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Deke Bellavia

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Deke: LSU just not as good as last year!

Any way you slice it, the 2012 Tigers are not as good as they were a year ago.  Now, we still have half a season to play, but as of right now it's not even close.  LSU has many flaws right now they did not have, or at the very least did not show, a season ago.

The Tigers O-Line is beat up and seemingly does not have “that guy” who will take charge and be the needed vocal leaded.  The Tigers wide receivers are dropping the ball at consistent rate, and the play of the Tigers QB position is not what it was a season ago.

And when you throw in LSU's inability to convert on third down, the Tigers’ consistent look of confusion during crucial moments in games, and the mental mistakes that come in the form of penalties…this team has a lot of things to clean up.
The good news is that LSU has plenty enough power in it to reach all their season goals.  The bad news is that LSU's schedule has plenty enough power left in it so that there will be more days like the Tigers’ 14-6 loss to Florida.

Last year, the Tigers wore teams down, big-played them, and the LSU defense beat people up.  Those key things are not happening now, and with the style of play that Coach Miles likes to play, if LSU does not tighten up they will find themselves on the losing end of several more games this season.

With an upcoming game against South Carolina and another road trip to take on rival Texas A&M, LSU could be out of the Western Division conversation by the end of the month.

I am no way shape or form saying that LSU is a bad team.  What I am saying is that this team is not as good as they were a year ago and that other teams are better.  

To the odds makers, this was an upset.  To those who have followed LSU this season, today’s game was a loss in the making.  And things will only get tougher starting next week with South Carolina.  

Does LSU have to be as good as they were last season to win the SEC West and get into the BCS Title Game?  Only time will answer that question.  But clearly, this team is just not as good! 

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10/06/2012 7:17PM
Deke: LSU just not as good as last year!
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10/06/2012 9:28PM
Les Miles
Since he arrived at LSU , LSU has more wins than any school in the SEC. Spurrier arrived the same year at South Carolina, Miles has 19 more wins. The only LSU coach to play in two championship games.Won a unamious championship for the first time in 49 years.
10/06/2012 9:51PM
Les Miles
Get rid of the coach and you will win.
10/06/2012 11:07PM
Les Miles
Get rid of Miles and you get the Saints' record.
10/07/2012 12:40AM
Miles just needs to hire a progressive, creative offensive co-ordinator
Studrawa is terrible. He's an offensive line coach, not a play caller. LSU is way to predictable, and Miles better hire a competent OC if he wants to stay at LSU.
10/07/2012 7:16AM
Offensive Coordinator
LSU needs a dedicated OC. Studrawa is only OC by title, Miles calls the game and the performance is obvious... POOR! Also, player development has dropped significantly the past three years on the offensive side and that slide is once again continuing. NOleadership on this team at all from any position and that includes coaching staff.
10/07/2012 9:04AM
Coaching Philosophy
One of Gen. Patton's philosophy's was,"It isn't alway's the best plan that secures victory, but the best executed". Audacity, Audacity, Audacity!. Les Miles went for it on 4th and long late in 4th qtr. and made it. Then in same series on a 4th down decided to punt???. You at least want to feel like you pulled out every option to win, and you just don't get that feeling with this team. "Make It Happen!, Refuse To Lose!!!! LSU
10/07/2012 10:34AM
Les Miles
Les is an idiot and should be fired, along with Greg Studrawa...LSU needs an agressive OC immediately!
10/07/2012 11:10PM
Les miles
I find it funny about all these les miles haters, who exactly do you geniuses want as coach? You people are a joke!
10/08/2012 12:55AM
Les Miles
Where else you gonna find a coach that will give LSU the record that LSU has??? PLEASE tell me where!
10/08/2012 1:31PM
Les Miles
Les can be the head coach, just get a dedicated offensive coordinator and let the OC run the offense!! Not that hard to solve and all the Les lovers can be happy. AND finding a good head coach to replace him would be easy. Money talks and TAF has plenty.
10/08/2012 3:16PM
quarterback sucks
metenburger is not the offensive answer for LSU i'm not impressed
10/12/2012 1:18PM
Got What You Asked For
Mettenberger sucks. I don't see or hear anyone calling for his head or booing him like they did Jefferson. You all cried and moaned and called J.J every ungodly name in the book but he's a far better QB than this garbage that's there now but you idiots blame Miles. Well yes Les should take that clown out. But again.. You got What You Asked For!!
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