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Brees responds to Bradshaw, Fujita comments

Former NFL QB Terry Bradshaw created a mini-firestorm with the Who Dat Nation yesterday in comments about Sean Payton attending Sunday's Saints-Chargers game.  The Hall of Famer for some reason is upset that Drew Brees asked Commissioner Roger Goodell's permission to get suspended coaches Sean Payton and Vitt Joe and suspended GM Mickey Loomis in the Superdome for his record-breaking performance Sunday night.

Now, quarterback Drew Brees has responded to Bradshaw's contention that having the suspended men in the Superdome was a "slam" to the Chargers and the Unitas family.

Speaking on ESPN's "Mike and Mike" radio program, Brees said that it was entirely appropriate to ask the NFL to allow Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Voe Jitt to be in the 'Dome on the night Brees broke a major 52-year-old NFL record.

"I mean, we've acknowledged that this whole bounty thing for the most part is just a big sham," Brees said.  "The fact that our coaches are suspended for part of the year or the entire year is pretty ridiculous, it's obviously unprecedented.  But my opinion was that these guys, Mickey Loomis, Sean Payton, Joe Vitt, were as big a part of this night as anyone. To have the opportunity to be in to building and to be a part of it was extremely important to me. Those were all the guys who brought me to New Orleans, that brought all of us to New Orleans to help the building  the foundation of what we've been able to create there.  So I felt it was very appropriate they were there."

Click HERE to listen to the full comments from Drew Brees on "Mike & Mike."
Click HERE to listen to the full comments from Terry Bradshaw on WFAN

Brees also told the NFL Network this morning that he concurs with comments from former teammate Scott Fujita.  Fujita on Wednesday released a scathing statement in which he accused NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell of abusing his power.  

“I agree with everything Scott Fujita said in his statement,” Brees said. “I thought it was a strong statement but certainly very true.”

Fujita, now with the Cleveland Browns, said in his statement that Goodell had a “condescending tone” in letters sent to him and other former/current Saints players, and described the commissioner’s actions “an absolute abuse” of power.

Click HERE for more of what Fujita had to say

Brees threw a touchdown pass Sunday night to break Johnny Unitas' record for consecutive games with a TD pass.  Brees has now done that in 48 games in a row.

