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Deke: Miles will stay at LSU

Following a big-money offer from Arkansas, I think Coach Les Miles is going to stay at LSU.  I mean, you've got to be flattered any time you're offered a contract with an exorbitant amount of money. But he will remain at LSU. I have learned that they're working on a deal now where Coach Miles gets some sort of raise. He's not demanding that LSU match the Arkansas deal, it's going to be a raise where he'll make in excess of $4 million a year.  They'll probably renegotiate the three years remaining on his current deal, in which he's making $3.7 million a season.
So, a raise between a quarter million and a half million a year at LSU.  And the Arkansas offer sounded juicy, at five years at $28 million...but it was going to be an escalating contract, starting out in the $4 million range, and then in excess $6 million by his last year.  But, all that is out the window, because LSU is currently working with Miles to remain with the Tigers. 
What a lot of people are missing...when Saban was here, this sort of thing came up EVERY year.  Why did it come up? Well, we knew Saban wanted to test the NFL waters.  Now, every year, or obviously every other year, it comes up with Miles.  So we must ask ourselves, why? Obviously, there must be some kind of lack of communication between Joe Alevia and Les Miles.  He's won 85 games, he's lost 3 games in the last two years...so why is this coming up every year?  To me, there's got to be some kind of "caution light" between Miles' success and the full backing of the athletic administration.  
Who are you going to get? You can bring somebody else in, and they will not be able to win as many games as Les Miles has won. His record is what it says it is.  He's averaging double-digit wins since he's been here.  It's awfully hard to go out and find somebody else who can do that. 

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11/28/2012 10:08AM
Deke: Miles will stay at LSU
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11/28/2012 10:46AM
Amen brother
I really am starting to hate being an LSU fan. I have liked coach Miles from day one. Has he made mistake? Yes. Does he make us scratch our heads on some if his calls? Absolutely But who, please all you Tiger fans that WANT him go, WHO is out there that can do as much or BETTER than coach Miles has? If folks would take a step back and look at some if the high end coaches out there, they would see the they (coaches) are not perfect also!! Deke, I don't think the question is if there is a break down at LSU but why is coach Miles name bought up EVERY year??? Because the outsiders, away from the Tiger idiot fan base, can see what he has done. Show me another program that has had this much success, playing in not only the best conference but the TOUGHEST division??? Please!!!! Someone show me! Only Miles & Saban have done that consistently, every year.
11/28/2012 10:53AM
Shaking my head
At all these so called fans...jeez people. Maybe you don't remember the Curly Hallman days, Gerry Dinardo, Mike Archer...any of these ring a bell? Back then we were praying to win 6 and go to the Liberty bowl. Quit looking a The gift horse in the mouth!
11/28/2012 11:25AM
Coach from miss st would show people just how bad les miles is as a coach.
11/28/2012 11:45AM
Oh Please Really!
Give me a friggin' break. Miss State has nothing on Miles and never will! We saw how good the Miss State coach is a few weeks ago didn't we. Who won that game? Geaux Tigers!
11/28/2012 12:01PM
LSU fans worst in the nation per Houston radio
Houston sports talk radio says LSU fans are the worst in the nation,saying that Notre Dame, Texas, Alabama, USC, Florida fans more tolerant & supportive of their head coaches. Pretty strong statement.
11/28/2012 12:21PM
LSU fans cook really good food per some guy in Arkansas
A guy in Arkansas stated that he once went to an LSU game in Death Valley and ate the best tailgating food he'd ever tasted. He went on to say that the food he'd had at other stadiums wasn't nearly as good, specifically, Notre Dame, Texas, Alabama, USC and Florida.
11/28/2012 1:21PM
It's Not the Win-Loss Record that Bother LSU Fans About Miles...
Staunch supporters of Miles will always point to his win-loss record and the fact that he seems to be a nice guy. Critics, however, only have to look back at the 2011 season to have ample ammunition for displeasure with the ol' ball coach. Forget the fact that Jarrett Lee was leading the SEC in passing efficiency, Miles was determined to work his boy Jefferson back into the lineup after he returned from his suspension. While Jefferson could run with the ball, he has always been inconsistent and never has had the polish of a decent QB. The SEC Championship Game against Georgia should have sent several red flags that the offense was in trouble. However, they didn't change much for the National Championship Game and were embarassed by a superior coach/team in Nick Saban & Alabama. Our defense was tired and worn out, and it was obvious to every Tiger fan after the first few drives that Jefferson wasn't going to have a good night. We'll never know if Lee could have provided a spark or not, but it was Miles' obsession with Jefferson that have turned many a loyal LSU fan into a staunch critic of the coach. LSU fans expect a bit too much, but it would have been nice to have tried something different at the end of last season and not watch what could have been a perfect season flushed down the toilet.
