking tackle. And If the O-line cantblock they arent going to be able to run or throw. Just a big mess right now. START HICKS TOO
09/24/2012 7:29AM
0 - 16
Time for the Saints Ticket holders to institute a Class Action Lawsuit against GODDDELL for absolutely forcing the Saints organization to provide the paying fan base with a "Defective Product"
09/24/2012 7:29AM
Embarrassing and Pathetic is right
Play with some pride, energy, emotion. This is a big joke. Nobody made a play in the entire 4th quarter to stop the bleeding and get back on track. Awful
09/24/2012 8:51AM
Deke - I typically don't like what you have to say, but I couldn't agree with you more on this one. The Saints are literally getting worse as the games go on. Everyone needs to step the hell up! At 0-3 we should put other starters in just to make the real starters ask themselves if they are giving it all. Come on Saints, wake the F up!!!
09/24/2012 10:17AM
F you
I'll never be fin embarassed by my saints and shame on you. You aren't a fin fan. You're a band wagon jumper. This team is not playing up to par by any means but they have A LOT of things working against them and I, for one, am not going to throw them under the bus and talk about how bad they are. Since I was an 8 year girl, I have attended saints games when they lost every single time and I still loved this team with all my heart. I could careless if this team lost every fucking game this year, they are still MY fin team and I will always stand behind them. Go and root for gb like I'm sure you will next week. This team doesn't need fair weather fans, there are enough of those on other nfl teams. GEAUX SAINTS
09/24/2012 4:11PM
How refreshing!
How refreshing to hear a member of the TV and/or radio media actually tell it like it is with no sugar coating or fear of backlash from this underperforming professional football team. It is time for immediate position changes within the D-line, O-line and safties and Pierre Thomas should be getting a minimum of 20 touches per game based upon his output/consistent performance over the last couple years. Ingram needs to be inactive where he can sit, watch and learn with Chris Ivory being the other active, pounding-type back used to complement Pierre and Sproles. Ingram's 2.5-3 yards per carry isn't getting the job done. Your comments above hit the nail on the head Deke and I greatly appreciate it.
09/24/2012 9:20PM
Where The Boy's Aren't
Watch the first contact Saints players missing the takedown in our defense compaired to the for-real defenses in the league right now. Nuff said. Why did we get rid of Williams in the off season? Even if the B.S. bounty had never happened. He was great.Hell of alot better than what is going on currently. Come On Man!
09/24/2012 9:39PM
Aaron Kromer is a MUPPET!
“Each individual group has to pick it up just a little bit — defensively, offensively and on special teams. If each group just picks it up we will be fine,” said Saints interim head coach Aaron Kromer. JUST A LITTLE BIT????????? WHAT?????
09/26/2012 4:12PM
Bad Football
Deke, I also agree with you. The team looks in total disarray. I'm also wondering why Drew Brees is stepping up to the plate and raising hell with the team. He is the leader..he needs to LEAD. The game Sunday was horrible. That was the first game since he started wearing black n gold that he looked LOST and confused... As they say on ESPN "C'mon Man"
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