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Posted: Thursday, 20 February 2014 1:24PM

Defending Darren Sharper

Despite the mountain of evidence and multiple allegations against Darren Sharper, is there a way for the former Saint to somehow clear his name?

WWL legal analyst Doug Sunseri explored possible options and says while it's not looking good for Sharper, these high-profile cases can sometimes turn with large cash civil settlements and strong defense lawyers who try to put the victims on trial.

''Sex crimes are tough, they're very tough, because you know what defense attorneys are going to do and that's ask 'what are you doing in the motel room to begin with?''' said Sunseri.

 Sunseri adds that money can sometimes make some bad things go away.

''Try to enter into a civil settlement and then after you enter into it, you go to the criminal side and ask that you not press the charges,'' he explained.

Still, to make civil settlements with victims in four states would cost a fortune, and authorities could still decide to prosecute Sharper, even if it meant calling witnesses hostile to the prosecution.


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