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Posted: Friday, 07 March 2014 10:17AM

Controversy over this weekend's time change

Before you go to bed Saturday night, turn your clocks ahead one hour.  It's time to spring forward.

WWL has been finding people who hate or love the time change.

"They should just give it up... leave it all alone," one woman insisted.

A man agreed,"Keep the same hours all years long."

One commuter complained everyone will be tired next week because of the time change.

"It messes with kids, and everyone else has to deal with it," he complained.

Others said:

"I could use that hour of sleep, that's for sure."

"I want my sleep."

"I'm not going to enjoy that."

But there are some fans of the time change.

"I would rather more daylight," one man said.

Others suggested using the extra light at night to get outside and enjoy things.

"Exercise, stay out late playing ball."

"Go for a run."

But one man fears what the extra daylight will mean he as to do.

"Stuff around the house my wife will make me do, that's for sure."

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