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Posted: Friday, 09 May 2014 10:57PM

Bobby, Mike and Hokie react to Saints moves in Round 2

WWL's resident pros sounded off on Friday's nights 2nd round draft picks, armed with stacks of notes filled with stats and facts about the newest addition to the Black and Gold, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, a cornerback out of Nebraska.

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Bobby Hebert was quick to point out that Jean-Baptiste bears a striking resemblance to the Seahawks' Richard Sherman, noting "it's a copycat league... this guy is a big guy. Long arms, 6'3", 215 lbs. It's all about creating turnovers. When you have a chance to make a play on the football, can you catch it? He was a wide receiver that moved to cornerback. Therefore, if he makes a play on the ball, you know he's gonna catch it, and not just bat it down."

The Cajun Cannon elaborated on another reason why SBJ is a good for the Black and Gold. "What I like more that anything, because I like history, is think about it - Jean-Baptiste - thats like a French-Creole name! You'd think he was born and raised in New Orleans and went to high school here!" he laughed. 


Cannon concluded that "defensive players love Rob Ryan, because they believe he's gonna put them in a position to succeed. Its all about the trust factor. And the proof is in the pudding!"

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Hokie Gajan said "I like the pick! Everybody is going to that mode, get a guy with long arms who can get out there and do a lot of press coverage. That's what Rob Ryan likes to do, he likes to put pressure on the offense and get after the quarterback."

The Saints Color Analyst agreed that "we're building our defense a lot like Seattle's got theirs, they were extremely strong in the secondary. They got a fantastic front seven as well, but their secondary was about the best in the league last year. The Saints already have three pieces of that puzzle with Keenan Lewis, Kenny Vaccaro, and Jairus Byrd."

Could Jean-Baptiste be starting in the fall? "He's gonna be young, he's not gonna be a starter, but he's an up-and-coming guy." 

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NFL Analyst Mike Detillier chimed in and said, "I saw him when he was in high school as a wide receiver, a tall drink of water. He's not somebody that's ready to plug and play. He's gonna need a little work. But I love 6'3" corners that can run, he's got a 43.5" vertical, so even when that guy gets open, he's really not, because Jean-Baptiste has that wingspan to knock it away. Excellent pick in Round 2!"

What about LSU palyers? Bobby said "It doesn't surprsuie me with Ego Ferguson, he's devleping. Anthony Johnson never lived up to the expectations, but its not over.There'll be a number of LSU players still taken. Odell Beckham Jr really was the cream of the crop when you lok at it, and you gotta be excited for Jarvis Landry going to Miami!"

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Detillier called out the fact that "23 players form the SEC have been drafted so far, and LSU is leading the way with 5 ... just goes to show you how well this football team has recruited to have 5 players in the top 100!"

What will the Saints be looking for tomorrow? Detillier answered "A physical linebacker, one name to watch is Christian Jones out of Florida State, maybe also a center guard. No matter what, Sean Payton loves a running back that can catch the ball coming out the back field as a replacement for Sproles."

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