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Posted: Tuesday, 24 June 2014 1:15PM

Brain dead pregnant woman must be kept alive in Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal has signed legislation that would require a doctor, in most cases, to leave a brain dead pregnant woman on life support until her baby is born. The bill is by New Orleans Representative Austin Badon who says he is happy Jindal signed it into law.

"This bill is extremely important because there are different cases and scenarios that pop up and this thing could very well happen in Louisiana," said Badon. "I just wanted to give a voice to the unborn child."

Badon says it's their duty as lawmakers to do everything possible to protect human life which is currently in state statue.

Opponents to the legislation say this takes away the rights of family and the husband in making end of life decisions but Badon says everyone's situation is different.

"Just because someone is pregnant it doesn't mean that they have a close family," said Badon. "And look what happened with Casey Kasem. His family was bitterly fighting so not everyone always gets along."

Badon says every mother he's spoken to has told him that no matter what happens, the life of their child is most important above all else.

A woman in Texas who was brain dead and 14 weeks pregnant was recently removed from a ventilator and Badon says he does not want that to happen in Louisiana.

"I wanted to be able to save the next President of the United States, the next Mozart, the next Martin Luther King and be able to give these children a chance," said Badon.

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