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Deke: At LSU, will it be Cam's way?

With the Tide dominating in Alabama and the rest of the SEC getting tougher, it is safe to say that the LSU football program needed something this off season.  I think we would all agree, and the numbers show, that LSU’s football program is among the nation’s elite.
However, the way the team has finished the last few years has not been an indication of an elite program.  After their disappointing loss to ACC foe Clemson to end the season, the Tigers have compiled a dismal 1-3 record in their last four bowl games.
Plus, an elite program is not supposed to have one of the worst passing offenses in all of college football, are they?  LSU has great talent, their facilities are comparable to the best in the country, and their venue is hailed as the best to play a game.  So shouldn’t LSU be spitting out more SEC and National Titles?  Yes, they should.  
But first things first… the Tigers’ biggest problem was addressed a few days ago when Coach Miles officially introduced Cam Cameron as his new Offensive Coordinator.  
Miles talked about his relationship with Cameron and how the two have worked together in the past.  But Tigers Fans want to know:  Will Cameron will really be in charge of the offense, as his title suggests he is?
Cameron represents the fifth coach in nine seasons that has been brought in to guide an inept Tigers offense.  The highest the Tigers offense has been ranked since 2008 has been 51st in total offense, and the highest the Tigers passing offense has been ranked was a rather poor 67th.
Now, if we all believe in the current college football recruiting system, then the caliber of players that LSU has been able to sign to football scholarships tells us that the offense has been underachieving, to say the least.
Many feel like the talent is there, but Coach Miles has not given his past offensive minds a chance to do their thing, if you will.  Will things be different this time around?  Could it be that Miles did not fully trust the past coaches he hired?  Could it be that Miles himself likes to call the offensive plays, and the OC has been the guy that has taken the heat for the lack of production on offense?
I guess all those questions will be answered now with the hiring of Cam Cameron.  We have heard the words “trust,” “relationship,” “change,” and “restructure.”  Those are words which lead me to believe that Coach Miles finally has his man.
 “I guess there are some strengths that we have and I think Cam spoke to personnel abilities,” Miles said.  “In other words, what a quarterback does and what a tailback does. There will be an ability for him to change and restructure. I think there is a need to serve the guy in our team that knows our offense. The disruption in our thinking is not something that we are looking to do. We want to use Cam’s concepts as it is appropriate and how it fits what we have done in the past. I guess what I am saying is that we have some inherent strengths. Reviewing our personal and being more efficient can rapidly make a difference offensively.”
Now I don’t know about you, but from that quote, I gather from Coach Miles that Cam is the man that will make the calls.  And if that is the case, Tiger Fans should be excited.  Although Cameron has not left his last two places of employment in the way coaches like, he is a coach that has a tons of respect from some of the best minds in the game today.  In other words, Cam knows what he’s doing. 
“We have absolutely discussed it,” Cameron said when asked about offensive play-calling.   “To me it has always been a team effort. It is why we win. The head coach has a vision. He has a vision on how the game needs to be won with all three phases in mind. I think you can get in trouble when one guys thinks his phase is paramount over everyone else. With our relationship and the way Les communicates, it will be very clear what our plan is. We will obviously adjust and adapt that plan as the game goes along. But I would be crazy to not work with Les as we are putting together game plans as the game is called. He has a natural feel for the game and that’s a resource that I need personally. As an offensive coach you can get too dialed in on one certain thing that may not be in the best interest. But I know there will be communication. Whether it’s four-down territory, or how the score or clock factors in. Those are all things that will be critical input. I’m looking forward to the way we are going to work together. That’s what we talked about and that is what we will do. I think that is why we are going to be successful.”
So as the most anticipated off-season in the Les Miles era continues, I can see a rather large crowd on hand next month to see the Tigers and what the Tigers fans hope is a new-look offense with a coach that will be the decision-maker when it comes to play calling. 
So will Cam Cameron have his way?  We shall see!

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02/18/2013 6:07PM
Deke: At LSU, will it be Cam's way?
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02/18/2013 9:28PM
Les Miles
Will have things done his way, and that's exactly the way it should be. He is ultimately responsible for wins and losses, failures and successes at LSU, and I would have it no other way. CLM is a great Coach, I believe it when CC says the fundamentals of the offense will be the same, and I hope so, I just want them to be executed better. With all that said I think it's a misperception that Miles micromanages the offense, I think we all know that's not his managment style.
02/19/2013 7:27AM
Cam Cameron
is a great offensive coach. I believe the LSU offense will basically look the same. However, the difference will be in execution. Many times last season, it really wasn't play selection as much as a failure to execute. And yes, at times, the play selection was bland and predictable. However, Cam brings an NFL mentality to the game. He will use the tight end and running backs for short passes that move the chains with a long one sprinkled in to stretch the offense. For the first time in five long seasons, we finally have a guy at OC that will take advantage of the wealth of talent at LSU. The time for underachieving is over because I don't believe he will tolerate that. I'm very anxious to see this LSU offense pull its weight along with the defense and special teams. If it all comes together, as I think it will, this will be a great time to be a Tiger!
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