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Deke: Payton return is very good news

Here's the thing I think a lot of us were worried about:  OK, he's suspended for one season, but for the teams that are not in the Super Bowl, or in the playoffs, their season has already started.  You start evaluating once your season completely ends, evaluating talent, and this week is a BIG, big week.  This is Senior Bowl week, and not being there is a huge deal.  

You're talking about the Senior Bowl, the East-West Shrine Game, getting ready for the scouting combine...so I think this is a big deal, I think the excitement of the team going in the right direction...And I just don't think it would have been right for Roger Goodell and the Super Bowl to be here in New Orleans, and Sean Payton not be reinstated.  From an obvious standpoint, it don't look right, with the ill feelings on each side.  At least that's out of the way now, and now Coach Payton can get back to work.  

Will the fans be a little warmer toward Roger Goodell coming to the city?  I think so.  It's going to be kind of like, "I forgive, but I won't forget."  I think now the anticipation of what moves will be made, and how this off-season goes...We've been saying for quiet a while, it's going to be an interesting off-season.  So now with Coach Payton back in place, there's a sense of calmness now in the Who Dat Nation, and people are obviously excited.

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01/22/2013 12:36PM
Deke: Payton return is very good news
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01/22/2013 12:51PM
Welcome back to Sean Payton.
Welcome back to Sean Payton. Now he can evaluate the defensive coaching staff issues and start planning player changes on defense. I am sure he has new offense planned for the NFL, this upcoming season. Drew Brees will be in camp, early, working on our new dominating offense. Now, give us our draft picks back.
01/22/2013 1:17PM
Welcome to Nawlins Goodell
You dirty rat!
01/22/2013 2:34PM
I'll forgive when he asks for it or heck freezes over
Can someone PLEASE explain why we should forgive Goodell for trying to save his own behind? I want an apology and a full blown, publicized groveling session or I want his head on a platter.
01/23/2013 9:31AM
Give RG some nutria gumbo?
Your goodwill may earn you a bowl of nutria gumbo, RG. It is time to give back our draft picks, RG. The Saints fans kept our team in New Orleans. Not you, RG.
01/27/2013 10:13AM
give rg his just dessert
goodell comitted a serious blunder in suspending sean payton and should be relieved of his post just like coaches in the nfl who do not produce.
01/29/2013 8:11AM
Roger Goodell is who we thought he was.
RG, you are what we thought you were. You blew a chance to mend fences. The people of New Orleans are being real kind to all the tourist, players, coaches, media, and fans of the Super Bowl participants. The opportunity was there for a real healing of all feelings. You give back, at least that pick, and you could openly show your face at the event. You did not do us any favors. Sean Payton was due back, anyway. Did the parade floats offend you? Did you need more people kneeling down and kissing your ring? I know your carrying out the agenda of NFL ownership. Now, your simply being childish.
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