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10/11/2012 10:26AM
Brees responds to Bradshaw, Fujita comments
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10/11/2012 10:40AM
Bradsaw is an Idiot
I used to like Bradshaw but now he is on my $hit list
10/11/2012 10:44AM
old saying goes...
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It has happened over and over again throughout history and Goodell is just the most recent person to let it overtake him. It gives blindess to what the right thing to do is. I think Paul Tagliabu is turning over in his turning over in his grave.
10/11/2012 11:05AM
Bradshaw...Too many hits to the Head
Bradshaw is way off base. He was there to know what really happened. He just assumes like many other. Apparently his bell got rung too many times and the "tower" is cracked.
10/11/2012 11:12AM
Tired of bull from broadcasters
I am so tired of NFL newscasters and everyone else always downing anything with the Saints. They only say nice things when they are forced to do so. GEAUX SAINTS and congrats to Drew Brees.
10/11/2012 11:14AM
Bradshaw is an idiot
poor Terry Bradshaw..someone needs to save him from his self...he says words out his mouth he needs not to say..I guess he just can't help it..so we know he is an idiot why don't the t.v. stations that put him out there to talk football realize this??? Aren't they suppose to be the smart ones??
10/11/2012 11:18AM
Goodell must go
The owners need to vote Goodell out and get someone else in that cares more about the players than what money comes rolling in the NFL. The only reason he stuck the SAINTS with this bounty thing this year and not the years it actually happen.(IF there even was any bounty) So the SAINTS can't go to the super bowl in there own city. The NFL would lose money that way.
10/11/2012 11:24AM
Terry Bradshaw disappointed me
I am surprised at Terry's comments. He usually has nothing but positive things to say about Drew Brees and the entire Saints organization. His comments were inappropriate. I agree with Drew and Scott -- Roger "G" (can't bear tosay his entire last name because it contains the word "good")is totally out of line and has stepped out of his range of authority.
10/11/2012 11:27AM
Terry Bradshaw Rant
My dad was a Terry Bradshaw fan when I was growing up. He always regretted how the Steeler Fans treated Terry after he left Pittsburgh. I did not realize until today how much of a total tool that Bradshaw really is. Terry, your time has passed. I guess you were the poster boy for a backwoods hick that no one ever really respected. Your current behavior about Drew Brees has not changed any minds. You sounded like a mean bitter old man who strikes out deluded by past glory.
10/11/2012 11:28AM
tired of newscasters
tired of newscasters, that every time they refer to the Saints have to mention the bounty scandal. we are done with it. STOP IT WE ALREADY KNOW IS HISTORY!!!!!
10/11/2012 11:28AM
Bradshaw must have fallen on his head AGAIN!i USED TO HAVE RESPECT FOR HIM, BUT NOT ANYMORE
10/11/2012 11:41AM
Johnny Unitas family was very welcomed to have Payton and Vitt at the game. I have lost a lot of respect for Bradshaw for making those coments.
10/11/2012 11:45AM
Terry should aways be admired for his scomplishments in winning Super Bowls, physical toughness on the field and arm strength in throwing a football but beyond that has anyone ever taken him seriously? He has always been a big old redneck from backwoods Louisiana prone to say outlandish things. Nothing wrong with that at all but nothing special either. Unfortunately he is what many seen as the poster boy for Louisiana and we wonder why they laugh.
10/11/2012 11:45AM
Terry Bradshaw is so dumb he has to have somebody show him where the floor is when he wakes up.
10/11/2012 11:45AM
Not sure what Bradshaw was thinking. He must have thought Brees was showing off but this was far from the truth. He just wanted Payton, Loomiss, and Vitt there because they help make this possible for him. What Bradshaw missed is Godell created this messand none of this is about any bounty just a personal problem with Godell.
10/11/2012 11:46AM
Terry Who?
I really don't understand why Terry even jumped in. There was absolutely nothing to gain. You know the old saying, if you don't have anything nice to say STFU.
10/11/2012 11:56AM
Bradshaw has amnesia
Bradshaw should thank his lucky stars that replacement and a far better QB, Joe Gilliam was unable to master his own demons and lead the Steelers --- because he certainly got them to the play offs preceeding that Superbowl victory. Never like him and hisridiculous statement solidify those sentiments. Shame on you, Bradshaw, shame!
10/11/2012 12:01PM
No comment
Sometimes as an announcer or broadcaster you shouldn't feel obligated to give a long winded expression. Bets have always been placed but this is the first year that someone has been held accountable. It is just Brutal and Hateful to say that theyshouldn't be part of something positive for the entire league. Don't be a hater especially in a model former quarterback role.
10/11/2012 12:06PM
Bradshaw Dumb Comment
I'm a Louisiana resident & life time Saints Fan...Since Drew Brees arrived in New Orleans,I'm a life time Brees fan..Bradshaw's comments have nothing to do w/ the way we feel about Drew...Love Drew & since Terry's from La...We'll forgive him for his DUMb statement!!
