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Deke: Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14. How bad was it?

How bad was it? You know it’s bad when the lead broadcaster starts talking about the other team’s young players.  This happened when Brent Musburger started talking about the future of Notre Dame with one minute off the clock into the third quarter of Monday’s BCS Title Game.
You see, what Musburger did is called “filling” in broadcasting.  He had to begin to fill his broadcast with other things, as the game was irrelevant after the first few minutes, after Alabama jumped on the undefeated Irish and jumped out to a dominating 21-0 lead early in the first half of the game.
Notre Dame may be great one day, but right now Alabama is on a level that very few teams have been able to be on at any level of sports.  Yes, everyone knew when the Tide raced out to a 21-0 lead that this was real football and this was a football team really playing well.
There would be no hopes of a “Rudy” story or that of even the fighter from Philadelphia Rock Balboa…everyone knew that the knockout blow had been landed and it was only a matter of time before the Irish fell to the mat!
Alabama is a dominant machine right now and they could end the BCS era winning their third straight and the SEC’s 8th straight title next January.  At the end of three quarters the Tide had 35 points, 23 first downs, over 400 yards of offense and they were just minutes away from winning another title.
The celebration began with 14:46 left in the first half when the Tide went up 21-0 and the behind-the-scenes folks at ESPN began to say, “damn!  Why couldn’t Oregon or Kansas State have remained undefeated?”
That itself may be the only way the BCS ends without an SEC team hoisting the trophy.  The best shot for an SEC Team not to win the title is for an SEC Team not to get there!   The rest of CFB had a shot to keep the SEC out, but they did not.  See what transpires when you don’t take care of your business?  What must be Georgia thinking right now, or ever Oregon or Kansas State?  And what must Texas A&M be thinking as well?
Honestly, of the teams that were ranked in the top ten prior to the BCS Title Game, I think Alabama would have done the same to many of those top ten teams as they did to ND.  I think Alabama would have had a commanding win over Kansas State, Florida, Stanford LSU, South Carolina…and they did pound Notre Dame.
I would say we would have all benefited if the Tide had faced a team like Oregon, Georgia or Texas A&M.  But, I do believe that Alabama would have dominated everyone else in the field so don’t feel too bad Irish!
So folks, whether you like the Alabama Crimson Tide or not, whether you like the SEC or not…the only thing to do here is to get up, pick your head up, and shake the better man’s hand, because when you are dominated by the opponent from start to finish that’s the right thing to do. If you don’t, you’re just hating and not realistic about how good the other team is.  And right now, Alabama is damn good!  Like they say over in Tuscaloosa, RTR!
And will the national media finally learn to shut up their mouths when talking about how the SEC was down this season.  Boy, was the SEC down!

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01/08/2013 7:40AM
Deke: Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14. How bad was it?
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01/09/2013 1:34PM
Nick Saban is THE best coach in college football...
I'm not a Bama fan in the least, but I have to give Saban his due, 3 national championships in 4 years. Kinda makes you wonder if he'll get bored anytime soon and move on to the NFL or another team. We shall see, but I still believe the biggest mistake of his coaching career was leaving LSU for the Miami Dolphins. If he would have stayed, LSU would be hoisting more trophies than the Crimson Tide due to our extremely talented teams the better part of the last decade.
01/09/2013 4:01PM
Just wait until Yeldon is front and center
No question that Ed Lacey is a very impressive running back. But Yeldon as a true freshman is really special to watch and I expect that as he gets more touches next year, he will follow in the footsteps of Ingram, Richardson and Lacey. Fun to watch. Not so fun for opponents.
01/09/2013 5:54PM
Miles should look at the balance of Alabama's offense
They pass the ball as well as they run it. Replace Studrawa or next year will be a disaster. Much tougher schedule, and the offense will have to step it up to help a rebuilding defense.
01/10/2013 10:42PM
Deke, why do you always have your arm around Bobby on the couch?
Are you sending some sort of message?
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