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Posted: Tuesday, 24 December 2013 6:27AM

Christmas message from Archbishop Aymond

Archbishop Gregory Aymond has asked WWL First News to pass along his Christmas greetings to the New Orleans community.

The Archbishop says he hopes that all in New Orleans would truly hear, and take to heart, the message of the angels at the first Christmas, as they appeared to the shepherds in the field.

"They said 'Glory to God in the highest, and peace to people of good will'," says Aymond.

His wish is that the community extend peace and good will to all.

"My hope for us in the New Orleans metropolitan area is that we will be a people of peace, that we will bring about peace."

He asks all of those in the community to start in their own families, to heal any misunderstanding or grievances.

"And, if we can do that, what a great Christmas gift we would be bringing, within the family...that it could be a new beginning, a new time of reconciliation."

He asks all to consider the Christmas tree as a symbol of reconciliation. He says that tree is meant to remind us of two trees.

"That tree where Adam and Eve took of the forbidden fruit...and so it became a tree, not of life, but of death. And, then, the Christmas tree is the Tree of Life...that Jesus came to bring life. And, the Christmas tree lighted up is Jesus Christ, the Messiah, The Light of the World."

As for what Archbishop Aymond would like to find under his Christmas tree this year?

"The promise of prayers from lots of people throughout the Archdiocese," says Aymond. That is the greatest gift that anyone could give to me."

Click below to hear Archbishop Aymond's Christmas message:


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