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Deke: Saints D is bad and nearly ugly

Ok let’s make this simple.  When you are 0-2, there are not many good things to talk about.  Coach Aaron Kromer said in his post-game speech that he and the Saints are going to “right the ship” and “win more games that they lose.”

Now, the team that has often overcome long odds to win games and championships will have to do so once again.  Historically, when teams start out 0-2, they reach the playoffs just 13 percent of the time…so, you know what that means.

Next week, the Saints face another 0-2 team in the Kansas City Chiefs.  New Orleans needs a win desperately before they go on the road to take on the Green Bay Packers.  If this week was not considered a must-win situation, is the game against KC a “must win?”
Let’s break down the latest good, bad, ugly after the Saints 35-27 loss to Carolina.

The Good – The Saints have fourteen regular season games left.  We are only a game behind Tampa and Carolina, with Atlanta still yet to play Denver on Monday Night.  Don’t look at anyone outside of the NFC South Division.

The Bad – The Saints defense is bad and nearly ugly.  In two games, the Saints Defense has allowed 927 yards of total offense.  Washington gained 464 yards while Carolina got 463 yards.  Teams have rushed on average for 186 yards per game against the Saints defense. Carolina and Washington passed for a combined 555-yards for an average of 277.5 yards per game.

The Ugly – The Saints are -4 in the turnover department in two games, and the new-look defense has given up 75 points for an average of 37.5 points per game.  Dropped passes have also plagued the Saints.  In the loss to Carolina, Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Darren Sproles and Joe Morgan all had dropped passes.  That just can’t happen, and when you are 0-2 these things add up.