10/11/2012 12:08PM
Ole' has been Bradshaw
Shut up and sit down Bradshaw, nobody asked you!
10/11/2012 12:16PM
I think Bradshaw is a bit jealous!
What is wrong with records? Maybe he never broke one. Super Bowl wins are basically a total team effort, the record Drew broke certainly needs help from his team mates but is more an individual win. How many records has Terry broken?
10/11/2012 12:18PM
Terry is a jealous hater....
The only thing wrong with what Drew Brees did in Terry's eyes is that he broke a record that Terry didn't is just jealous and hating on Drew.
10/11/2012 12:26PM
Brees Record Breaker
If one of the claims is "it was a 'slam' to the Chargers and the Unitas' Family", why don't we ask the Unitas' family if they felt "slammed" over the whole issue, and as far as the Chargers go "THE MORONS DROPPED BREES AFTER HIS INJURY, SO, F**K THEM, IF THEY FELT "SLAMMED"!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/11/2012 12:28PM
who cares what bradshaw thinks!?
he's an idiot who obviously needs attention! Congrats Drew & Go Saints!!
10/11/2012 12:32PM
Awww cut the poor has-been a break
Bradshaw has to start talking about records meaning nothing because Ben Roethlisberger is 300 yards from breaking Terry's.
10/11/2012 12:33PM
Goodell is a tyrant
Goodell needs to be fired. This is ridiculous. He has got to go. Someone needs to put an end to the dictator!!!
10/11/2012 12:34PM
Felton Suthon
Go back and look at the video of Brees after breaking the NFL record for passing yards in a season - paraphrasing - "this is about all of you".
10/11/2012 12:35PM
New comissioner
Bill Parcel for commissioner
10/11/2012 12:49PM
Breese is an egotist! This was and individual record and he wanted all to be present and bow down before him when he broke the record. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!
10/11/2012 1:02PM
Shame on I Agree With Terry Bradshaw
You are a sick person. Brees and the Saints organization is a fine example what sportsmanship is all about. Goodell is even a sicker person for what he has done to our proud state. Just because we are the boot, why do we always get it?
10/11/2012 1:05PM
Terry Bradshaw is a buffoon
He's a hick, an embarrassment and a disgrace to Louisiana. He's in the NFL HOF because of his O line and receivers. He has always been known as a dimwit who couldn't read defenses. He ought to keep his mouth shut.
10/11/2012 1:09PM
Idiot who agrees with Bradshaw..
Not only is Brees the complete opposite of an "Egotist", he has more class in one finger than Bradshaw ever had. Rapelessburger is about to break his only record and he's mad. Brees hangs out at local burger joints in New Orleans and has beers with locals, how is that "egotist". New Orleans, we love you Drew, Bradshaw should kill himself.
10/11/2012 1:24PM
10/11/2012 1:26PM
Terry Bradshaw should be happy his home state made history.
Terry Bradshaw should be ashamed of making comments about his home state team the New Orleans Saints. He is a native of Louisiana and he should be happy his home state team made history. Anyone with an ounce of brains knows Goodell has an ax to grind with the New Orleans Saints for "bounty gate" and yet a football player who I will not mention who is lucky he is not in jail for murder is the poster child of the league. If I bad mouth the Saints or Tigers I would be a traitor.
10/11/2012 1:42PM
The only thing "PLAIN AND SIMPLE" is your mind. Your reasoning is way off kilter bud. Brees is a class act, both on and off the field. In a day when 'get the money and run' is the MO, Brees got the money and continues to work hard to do his job to the best of his abilities. Off the field his generosity astounds, giving freely his time and money to worthy causes. Goodell on the other hand IS abusing his power. To punish anyone without some form of due process (facing your accusers and being able to view all evidence against you is part of this in my book) is a clear violation of basic human decency. If he indeed does have evidence, this is the way he should have pursued the case, regardless of all other possible paths he could have and, sadly, did take.
10/11/2012 1:45PM
bradshaw hit the nail on the head...bresss is a self centered egotist......hasnt he said it all by his hold out???? give me mo money or i wont play wah wah wah....hes a ONE DAT in my book...hes got one superbowl!!!! wake up one dat nation....dont cry, youve got along way to go to match the likes of pittsburgh or dallas!!!
10/11/2012 1:46PM
SHAME on Terry and Roger
Drew did a good thing, getting the coaches there, they deserved it. They should have never been away. Roger is a money hungry, Saints hating a--hole. Drew is the least arrogant and egotistical person I have ever seen. He has done more for LA than Terry could ever do. I have always been a fan of Terry but never more. I moved away form LA in the 90's due to work, my heart is always in La and my children still live there. LA is my home, no matter where I live and the Saints have ALWAYS been my team (never an aint)!
10/11/2012 1:49PM
10/11/2012 1:49PM
You know I have never figured out why the NFL and sporscasters dislike the Saints so bad. They only say good things about us when they are forced to. As for Bradshaw jealousy will make you say and do a lot of stupid things.
10/11/2012 2:23PM
