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Deke: Bobby Hebert & Hokie Gajan break down day 4 of Training Camp

OK Who Dats, as we move through the fourth day of Saints training camp, our pros are keeping a sharp eye on the developments of what goes on each day out at practice.  So here we go with Monday’s report.

The Cajun Cannon’s take:  

Bobby saw another WR step up today in veteran WR Preston Parker.  “Parker looked like the top WR today in one-on-one drills,”  Hebert said.  Parker hauled in a back-shoulder throw from QB Drew Brees.  WR Nick Toon was not as fortunate on the same type of back shoulder play as Toon was not on the same page as Drew on that attempt.

CB Keenan Lewis stood out on one play.  Lewis jammed up WR Joe Morgan, not allowing him to get open.  “That was a great jam on the line by Lewis.  I think he (Lewis) is having a good camp right now.”

DB Malcolm Jenkins was solid at practice today.  Jenkins had good coverage on WR Courtney Roby and Jenkins also did well in coverage on WR Brent Leonard.  Jenkins would later come up with an interception on QB Drew Brees.

LB Jonathan Vilma was beat in pass coverage.  TE Michael Higgins went down the seam of the field on Vilma and hauled a 25 yard reception from QB Drew Brees.  Other defensive notes from the Cannon include some love to Cam Jordan.

“Cam Jordan is really standing out.  It seems like Cam wins all the time in pass rushing drills,” Bobby said.   Jordan beat OG Jahri Evans on one exchange and did well again today overall at practice snuffing out a screen play later in the session.  Will Smith beat OT Jason Smith in one on one drills and rookie OT Terron Armstead had a nice day.

“Armstead looked better today in pass protection.”  Terron Armstead did a nice job in pass protecting as he got the best of LB Chase Thomas.  DL Akiem Hick beat back-up Center Eric Olsen.

The Saints offense ran a reverse for the first time this training camp.  Drew Brees handed off to WR Joe Morgan on the reverse for about 10-12 yard gain on the play.  OLB Junior Gallette did a nice job of trailing the play downfield for the Saints Defense.

The Cajun Cannon also said that QB Drew Brees has been very accurate in full pads compared to the first two days when the Saints were in shorts and helmets.  Brees hit TE Jimmy Graham for a 20-yard gain as Graham beat Martez Wilson on the play.  Drew also hit TE Ben Watson for a 14 yard gain.  And, QB Drew Brees threw a long ball to WR Joe Morgan for a 30-yard gain.

Hokie’s call

Day four of Saints Training Camp was not an eventful one, according to Saints color Analyst Hokie Gajan.  “Nothing really stood out today to me.  I’m not saying that practice was bad.  It was just an uneventful day.”

Hokie was impressed with rookie OT Terron Armstead.  During one-on-one drills, Armstead did a nice job of pass-protecting.  “He (Armstead) got his feet set and did a good a real job one exchange.  In that situation Armstead did about as well as anyone could do,” Gajan said.

Hokie said that DB Malcolm Jenkins had his best practice of camp thus far.  Jenkins was solid in coverage this morning, and he picked off Drew Brees in the last portion of team drills.  And, in what has now become a daily mention, WR Andy Tanner once again was his consistent self.

“He’s (Tanner) having about as good of a camp as you could ask for.  It does not matter which QB is back there, Tanner comes up with the ball,” Hokie said.  “It seems like every day we see Andy Tanner make plays.”  Tanner hauled in a nice grab from QB Drew Brees and had more reps with the first team offense at today’s practice.

“Tanner might get some game snaps with the first team offense against the Chiefs.  The Saints already know what Coltson (Marques) and Lance Moore can do, so this might be another great opportunity for WR Andy Tanner.”

And what has also become a daily mention is the play of OT Jason Smith.  “I just don’t see any fire in him.  He got beat a few times again today.  For someone to be in a battle for a starting job, he just does not look real good right now.”

Coming up at 4:00 p.m. today, and all week, you can listen to Hokie and Bobby break down today’s practice here on WWL Saints Radio.

07/29/2013 3:13PM
Deke: Bobby Hebert & Hokie Gajan break down day 4 of Training Camp
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07/29/2013 7:53PM
when do we wash or hands of mark
i was impressed and hopeful when we got mark ingram and was looking forward to seeing him do well in the saints back feild but to date we had far better running backs one of which we traded to the jets . how long do we waste on someone who doesnt impress me and not what i wanted or thought i was going to see from him
07/30/2013 11:34AM
And for the record - they WILL be bad at it if they continue to use Ingram. Does anyone cringe when Pierre is in? No - he has nearly 4.5 yd/carry avg. He is productive every time he touches the ball. Why does the press insist on even mentioning Ingram? Feels like we've been down this path before. HE should have been traded. But, he has no value.
07/30/2013 3:29PM
Ingram hate needs to end
Ingram is a good running back who hasn't been given a chance to excel due to our offensive style, other talent at the position, and injuries. Ingram will have 1000 yards rushing and 10 TD's despite time shares with Thomas and Sproles. Give the guy a chance and stop sending out the door before we know what he can do.
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