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Deke: The name game!

Hurricanes, Brass, Hornets, Crew, Spirit, Storm, Jam, Gators, Angles, Buccaneers...all are names many of you have tossed out when discussing what new name the New Orleans NBA Franchise should use if and when they decided to re-name the current Hornets.

Others have included Mudbugs, Crawfish, Sinners, Crawfish, and Shuckers...Which are OK, I guess, but not as appealing to me as the previous list.  But the word on the street is that the new name for the New Orleans NBA Team will be Pelicans.

Say what?  Yes, I know it's the state bird I've been through first grade and I know is was the name of the old New Orleans Baseball Team but is that one that sticks?

Does the name ''Pelican'' even sound good, even though it has some valuable meaning to the city and the state?  Man I've got to be honest with y'all, I give this one two big thumbs down!  

Oh well, guess I got a little time to stock up on my Hornets Gear.  In my own opinion, if you're going to call the team "Pelicans," the city and the NBA would be better off leaving the name the same as Hornets.  You tell me what you think.  


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12/06/2012 5:38PM
Deke: The name game!
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12/06/2012 8:54PM
Pelicans Rule!
I think the name Pelicans rocks! I've got no problem with it at least it's not as lame as say the New York Knickerbockers.....
12/06/2012 9:37PM
New Orleans Brass sounds great logo brass musical instrument with fluer de lis in the middle that would cool!!!
12/06/2012 9:45PM
New Orleans Brass
Think about it Secondlines brass band Mr Benson @ one time use to secondline after a Saints victory. This is the only city where people seconline @ the end of a wedding or furneral and it sounds Great BRASS
12/08/2012 9:14AM
New Orleans Jazz
Benson needs to work a money deal with Utah and Charlotte to get back rights to the Jazz name.
12/24/2012 4:04AM
New Orleans Brass #1!!!
I'll tell you this much about the "pelicans." If Tom Benson decides to go with this this God awful sucktastic name then he can forget about me being a season ticket holder. That old fool thinks he's slick by trademarking four other names that're so awful that we'll have no choice but to except "pelicans." NEW ORLEANS BRASS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!! Anyone who says otherwise is on crack!
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