10/11/2012 2:26PM
Terry Bradshaw reminds me of a young mocking bird - all mouth and full of sh!t.
10/11/2012 2:33PM
Roger Goodell
By the way, was Goodell in the superdome Sunday night to see NFL history made?
10/11/2012 2:37PM
Dew Brees Is arrogant and selfish. Just look at the position he has put the TEAM in for the next few years. His big salary will prevent the team from getting better players in the future. Right On T-Brad. My man.
10/11/2012 2:39PM
Think about it
Bradshaw's point was not about the suspensions but about what seemed to be a guarantee that the record would be set. Bradshaw has always called the Saints his team.
10/11/2012 2:53PM
I wouldn't have believe Bradshaw would have been such an idiot about the whole thing. I don't see anything wrong with what Brees asked for. Bradshaw seems a little bit jealeous to me. Next thing you know he will be agreeing with the whole bounty stuff with his boy Goodell.
10/11/2012 3:16PM
Terry who????
Terry who????? The hell with all of them. Geaux Saints and congrats to Drew Brees and the Saints. Maybe they are all jealous as none of them have made the records that Drew and the Saints have. And as far as the bounty stuff, get over and lets move on and play football.
10/11/2012 3:25PM
I have nothing but respect for Terry Bradshaw,but hating on Drew Brees?That's a shame.Drew Brees,I will always be proud of you through the good,bad,and ugly.Forget about what Terry Bradshaw say about you.He's a hater just like a off-brand Saints fan!Keep up the good work Drew Brees!I love you man and God Bless!I am so happy to have you as MY MVP QB no matter what!
10/11/2012 3:29PM
Arrogant and Selfish???
Are you kidding me? You can't possibly be from anywhere in the Gulf South and truly think that Drew is arrogant and selfish. He has given so much more (and not just monetarily) to this area than anyone could ever have asked for and he continues to make us proud to call him a Saint both on and off the field.
10/11/2012 3:33PM
no good(ell)
Is Bradshaw kin to Foot-in-your-mouth VP Biden?
10/11/2012 3:33PM
Hollywood Bradshaw
Think Bradshaw is calling attention to his spot on Jay Leno tonight. He is promoting or selling something or why else would he be on Leno. Or its the green eyed monster raising his ugly head. And Kuddos to Scott and Drew as far as GODell goes. GODell has too much power. Go back to Hollywood Bradshaw.
10/11/2012 3:49PM
GOOD not for ALL
And why wasn't Goodell at the Saints game? Major league baseball commissioners show up for big games or milestone record breaking, etc. Is Goodell not liked in the Dome?
10/11/2012 4:09PM
Athletic Supporter
Drew Breez is an egotist. It's all about him. Got his retaurant uptown with no parking space when no one else could do the same. Held out for $$$$ and was prepared to let the team play without him. Wake up Who Dats...your boy is showing his true colors.
10/11/2012 4:14PM
it is a football game
it is a football game with agreat qb breaking another great qbs infamous record. Enjoy it !!!! Thi is not war!
10/11/2012 4:29PM
I think its a conspirety theory. Goodell is still pissed at the New Orleans Saints and the city because he could not get the "WHO DAT" to be licensced to the NFL. Goodell and the NFL waited over 2 years, then he found something he could use on the saints But wait,the entire NFL teams are guilty of BOUNTYGATE
10/11/2012 4:34PM
Always about winning but...
Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl. Does that marginalize his accomplishments and consideration as one of the best ever? This team has been nuked by the NFL and started out 0-4. Why not find something positive to rally around. It's what we do. Anyone who knows Drew knows he would trade the record for Super Bowls, but it didn't happen. Bradshaw's attitude short-changes all of the greats who were not fortunate enough to win the big one. We won the Super Bowl by embracing the moment. Loose, having fun, prepared and ready to play versus Manning (yes I'm a fan of him also) who got off the bus with a scowl of seriousness and left the same way. Lighten up Bradshaw. Live in it Drew. You earned it.
10/11/2012 4:41PM
Fans Denied
Was there a mandate by the NFL to allow coach Payton in the stands but not allow the Dome cameras to show him to the fans so they could at least relish the moment of just having him there? I was at the game and didn't see it once. Recorded the game and watched it at home and they showed Sean Payton more than they show Jerry Jones during your typical Dallas Cowboy telecast. Goodell keeps sticking it too us.
10/11/2012 4:55PM
Brees and Bradshaw
The class with which Drew Brees handles himself is so far from Terry Bradshaw's capability, and Scott Fajita knows the team and how badly they were treated. Only the Who Dat Nation wants the Saints to win, no one else, well look out now, they hadtheir first win, not their last. Drew is our man and we miss Fajita, wish he was still here.
10/11/2012 5:20PM
I always liked Fujita
I always liked Scott Fujita and I always will. He is a stand up guy. I used to like Terry Bradshaw, but I do not anymore. Especially after bringing the Unitas family into this. It is not personal to the Unitas family. It is a record and records are broken every day.
10/11/2012 6:35PM
Grandma Jane Tucker
