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Posted: Tuesday, 18 June 2013 2:03PM

Cops: Terrytown teen murdered half sister with wrestling moves

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has arrested a 13-year-old Terrytown boy and booked him with the murder of his 5-year-old half sister.

According to a news release from JPSO, officers were dispatched to 733 Carollwood Village in Terrytown.

"Second District Patrol officers found the young girl, lying unresponsive, on the bathroom floor," Col. John Fortunato said.  "West Jefferson EMS arrived and attempted to revive the victim for several minutes. She was transported to Ochsner Hospital West Bank and pronounced dead shortly after arrival."

Fortunato says the 13-year-old was babysitting his 5-year-old half sister while the mother was at a nearby store.

"The 13-year-old reported that he started to wrestle with the victim and practiced 'WWE' style wrestling moves on the 5-year-old. He explained... how he picked the victim up and slammed her on the bed several times and punching her in the stomach several times," according to the colonel.

Detectives say the teen also he jumped on the little girl and hit her with his elbow several times "like the wrestlers do on television."

"The 13 year-old continued by saying the victim complained that she was hurting, but he continued to slam, punch and elbow her for an additional two or three minutes stopping when his mother called him on the phone to check on he and the victim," Fortunato said.

The 13-year-old later called 911 when police say he noticed the victim was not breathing.

Fortunato said that when authorities got to the home "the 13-year-old was smiling and appeared to enjoy talking about the wrestling moves and physical abuse during the interview that he was conducting on the victim."

After the coroner ruled Sunday's death a homicide, cops charged the 13-year-old with second degree murder.

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