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Posted: Friday, 06 September 2013 5:54AM

Black and Gold fashions get even wilder

The Saints open the season Sunday at the Superdome and fans are unveiling the latest in Black and Gold fashion.

The Who Dat Nation has broken out their gear today at work, at school and everywhere else around the Crescent City, and women especially continue to be even more creative as local retailers offer every way imaginable to display your Saints pride.

As I spoke to fans in the CBD, a woman told me about a store that makes Saints bikinis which is now getting into blinging out clear purses to comply with new NFL stadium rules.  "They they have a gold chain on them with a fleur de lis and another has black fringe."

These women are getting more and more creative with their outfits, whether they're going to the game or not.  "I have earrings, I have pins, I fleur de lis sunglasses of course, anything Saints related," as one fan explained.

Even though they're starting to flaunt some of the fashions today, many save the really extraordinary items for game day, like flashy headbands featuring lots of bling, feathers and fleurs de lis.

Another woman says, "I have about 20 T-shirts to choose from and jerseys and hats and jewelry and shoes.  Those are homemade shoes painted up with fleur dis lis everywhere and all they're numbers.  They're ridiculous!"

Guys on the other hand tend to stick with the same old T-shirts, jerseys and jackets to display their Saints pride.

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