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Posted: Wednesday, 21 August 2013 4:26AM

Can women get breast cancer from carrying a phone in their bra?

There have been a lot of reports on social media lately that suggest women who are carrying their cell phone in their bra, next to their skin, stand a good chance of getting breast cancer. 

It seems the practice of using a bra as a place to stash the phone has gotten more popular lately.

"Basically cell phones emit a kind of wave that is somewhere between radio waves and microwaves, so they warm the area," says Dr. Edward Trapido, Associate Dean for Research with the LSU Health Sciences Center.  "It's not ionizing radiation, which is the type of radiation that causes cancer."

He says no agency has determined there's enough evidence to state anything conclusive.  "It's a possibility, but it's fairly unlikely at this point."

Furthermore Dr. Trapido says today's cell phones work differently than phones of the past, and cancer does take a long time to develop, "But the bottom line is it's still up in the air."

The same thing holds true for a cell phone in your shirt or pants pocket or on a belt.

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