First of all the Super Dome belongs to Louisiana it is the peoples,unless someone goes into it with the intent to harm it is a public building that loves its coaches they were only watching the game no plays were called from that box,Come on commissionerlay off Louisiana with what appears to be an almost personnel vendetta.!!!let us have our dignity back.
10/11/2012 7:29PM
Fatmouth Terry
And to think all these years I thought Terry Bradshaw was a nice guy---stupid, but nice. What an idiot. Too many concussions I suppose. It's none of your f--cking business, Ter-----ry, what we do in our Dome. You are so low class.
10/11/2012 7:52PM
Agreement with Brees
I agree completely with you Mr. Brees. My husband grew up in NOLA. We have said the bounty program is a hoax, intended to prevent the Saints from attending the Super Bowl at home. That could happen to any team, any year. Also, as we have stated, any team whose defense was the least penalized in the league for the last three years, could not have a bounty program. As for Mr. Bradshaw, I regret the years I thought of him as a gentleman, or the years that I followed his career.
10/11/2012 7:55PM
Who is Terry really upset with?
All Drew did was ask permission from the commish. He could have said no but he said yes. So shouldn't Terry be upset with the commish for saying yes? If not for Goodel, the coaches would not have showed up. Drew only asked. So why dog Drew, fuss at Goodel for allowing them to show. If there was something wrong with the request, he should have said no. So Terry...aren't you really upset with Goodel for allowing something that you feel is a slam?
10/11/2012 8:03PM
ferry bradshit
time to put your ferry wings on and tv ferry
10/11/2012 8:05PM
Bradshaw is an IDIOT
Bradshaw is from north Louisiana, what does he know about the south......nothing he is an IDIOT.
10/11/2012 8:06PM
Baldy must be off his meds.
10/11/2012 11:29PM
It comes as no coincidence that the year that the Superbowl is in New Orleans that Roger Goodell would try to prevent the New Orleans Saints from having a winning season by suspending the coaches and key players for the season. And on the day after their first win he reverses his decision on the suspended players. Uh maybe because they looked like our Saints from our winning seasons. Makes me wonder why he's got such a vendetta against the Saints. I say IT'S FOOTBALL GET OVER IT and let these guys play the game. As far as terry Bradshaw I wonder what he would've said if it would be the Pittsburgh Steelers going thru this. Drew Brees is a top notch quarterback and his record speaks for that and a very good person. Hell I named my dog after him
10/12/2012 12:13AM
Obama and Goodell on same page.
obama thinks he can change the constitution on a whim because what it says doesn't fit in his playbook???? and goodell played JUDGE and JURY in this wholw bounty mess. Does that mean that he doesn't have ANYONE to answer to?????
10/12/2012 7:14AM
Why So Bittter Terry?
Perhaps Terry Bradshaw isn't into records since he doesnt hold many records. The Steal curtain made him famous. Maybe he knew Big Ben was going to surpass his passing record this week. Maybe he knew he holds the record for the most games with a ZERO QB rating - 3 games. Or maybe his acting was so bad that he is jealous of Drew's new gig with One Direction and Pepsi.
10/12/2012 8:12AM
The NFL did not have to grant permission
If the NFL thought it was direspectful to the Chargers, or inappropriate, they would not have granted permission for them to be there.
10/12/2012 9:08AM
mr. hasbeen bradshaw
What were you thinking t.b. Drew B. has done more for Louisiana,New Orleans an NFL. than you ever will. If it was not for the game day gig you would be history already. Pay attention to Drew B. an learn about haveing some Class.
10/12/2012 9:09AM
Excusing Bradshaw?
I think what Bradshaw meant was that it was disrespectful to the Chargers to have Peyton, Vitt, et al. at the game to see what Brees PRESUMED ahead of time would be a record-breaking touchdown pass against the Chargers defense. That aside, Bradshaw still should not have said what he did as it makes him look petty and jealous.
10/12/2012 9:37AM
Go back to Pittsburg, O'wait those folks don't you either. Do you wonder Why T.B? You have no Class. Plain an Simple!
10/12/2012 11:50AM
I believe Bradshaw is just a puppet who likely told what to say and when to say it.
10/12/2012 7:19PM
Disrespectful ?
First of all Goodell didn't have to grant permission for Payton ,Vitt ,and Loomis to attend the game and the Chargers could have stopped the streak if they didn't want to be disrespected . The NFL set up that game because they knew that's when # 48 would come up on the Saints schedule
10/13/2012 11:38AM
Go Drew....
Couldn't agree more and I despise anyone who abuses their power. Debra @ childrenswellbeingblog.com
10/13/2012 5:07PM
Fairy Brad Flaw
I think he's just jealous he couldn't dream of breaking that record.........Who Dat !!!!!!!!
10/13/2012 6:51PM
Goodel can try to bring who dats down but it won't happen. It's like pick on saints from all directions but goodel is making donkey of himself to more and more football fans every where. Karma baby
10/14/2012 4:45PM
Bad call, Bradshaw!
If anyone deserved to be there, it's was the people who brought Drew Brees to the New Orleans Saints. Love you, Drew! Who Dat 4 Life!!
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