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Deke: From Lambs to Rams, just like that!

It was supposed to be the day that the City of St. Louis celebrated their baseball team's eleventh word title after the Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers in one of the greatest fall classics of all time. 

But that celebration did not start until 4:00 p.m., meaning that Rams fans would have to wait and watch what was supposed to be another blowout loss by their hometown football team.  However, the Lambs turned back into Rams just like that, and they did so against one of the supposedly elite teams in the National Football League...soundly defeating the New Orleans Saints 31-21.  Simply put, the game was never really close! 

St. Louis beat the Saints in every phase of the game, and they made it look rather easy.  Drew Brees was sacked six times for a loss of forty-two yards.  "It's a difficult loss.  Credit to Coach Spagnulo as they came out and played well," said Saints Coach Sean Payton. 

For the second time in as many seasons the Saints have suffered another embarrassing loss to an NFC West opponent.  "I just thought we looked flat.  Defensively they pretty much handled us all day," said Payton. 

Saints fans have to be scratching their heads over this loss, which also brings back memories of the Black and Gold's disappointing playoff loss to the then 7-9 Seattle Seahawks in the Wild-Card round of the Playoffs. 

Entering the game with the Saints, the Rams were ranked towards the bottom of the league in just about every major stat.  But after their upset win over the Saints, you could not tell that the Rams were a 0-6 ball club.  In fact, St. Louis looked more like they were 6-0 versus the Saints.

"If we are going to be an elite team these are the kind of games we have to win," said the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert during his Point After Show on the WWL/Saints Radio Network.  "We could not stop the run and we could not run the ball against the worst rushing defense in the National Football League.  This is a disappointing loss to say the least."

St. Louis was averaging just nine points per game, and they clearly surpassed that mark with thirty-one points versus the Saints.  The Rams had scored just fifty-six total points this season before their offensive explosion against New Orleans.

Over the course of the last three weeks the Saints had a golden opportunity to pull away from the rest of the teams in the NFC South and keep close to Green Bay...But now the Saints are in a dog fight with the second half of the season set to begin.

Things that have plagued the Saints continue to do so.  New Orleans was not able to rush the football, the Saints did a poor job of tackling, and the Black and Gold once again lost the turnover battle.

The Saints never really committed to the run in the early stages of the game, and the balance that we talk about having on a consistent basis was not there again this week.  The next two weeks are very crucial to the Saints' success this season.  With two straight divisional games, the Saints need to beat the Bucs and the Falcons to stay ahead of the pack in their own division.

As far as the Packers are concerned, forget that.  New Orleans must focus on what they can control, and right now what they can control is getting better.  Let's hope the Saints rebound and pick up a win over the Bucs, because if they don't, the dog fight the Saints have put themselves in will only get tougher! 

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10/30/2011 9:31PM
Deke: From Lambs to Rams, just like that!
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10/30/2011 10:32PM
One of the main reasons the Saints lost today was because they got beat on both lines. The defensive line absolutely stinks and has for quite some time. Cannot stop ANYBODY from running the ball. The defensive backs play soft, and the linebackers are slow! The defense is just plain weak, and Greg Williams is proving he is over-rated as a defensive coordinator. Changes on defense have to happen very soon, or this season will go by the wayside quickly. The offensive line cannot run block at all, which is why the Saints are so pass happy most of the time. They cannot run the ball consistently....period! Today the o-line could not pass block either, which is really an area of concern now. Superbowl caliber teams do not lose to 0 and 7 teams. Saints can spin it any way they wish, but that's the truth. I hope they can somehow recover and save the season. They are giving away the division, and now next week is a "must" win.
10/31/2011 2:19PM
Dr. Heat? Dr. Weak!!!
Defense is and has been overrated. Greg Williams is not what HE thinks he is and neither is our defense. Time to come to terms with the fact that this defense will not take us to the Super Bowl. Brees must have P/O'd the offensive line for them NOTto block. So, what now?? Who Dat???
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