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Posted: Thursday, 17 July 2014 6:06AM

Could 20 minutes of sitting wipe out two hours of exercise?

Brand-new research indicates a couple of hours of sitting actually cancels out 20 minutes of exercise.  The findings published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings also came on top of previous research that has shown the negative impact of sedentary behavior on health.

"When someone works out very hard and then is tired and sits down the rest of the day, it would have been more effective to reduce the intensity at the time and do it more sporadically during the day," fitness trainer Mackie Shilstone told WWL First News. 

According to Shilstone, the effect of exercise is not just the cardio-respiratory effect but it's also the caloric burning effect.

"Many corporations, especially in Denver, are now redefining the workstation where a person is actually going to be working standing up and the desks are much higher so you don't hurt your back," said Shilstone.  "Some of the newer treadmills are designed where you're walking at about 3 miles an hour and you actually have your workstation in front of you.  

Shilstone explains the low intensity exercise of walking as opposed to a high intensity workout. 

"You break into a run at six miles an hour, so if you're walking at half that or maybe two miles an hour, it's enough to keep the thermal effect of the calorie burning going, and when you go to sit down and eat a meal, you'll actually burn more calories," Shilstone explained. 

Researchers also recommend taking short walks during lunch and throughout the day, using a pedometer to track daily steps, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and replacing a standard desk chair with a fitness ball or a treadmill desk if possible. 

(image credit Keith Allison via flickr.com)

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