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Deke: LSU OC move will excite fans

When I heard the rumblings online that LSU was making a move at offensive coordinator, at first I thought it was just wishful thinking by fans. But, both CBS and NBC, along with other major media outlets, are reporting that the Tigers will pick up Cam Cameron as OC.
If this is indeed the deal to be done, I think fans will be happy.  There needed to be some kind of change…but the one good thing is that everybody (if the report is true) will still have a job and remain within the department.  
A change at OC will bring excitement, and LSU does need excitement.  They’ve proven year after year that they have, without doubt, talent across the board. The fans have said year after year that they should be doing better than they have given the talent on the squad. 
Now, I think we’re going to find out a lot about LSU’s offensive problems.  I mean, this is the 4th offensive coordinator in nine seasons. Over the last nine seasons, the one constant on the offensive side has been Les Miles.  This guy’s got a good resume, but will he have the same independence of the LSU defensive coordinator?  
Like I said, Cameron has had success, and it’s enough success to make fans excited…but, then again, his recent resume is spotty.  You’re kind of judged by your most recent jobs, and he’s been fired from the last two gigs. So we shall see if this move does take the Tigers in a new direction on the offense.  

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02/08/2013 3:48PM
Deke: LSU OC move will excite fans
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02/08/2013 5:27PM
I can't believe it!
I guess the days of the Woody Hays offense at LSU are finally over. Thank God!
02/13/2013 9:48AM
Makes no difference
Miles will still call the shots, resulting in breakdowns at crucial moments.
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