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Posted: Monday, 17 February 2014 7:16AM

Cop kills suspect, family demands answers

A probe is underway after an NOPD officer killed a man outside a convenient store in the Hollygrove neighborhood. 

It happened Sunday afternoon.

"He used all of his bullets, he shot like 12 or 13 times," one person on the scene told WWL TV.  "He used the full clip."

Others claim the man tried to surrender after the shooting started.

"He kept shooting after the man said he was down."

"He kept shooting after he was on the ground."

The family is demanding answers.  Police Chief Ronal Serpas promises they will get those answers.

"We will investigate this thoroughly and completely to found out exactly what happened," the Chief insisted.

He said detectives found a gun near the body.

"The gun found on the scene and the officer's gun have been confiscated for further ballistics testing."

Spokeswoman Remi Braden said, "The gun found next to the man was immediately taken to Baton Rouge where Louisiana State Police forensic experts are running it through DNA testing."

Independent Police Moniton Susan Hutson also went to the scene.

"The OIPM remains committed to our mandate to be impartial eyes and ears on this investigation," Hutson said in a news release.

She is asking anyone with video of the incident to come forward.

Click here to read the release... 

NOPD sent out the following release:

NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau (PIB) detectives are investigating an officer-involved fatal shooting that happened in Hollygrove this morning.

At 9:18am, a 9-1-1 call came in reporting a shoplifting at a convenience store in the 8600-block of Belfast Street.  Two Second District officers arrived at the scene within 4 minutes.  Preliminary information is that one of the officers fatally wounded a 31-year-old man who was across the street from the location, and that a .45 caliber gun was found lying next to the man.  

Members of the PIB's Force Investigation Team (FIT) were immediately called to the scene, as well as ATF agents and the Independent Police Monitor.  The FIT will be in command of this investigation, and will work closely with the FBI agents who are housed within the Public Integrity Bureau.   

The gun found next to the man was immediately taken to Baton Rouge where Louisiana State Police forensic experts are running it through DNA testing. The officer's gun has also been confiscated for examination. Additionally, Crime Lab technicians recovered ballistics evidence from the scene.  Several interviews have already been conducted and detectives continue to gather information about this incident.

Superintendent Ronal Serpas said, "It is always a sad day, when there is a loss of life.  I spoke with the man's father on the scene, and then went to the man's mother's home with Deputy Chief Arlinda Westbrook to speak with the mother privately.  I made a promise to the parents, as I do to the family of the officer involved, that we will investigate this matter thoroughly and completely to get an accurate account of exactly what took place."

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Force Investigation Team at (504) 685-6800 or CrimeStoppers at (504)822-1111.


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