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09/16/2012 7:11PM
Deke: Saints D is bad and nearly ugly
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09/16/2012 8:28PM
Already its a long Season
Perhaps we didnt want to see this coming. Often, we look back and see what he had "last year" which was 13-3, but that was last year and honestly our "Best Team". Today, were 0-2, no Sean Payton, no Loomis, no Vitt, Bounty mess, injuries galor, Defense in transition, and wide receivers who are injuried and have trouble holding onto the ball. Our Saints D is getting pushed back. Look what the Rams did to the Redskins today. Lets face it. There is something that Sean Payton adds to this team. He is our General as Drew is the field Commander who takes orders and performs. I think once Vitt comes back, it might get better, but the last thing we need is to only have one win when he does come back. Can we somehow get WR P. Burress in for a workout?
09/16/2012 9:02PM
Really ? Trade Ingram for d lineman. Without a d line, 8-8 season !
09/16/2012 9:59PM
It's obvious that we have no defense, but what is wrong with the offensive line. Drew gets hit, hurried and sacked.
09/16/2012 11:20PM
Who Dat
Guys, Let's just take a deep Breath&Regroup, Let Go&Let God, we are in a labor of Love, We will not give up on our team, Preserverance, We will Stand together!!!!
09/16/2012 11:57PM
Get the bags out again
The Saints are giving up about 20 points a half. You won't win any games doing that.
09/17/2012 7:13AM
Saints D
Take out the nearly. It is UGLY.
09/17/2012 7:20AM
It doesn't matter
We won a superbowl in our lifetime! I don't care anymore... what's now left is all lagniappe.
09/17/2012 7:34AM
Lets not forget Drew Brees--Who held the Saints AND the FANS hostage for weeks because he wanted to be the highest paid quarterback. Drew got the money! We still love him BUT ENDING/LOSING TWO GAMES IN A ROW WITH A DREW BREES INTERCEPTION IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
09/17/2012 7:50AM
The Season's Not Over Yet...
Like every die-hard Saints fan, I was and am always optimistic about every regular season. I was rather concerned we didn't properly address the secondary during the off-season. Losing Tracy Porter was a tremendous blow, and we should have signed at least a former starting corner to compete with Patrick Robinson for the starting role and provide some quality depth at the position. Losing Carl Nicks must have hurt us a lot more than I would have thought, even though we replaced him with Ben Grubbs from Baltimore. Drew has looked hurried and has been pressured consistently these past two games. Our receivers have had far too many drops, and Drew can't win the games on his own. He shouldn't have to make the game-winning drive every single game from behind. There's still 14 games left to play in the regular season, and there's definitely much room for improvement. Here's hoping for a win against Kansas City, and no matter what, I will be a Saints fan until the day I die! WHO DAT NATION FOR LIFE!
09/17/2012 8:25AM
No Vision
Mark Ingram lacks vision when he gets the rock in his hands. He's not big enough to run anybody over and not quick enough either. Mediocre..at best. Just sayin'
09/17/2012 8:35AM
Spags who??
Has anyone seen Greg Williams? We need a D Coordinator in New Orleans. This scheme thus far is dismal. D-line has been manhandled, Shanle and Tony C should be placed on the Practice Squad, and these DB's look like College freshman. Who the hell is the Secondary Coach anyway??? The entire D needs to hit the weight room! We need more strength, speed and talent. HUGE disappointment!
09/17/2012 9:17AM
Put the blame in the right place people!
I'm sick and tired of everyone not putting the blame at the feet of Sean Payton. That lil Napoleon is the VERY reason we are in this mess. THEN, we have a QB that held out ALL offseason and it obviously shows! As for the defense? "Nearly" UGLY? Sorry Deke, but I don't wanna go out chasing women with you if THAT'S what you consider "nearly" ugly!!!
09/17/2012 9:19AM
The commissioner did it
You don't penalize an entire team, a city and most important the fans who pay big bucks to see quality performance. You hit the guilty parties with big fines not suspensions. This team is playing without a head coach..can you imagine a baseball team without a manager? Anyway, this season is over -the new defense has failed.
09/17/2012 10:30AM
"win more games that they lose"... how the hell does Deke still have a job with writing like this coming from him on a weekly basis? How can you win a game that you already lost? Does WWL not have the money for proofreaders?
09/17/2012 10:36AM
Fist things first!
Our defense is deplorable! For Brees and others to sit in the press conf and point out positive offensive stats after we just got the hell beat out of us bc our defense was nonexistent, is like me telling you a woman is HIV positive and your still saying she has a sexy body?! DUDE, SHE IS DYING!!! And so are our playoff chances! We need to stop the bleeding NOW. but I guess that's His (brees) way of pointing out how he's earning his hundred million in the process... HELP WANTED: head coach, nfl offensive line, an entire defense, hands (that catch perfectly thrown footballs)... MISSING PERSONS: Carl Nicks (bc drew thought it was more important to hold out instead of franchising his main source of protection Carl Nicks) Mr Confidence Sean Payton Marcus Colston's brain and hands- he's seems totally out of sink Steve Spagnola's play book Anybody seen these people or their things please turn them in to the saints front office immediately
09/17/2012 10:52AM
13% should not mean anything for us fans and for the team. There is not a pattern in football, never. New skills and new great players are added every season. 13% is something that a TV reporter will focus on, not a fan, not a team. What if the Saints surprise all of us in the latter part of the season with lots of wins? We will make it to the playoff and we will be proud of our team again. PS: Remember that Giants were in trouble in 2011 with 7 lost games, they won the Super Bowl!!!
09/17/2012 11:30AM
Sissy Boys
The defense is not just getting pushed around. They are being made to look like a bunch of pansy candy azz chumps. Need to reevaluate some of this personnel cut some guys and look on some practice squads for help. These guys have no heart or fight in em....
09/17/2012 11:50AM
no heart
saints out collecting pay checks. No heart. No fire. And no talent on defense. Drew's more concerned about selling sandwiches, T-shirts and lemonade. Where's the passion? The only reason we won teh Super Bowl is Darren Sharper. HAven't had a secondary player since we let hi go.
09/17/2012 12:28PM
drew brees
drew brees is the problem..he's always calling himself a team player but he was very greedy with this new contract.. saints had the best offensive line in the nfl but since drew bress was so greedy wanting to be the highest paid player in the league saints was forced to let the best offensive guard walk away to a divisional rival now he has no time to throw with this weak line...so thanks drew greedy brees
09/17/2012 12:34PM
It can not be all about Jimmy Graham on offense
With Colston not quite at 100 percent and with Henderson out and let us not forget Robert Meachem is gone, the Saints need another big target WR to help out Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. I would suggest a trade for Larry Fitzgerald, but seriously, why not sign Plaxico Burress.
09/17/2012 12:52PM
The solution for a poor defense is......
The solution to our poor defense is to keep our offense on long sustained drives. We need WR help and better half time adjustments on offense. And before, anyone, cites the poor defense, that is a given. Make the offense hum, first.
09/17/2012 3:57PM
Drew Brees
Colston said he wasn't giving the Saints a hometown discount; Nicks said he wasnt going to sign a frachise tender. Brees said he wanted his contract to be front-loaded instead of getting the bulk of his money at the end because if the possiblty ofgetting injuried again. Nicks is the one that left the Saints for more money; I guarantee you he won't find football nearly as enjoyable at his new address!
09/17/2012 9:49PM
What we're witnessing now (0-2 start) is the result of player decisions made during the off-season, rather than factors that took place during Pre-season up till now. Knowing that Payton would be gone all season; it was imperative that the team (as a whole) pull together to remain a cohesive unit, and not let League politics and free-agent greed tear the team apart, which is what's happening, just as it's happened to winning teams in the past. The O-line isn't protecting Drew like in the past with the absence of key players, Meachem's absence has one less great receiver to throw too and losing Porter in the secondary just added to the problems that the Defense already had, which caused the Playoff losses for 2010 and 2011. Free-Agent holdouts cause resentment. Missing players cause a lack of chemistry. A lack of chemistry leads to losses. GREED IS NOT GOOD.
09/18/2012 12:43AM
Gregg Williams
Gregg Williams affidavit was signed on September 14, 2012. Why did it take so long for him to make an official statement? Is that the only evidence the NFL can come up with? Sounds like producing evidence after the trial, conviction, and sentencing. There is more honesty in a kangaroo court. I wonder how many players will want to play for Gregg Williams in the future? It would have been better to retire from the NFL with your pride. Enjoy being reinstated, Gregg.
09/18/2012 8:43AM
NO time to panic?
Somebody check Kromer for a pulse on the sidelines. He's just as life-less as that embarrassing D Spags is running.
09/23/2012 4:18PM
Fire Spag
Out with Spag his defense is last in NFL and it shows. The play reflects the coach, no emotion and calm.
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