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Posted: Thursday, 27 March 2014 7:14AM

Cigarette butt ban bill advances

The House Natural Resources Committee passes a bill that would result in a $300 fine if you throw a  cigarette butt out the car window in Louisiana.

The author of the measure Marrero Rep. Patrick Connick says he wants to send a message that this behavior is a serious problem.
"There is a real need to make people aware this a litter problem and we need to do what we can to stop it," Connick told the committee.
The normal fine for littering is $250. Connick's bill would impose a $300 fine for a first offense of littering with a cigarette butt plus community service. Connick says littering with cigarette butts creates a multitude of issues.

"It may be small, but a cigarette butt is still litter. Don't just throw it out and let someone else pick it up. Don't trash our state."

Under the bill, each occurrence of littering with a cigarette butt constitutes a separate violation. Connick says while it not may seem like a big deal, tossing carelessly tossing out a cigarette is still littering and a no one wants to see our state trashed.

(Photo credit:  waferboard via flickr)

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