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Deke: Are Native American mascots offensive?

It's a debate that comes up every year...Is it offensive to use the likeness or a caricature of a Native American as a mascot? 

The Washington NFL franchise is yet again facing pressure to change the name of the team after eight decades as the Redskins. 

We'll discuss it today from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Sportstalk.  Give us a call at 504-260-180, or text in your thoughts to 870870.  

The debate over the use of 'Indian' mascots may be relatively new, but the use of such Native American-themed mascots go back a long, long way. Check out these examples:


05/07/2013 4:05PM
Deke: Are Native American mascots offensive?
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05/09/2013 7:27AM
No these names are NOT offensive……if this bothers you that much, please find something important to care about……Sure there could be some names that would go to far, but calling your team Indians, or Redskins…..come on! 4 dead people in Libya and no one at a high US government position seems to care…..now THATS offensive!
05/15/2013 8:33PM
offensive, yes
Warriors, not offensive because you can be any kind of warrior. Specific tribal names and characters can be offensive. I don't think people would like to hear Stanford Whites, Michigan Mexicans, Georgetown Blacks. Perception is everything. Ask an 23 year old who weighs 98 lbs.
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