11/28/2012 1:24PM
LSU Fans are the Best in The Nation...
The LSU fanbase is the best in the nation, although very critical at times, they always expect the best. We had the talent to go all the way last season, but poor coaching and a lack of game preparation cost us in the end. I'll admit I'm not the biggest supporter of Miles, but we could have beaten Bama again. I do agree that it'll be hard to find a quality replacement, but we struck gold back when Nick Saban came to town, maybe we will again someday.
11/28/2012 1:41PM
Ditto to--It's Not the Win-Loss Record that Bother LSU Fans About Miles...
His comment above is the best statement on Miles. I hate Miles is staying (if he does) and more so if he gets a raise. LSU has under-achieved in the last three years with Miles and his mismanagement of the team on the field. There are many good coaches out there and even more who will take the money LSU pays who will do a better job.
11/28/2012 2:00PM
Saban Gold???
Are you kidding me? Were his teams undefeated? No, not one. In fact he lost his last game he coached here to a an underdog. Miles' coaches his way and Saban coaches his way, they both have good teams. Miles makes mistakes, sometimes big ones. Just as Saban does. Do you think Saban would ahve run the ball against Texas A&M given the chance at the end of that game? Miles' LSU teams in the past few years suffered greatly by the demise of Ryan Perrileaux. He thought the other qbs on the team would improve as they played more, they didn't, in fact they regressed, and it cost LSU. In the hunt for the hunt for the national championship every year. I'll take that.
11/28/2012 2:33PM
A raise???
Why would LSU give a raise? and to those who think there are no better coaches out there: Tuberville, Spurrier, Jimbo, Brian Kelly (who we should of jumped on before the Les/Michigan debacle) and now it looks like Grueden is looking at college coaching. All can be lured to a better program like LSU. This guy has had the most talented team in college for at least 5 out of the last 7 years and luckily won a NC and was embarrassed in the last one. who cares about college record? 75% of college teams are garbage on that record. pay attention to the almost losses to bad teams and lets think about what Les is known for... (lucky bounces, poor roster management, poor play calling, poorly executed offenses, highly penalized teams and of course the dumbest one... poor clock management) this guy has completely fooled a incompetent fan base. I am kind of glad to hear he is staying there... LSU deserves this guy and no, I am not a Tulane die hard, i have multiple degrees from LSU and former season ticket holder. this is disappointing.
11/28/2012 2:38PM
Saban and Miles are both good, just in their own way
While Saban might not be gold to everyone, there's little doubt that he's the best coach in college football today. It didn't take him long to turn Bama's program into a powerhouse. Miles is a good recruiter, but he just doesn't have that aggressive edge that Saban does. You're right in the fact that they both coach their own way, just as no two coaches are ever the same. Les Miles is a nice guy, there's no doubt about that. I just think that when you compare the two, Saban has the definite edge, love him or hate him. I'm not sure how I feel about whether Miles should stay or leave LSU, but it will be interesting to see how things unfold. The SEC will still be THE best conference in college football, though. Of that, there's no doubt!
11/28/2012 2:44PM
LSU Fans are Tired of Wanting More, But Getting Les
I think Les should go to Arkansas, it gives him a fresh start and a new challenge. I don't think it would be too difficult to find a decent coach who could have success with the roster LSU has built. Mettenberger will get better in time, and we need a coach/offensive coordinator is isn't afraid to throw the football and not run up the middle every other down. I don't hate Miles, but he's proven that like Skip Bayless said after the Bama game, he's a riverboat gambler who rolls the dice and takes chances. Fans are disgusted even after a win because it's almost luck that has led to many of Miles' wins. We've caught lucky breaks, when there should have be decisive wins because we had the superior team. That idiotic fake field goal call will sting for quite some time as well. I'll bleed purple and gold until the day I die, but it's time for a change at LSU.
11/28/2012 4:48PM
I can't believe some of the fans...
I would never want Saban back at LSU. The guy has proved he is not trustworthy when he left to go to Miami just 2 weeks after he stated he wanted to stay at LSU until his son graduated from high school. I say we stand behind the coach and his/our program. He's been the best at LSU in a very long time. Geaux Tigers!
11/28/2012 6:11PM
These are the best of times for LSU fans
Are you #u[k!ng kidding me? When you are so spoiled with success that some stupid, idiot LSU fans call a 10-2 season a down year. 98% of all football programs would call that a very successful season, and to do it over and over almost every year!
11/28/2012 6:21PM
Oh yeah, Mississippi State is going to show the nation just how bad Les Miles is
That's why he has never lost to Mississippi State and LSU has won the last 20 GAMES IN A ROW. You are a complete, total, absolute IDIOT.
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