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Brees: We're getting better every week

I caught up with Saints quarterback Drew Brees for our “Monday Morning Quarterback” feature, which falls on a Tuesday this week.   

Drew, congrats on the big win.  Can you talk about the complimentary game, with the  D getting the ball back.

“Defense did a great job of getting turnovers, and getting big stops…all those things create momentum and get the crowd involved…really get us gave us some field position to start the third quarter, and we were able to go down and get two consecutive touchdown drives and blow the thing wide open.”

How about the night Darren Sproles had?

“He had a big night rushing the ball, and receiving,” Brees said. “And just so active in everything we do, draws a lot of attention.  Even when he’s not getting the ball, he’s opening up opportunities for others.”

The Saints are 4-0.  What’s different about this team this year?

“This offseason is so much different…it’s all about football, being able to focus and prepare.  The defense goes out and we get Rob Ryan and add some pieces to the puzzle there.  We end up playing with so much confidence now…Offensively, we’re kind of able to tweak a little bit, and add some nuances that have paid off for us.  I think just the overall work ethic and mindset of this offseason, preparing to go out and have a great season this year.”

How difficult is it to keep the one-game-at-a-time mentality?

“Well, it doesn’t get any easier,” Drew said.  “You can’t look ahead.  We’re going to Chicago, they’re coming off a tough loss, they’ll certainly be ready to play us.  Then we go to New England, and we know what type of team they are…our focus is all about this week, on a short week, where we’ll have to go to Chicago, where we’ve never won since I’ve been here, and go get a tough win over a great opponent.”

As the season started, you said a goal was to keep progressing, playing better and better each week

“I think we’ve gotten better each week in what we’re doing, and that’s just a confidence builder.  We still have a little ways to go, and we certainly left some opportunities out there…but when you score 38, take care of the football, kind of hitting on all cylinders, and still miss out on some opportunities…I mean, that’s OK, but you still have to shore up some things.”

Kind of hard to nit-pick when you score 38.

“Yeah, but it should have been in the 40’s, for sure.  We had our opportunities.  When it’s really crunch-time, we’ve got to make those plays.”

Your thoughts on the Chicago road trip…They’re coming off a tough loss.  

“There’s no doubt.  They’re a really good team, and they’re well-coached,” Brees said.  “Their defense is just a turnover machine, playing at home…just all those things we’re just going to have to be prepared for, have a game plan for.  But it’s a great opportunity to go on the road, and make sure we’re battle-tested, because these road wins are hard to come by, and we’re going to need our best.”  

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10/01/2013 7:51AM
Brees: We're getting better every week
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10/03/2013 11:14AM
Saints an Awesome team!
All the Saints played well. My favorite player Jimmy Graham wasn't mentioned by Brees, but him an Colston played a great game. Graham is going to be the best tight end in the NFL soon if not already. I am so proud of him. Love all the Saints! Go Jimmy Go! J. BOUDREAUX
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