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Posted: Monday, 09 June 2014 1:36PM

Brawl outside Slidell restaurant included gunfire and stun gun

Slidell Police say what started as comments between two families at a new restaurant ended with gunfire, use of a stun gun and a big fight.

"Around 8:00 p.m. last night (Sunday), Slidell Police received several 911 calls about a large fight outside of Cheddar's Casual Cafe (160 Town Center Parkway)," Detective Daniel Seuzeneau said in a news release.  "During the altercation, two people were shocked with a stun gun, one innocent bystander was grazed by a bullet, and several people were transported to local hospitals with injuries sustained during the fight."

The detective says it started when people in one family said something about people in the other.

"The altercation occurred between two families, who did not know each other, outside of the restaurant.  According to witnesses, members of one family, who were waiting for a table, made degrading comments about members of a family leaving the restaurant," according to Seuzeneau.

He says the disagreement quickly went from words to worse.

"The two families, juveniles included, began fighting each other.  At some point, Shawn Sorrell pulled out a stun gun and shocked two members of the opposing party.  Ms. Sorrell then retrieved a .380 caliber handgun and fired one round into the fighting crowd.  An innocent bystander, who was attempting to break up the fight, was grazed in the leg by the bullet; however, no one was directly hit."

Police say that witness statements made it apparent that Sorrell was aiming for the crowd.  She is now facing attempted first degree murder charges.

"When Slidell Police officers arrived at the scene, one officer was attacked while trying to arrest one of the fighting suspects, as other officers chased suspects fleeing from the scene.  Due to approximately 20-30 people actively fighting, Slidell Police called for additional backup from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office in order to assist and restore order," the detective explained.

Initially police arrested nine people and expected to make more.

Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said, "This is an unfortunate incident, and we’re lucky no one was killed.  Things obviously quickly escalated out of control, and it took every available officer to restore order.  As you can see by the arrests that were made, we are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior in our city.  I am dedicated to keeping the citizens of Slidell safe, and will do whatever it takes to do so."

The following people were placed under arrest:

- Shawn Sorrell (32yr b/f) from New Orleans:     2 counts of aggravated battery (w/ stun gun), Disturbing the peace by fighting, and 5 counts of Attempted first degree murder.

- Harry Sorrell III (46yr b/m) from Slidell:               Second degree battery

- Barry Sorrell (42yr b/m) from New Orleans:      Disturbing the peace by fighting

- 16-year-old juvenile (b/f) from Slidell:                Disturbing the peace by fighting

- Dionne Garrett (35yr b/f) from Slidell:                 Disturbing the peace by fighting

- Tanya Garrett (37yr b/f) from Slidell:                    Disturbing the peace by fighting

- Emanuel Terrell (20yr b/m) from Slidell:             Disturbing the peace by fighting

- Lawrence Harvey (20yr b/m) from Slidell:          Disturbing the peace by fighting, Interfering with a law enforcement investigation, and Resisting an officer with violence

- Leonard Harvey Jr. (22yr b/m) from Slidell:        Disturbing the peace by fighting and Interfering with a law enforcement investigation

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